Council Demands Roadside "Moonscape" Leaving Concerns About
Erosion, Weeds, Aesthetics and Purpose Behind

At the June 14th Weed Abatement Forum, Fire Chief Dominguez presented the City Council's new Weed Abatement Program.

He showed a picture of Roadside Clearance that the City Council wanted to achieve (below).

Residents were in disbelief that the Council wanted roadsides stripped of vegetation for a minimum of three feet under the guise of Emergency Vehicle Access.

Concerns were raised about erosion, weeds growing in the bare dirt that had been previously cultivated, the despoilation of the scenic roadsides and puzzlement over the purpose of clearing steep roadsides where vehicles would plummet below if they ventured off the road.

Despite concerns, the Council directed staff to issue violation notices and citations.

Weed abatement horror stories have flooded in, with residents requesting anonymity to avoid retribution and additional enforcement by the City. Please send us your stories. We can only change this if we act together.

In August, this writer requested a current example of acceptable roadside clearance and was sent the picture below (cropped for space).

The Council still wants bare stripped earth on all City streets.

At the August 2011 City Council meeting it was announced that the Council had reduced daily Sheriff patrols by 5 hours, providing about $175,000 to spend on other things. The Council voted to hire a new part time Fire Marshall for additional weed abatement and to pay an intern for weed abatement data entry and to send out violation notices.