Winners and Losers in Council Urban Estate Redevelopment Plan


Animal Keeping
The General Plan

Animal Keeping has been subject to the Council's Crackdown or Rural living. Casual living and 4H projects aren't in the polished, manicured Redevelopment plan. Recent Code changes and Urban Estate Redevelopment are in violation of the La Habra Heights General Plan, which residents fought 60 years to defend. The City Council banned Bikes and Skateboards from the Park.

Powerpoints by Residents Banned

Hillsides get washed away by excessive runoff and poor drainage of Urban Estates Longtime Residents' Views Blocked by Urban Estates The Council banned Powerpoints by Residents
The Fire Department & Public Safety
Public Input
Fair Hearing
The Fire Department has suffered with a declined rating, and with only one engine manned, as Council focuses solely on Redevelopment Public Comment has endured multiple Council Crackdowns as to time limits and input restrictions. A resident opposed an Urban Estate approval, which blocked his view and invaded his privacy, and Appealed to the Council. Behind closed doors, then Mayor Vipperman acted to have staff craft the item so as to be denied and avoid public comment, ensuring the Spec Builder's Urban Estate.
Dense Vegetation and Privacy
Council Cut Building Fees 50%, forcing residents to subsidize Redevelopment. Council calls for Tax Increases to make up for lost revenue. As lots are fully covered, local wildlife will avoid them. Urban Estates cover much of the lot with concrete leaving little room for vegetation.Urban Estates typically want to be SEEN reducing privacy for all surrounding neighbors.


Concrete Trucks
Urban Estates
Recent City Council removal of limits on covering lots with concrete make Concrete Trucks big winners. The City Council Redevelopment Agenda encourages Urban Estates at the expense of the Rural Environment.
Fake Animals
Actual Mass Grading for Urban Estates in La Habra Heights. Plastic and Concrete animals are the new "wildlife" in La Habra Heights.