Water District Board Wines and Dines at Your Expense

On November 3, 2009, there is a La Habra Heights County Water District Election.

Incumbent Brad Cooke, appointed member Jeffrey Heintz (also Treasurer of the Improvement Association), and George Edwards, Fire Watch Co-Founder, are Candidates.

(Note: appointed Water District Board member Pam McVicar (also President of the Improvement Association) was up for Election, but no one filed to run for the two year term, so she maintains her seat)

Voters must look at the records of the Candidates to judge whom to vote for.

A good indicator of fiscal conservatism is how they spend our money when given the opportunity.

Board members receive $100 per meeting, including when they attend City Planning Commission and City Council meetings, and are allowed to be reimbursed, if they choose, for meals. See District Reimbursement Policy Here

Below are actual receipts for meals at the expense of Water District customers (you), results of a Public Records Request for receipts of meals and drinks, for one year, submitted and/or present for by Jeffrey Heintz and/or Brad Cooke.

Note: Mrs. Heintz (aka Marjorie Beetlestone) was noted present for at least one of the meals.

In contrast, it was reported that when Mr. Edwards was offered lunch and drinks at Water District expense, he chose to pay for the Water District employee, Board Member Brad Cooke, and himself instead.

The receipts do not say who ate or drank what.

We offer these, large and small, without commentary, for you to judge yourself if they are appropriate and the individuals are worthy of your vote.

Scans of actual receipt copies from a Public Records request, with payment and staff info redacted

Notation includes: Mr & Mrs Heintz, Mr & Mrs Stewart, Mr & Mrs Wilson

Pam is Pam McVicar, Jeff is Jeffrey Heintz

Notation says: Dinner with Brad (Cooke)

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