Water Board President Says Aera Dead
Aera Says "We're Very Much Alive"

At the September 27, 2011 Water Board Regular Meeting, before a full room and crowd that overflowed into the lobby, Board President Brad Cooke said the Aera Project had died, and was told so by Aera Development. Mr. Cooke was attempting to discredit reports on the internet and emails circulated through the community about concerns over the proposed water trafficking agreement with Rowland Water District.

Hear Pres. Cooke on Aera

On September 28, 2011, when asked if the Aera project is dead, Jeff Maisch, Land Development Project Manager for Aera , said laughing, "News of our death is greatly exaggerated."
He said the project is very much alive. The application will be with Los Angeles County which will be the lead agency.
Mr. Maisch said Aera is continuing to pursue the project. He said with the current economy things have slowed down.

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