The Roads Project

The City of La Habra Heights embarked on a 3 year roads restoration process in 1997, to be completed in 1999.

In a January 8, 1999 Whittier Daily News article, "The city manager said residents should be pleased that the $5 million, three-year roads improvement project should be completed by early fall, leaving the city with smooth road surfaces for the next 20 years."

The City sent out a number of its own publications, "Top of the Heights", to the residents so the community would know why the roads needed to be repaired, the cost and financing of the project, the procedures to be followed, the duties of the Roads Committee, and the different levels of repairs to be done to the roads depending on condition.

The Roads project was finally completed in Fall 2001, with some estimating a cost overrun of at least $1 million.

Below are links to the text of the actual City publications.


ISSUE #1 (May 1995): An explanation of the need for the Roads Project and the history of previous road studies conducted by resident volunteers.


ISSUE #2 (June 1995): A detailed chart showing the survey results for our 42 miles of roads and the recommended levels of repair. This survey was completed over a six-month period by the volunteer Roads Subcommittee and the City Engineer.


Issue #3 (October 1995): Pictures illustrating typical road conditions and the hazards associated with each condition. This ON TOP OF THE HEIGHTS issue also included a preliminary discussion of financing alternatives.


Issue #4 (January 1996): Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Roads Project.


Issue #5 (December 1996): Find out what the Roads Committee is supposed to do as far as oversight of project, answering residents questions and monitoring finances.


Update Issue (November 1998): Relates progress on the Roads project with completion of the entire project, including Hacienda Rd, by the end of 1999.