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Grocery Stores

La Habra Heights Improvement Association (LHHIA)

Noises at night


Weed Clearing

Outside Lights


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La Habra Heights does not directly supply many services. This works pretty well.

Police services are contracted out to the LA Sheriffs Department

Fire Services are ably provided by the Volunteer Fire Department

Water is provided by the La Habra Heights Water District

Sewer services are in your back yard. (septic tank)

Street cleaning is done by you and a broom.


There are two companies that pick-up trash

Waste Management (800-937-9278) on Thursdays and Haul Away (323-721-0371) on Wednesdays

Commentary - The host (me) has used both these services because I was generating a lot of trash & branches as I cleaned up and fixed up the house. It is less expensive to have 2 pick-ups a week than to get a big bin and have it picked up weekly.

It also gives me a chance to pace myself, rather than have everything out on one day.

Waste Management will take just about anything you put out.

Haul Away will take the number of barrels you contract for, any more you have to call them in advance and there may be an additional charge. If you don't call them about extra waste, they may just leave it there.

Please remember not to leave your empty barrels out all week, it doesn't look good.

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Grocery Stores

If you like high prices and having to carry "savings cards" with you, you will love Albertson's, Ralphs and Vons

No cards are needed at Stater Brothers (Whittier & Harbor), and Fresh & Easy (Whittier & Beach).

There are plenty of "ethnic" groceries and variety stores too, such as:

Claro's Italian Food at the corner of Euclid and Whittier Blvd

The host has sensitive taste buds and doesn't care for spicy or multi-ingredient foods, so please send in your favorite places to buy those.

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La Habra Heights Improvement Association

Before La Habra Heights was a city, the Improvement Association was the de facto local government. For many years they were doing things to improve the community.

Now, they sponsor the Music In The Park in the summer months, Seasonal Clean-ups, and other activities. They mail a monthly newsletter to many addresses in the Heights, called "Heights Life".


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Noises at night

Now that you are a country dweller you will see and hear things you haven't when in the city.

The serenade of nightly howling is just the coyotes.

That rustling you hear outside at night isn't a prowler but is probably a raccoon, opposum, skunk, or other critter.

Those are hawks you see circling overhead.

Generally, when you see something walking or slithering by, if you don't bother it, it won't bother you.

If you are bordering the wilderness corridor you can see deer, fox, bobcat, even mountain lion.

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La Habra Heights has no paper of it's own. Local news can be found in

The LA Times

The Orange County Register

Whittier Daily News

Heights Life - Covers their activities and social events, occasional news

90631 La Habra Journal - Bi-weekly

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Fences and Property Lines

Fences you see may or may not have any relationship to property lines and street rights of way. It is unwise to assume a fence represents a property line. Experts recommend getting a property survey before you buy your house, or before you do anything that requires knowing for sure where a property line is.

The City owned road rights-of-way are 40 - 80 feet wide, even though the paved street may only be 16 - 22 feet wide. That means your property, depending on where the road lies within the right-of-way, may not begin until even 40 feet from the edge of pavement. Before you unknowingly spend money making physical improvements on city property, check where the city line ends and yours begins.

Weed Clearing

To prevent fires, you need to remove (cut to the ground) all the weeds from your property by about May 1st of each year.

A weed is grass or plants that you do not keep watered (or that does not stay green on it's own) throughout the year.

You will get a notice about this in the mail during each spring.

The host finds it is easier to cut the weeds back every couple of weeks, rather than wait 'til they are 4 feet high. This keeps your yard looking better and also allows the cuttings to decompose rather than have to be carried off.(Saves money too)

Interestingly, over time, only lower to the ground, or groundcover will grow, as the seed bank for the taller weeds is exhausted.

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Outside Lights

There are no street lights in La Habra Heights.

This is so no one can find their way after dark...............just kidding.

Lack of street lights helps keep a rural feel. It also enhances the "city lights" view. Try to keep your outside lighting to a minimum so you do not wash out your neighbor's view with glare.

Fortunately there are not many criminals in the Heights, so you don't really need lights on all night for security. In fact, lack of light may make your house harder for them to find.

With the privacy of landscaping and terrain, bright lights by the street create a "glare shield", hiding anything going on behind it, and lighting the yard, may just make it easier for a thief to see what he is doing.

A site for those interested in low impact lighting and "Dark Skies"

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Views require a cooperative effort. Sometimes you may need to trim a neighbor's trees or shrubs to restore your view. Sometimes a neighbor may ask to trim your shrubs to enhance their view.

If the trimming will not impinge on your privacy try to be cooperative.

Remember though to always ask before you cut and clean up after yourself.

If you cut without asking, it might be many years (if ever) before your neighbor lets you cut again.

Views are protected by City Codes. No one can build a home over 16 feet tall if it blocks your primary view. However, though the codes say the burden of proof is on the applicant (builder) to prove he is not taking a view away, the present City administration appears to require the neighbor to prove he is losing a view. We all must be on guard and ready to protect our views, property rights, and property values. Remember to try and help your neighbor when he is threatened with view loss, because you may be next.



Our Lady of Guadelupe

La Habra Blvd

La Habra




La Habra Christian Church

1400 Bella Vista





Hillcrest Congregational

2000 West Rd





15911 E Whittier





Beth Shalom of Whittier

14564 E Hawes





Hope Lutheran

10327 Valley Home





La Habra Hills Presbyterian

951 N Idaho

La Habra


Many more churches. See your phone book

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