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Kids' Korner: "Squirrel Watch"

Kids' Korner: "Song Dogs"

Kids' Korner: "Tale of the Heights Hare"

Kids' Korner: "Great Horn, the Owl"

Kids' Korner: "Spot the Skunk"

Kids' Korner: "Playing 'possum"

Kids' Korner: "Creatures of the Night"

Protecting our Property Values - The Next 20 Years

Water, Land, and Fire 9/95

Quality of Life and Community Activism 1/96

Powder Canyon to Remain As Open Space 5/96

Rural or Run Down?

The General Plan Goals

1. Recognize and preserve the unique rural character and individualistic lifestyle of La Habra Heights

2. Preserve and enhance the scenic beauty and natural wildlife of the area.

Goal #2, which preserves our natural environment in the Heights, is discussed in its relationship to Goal #5.

3. Minimize alteration of the natural terrain

5. Reduce potential fire and recognize geologic hazards

7. Traffic Flow Consistent With Our Environment

8. Protect the Powder Canyon Significant Ecological Area.

Landscaping and Gardening Intro

Landscaping & Gardening by Ellen

Landscaping & Gardening (Succulent plants) by Ellen

Landscaping & Gardening (Native Plants & Winter Planting 10/95) by Ellen

Landscaping & Gardening (Spring Chores) by Ellen #4 2/96

Avocado Alert - Persea Mites 9/96

Water-Efficient Irrigation: An Introduction

The Care and Feeding of Septic Tanks by Pete Pfeiler

Fire Prevention

The La Habra Heights County Water District: History, Assets, and Responsibilities

Historical Committee & Brief History

Hacienda Golf Club's 75th Anniversary

Background information on various topics

These articles are interesting, even though events have evolved, because they give background information on how we got where we are today.

Revitalizing the Planning Department - 1994

Our City's First Planning Commission

Government by the People - 2/95

Local Control and the Price of Freedom 7/95

Update on the Powder Canyon Default 1995

Powder Canyon Update from 1995

The Powder Canyon Lawsuit ­ What it Means 2/96

The La Habra Heights Volunteer Fire Department 1995

A Demand for Roads Program Oversight 8/96 -Why we should have one (even now 1999)

General Plan & Roads Project - 8/96