Protest Against Council's "War on Animal Keeping"

Sign at May 22nd Avocado Festival

Flyer's were circulated at the Avocado Festival about a protest planned at the Planning Commission meeting Tuesday, May 25th at 7 p.m. (See Flyer here), regarding increased restrictions on animal keeping.

Recent Council actions to further the Redevelopment of the Heights to Urban Estates have taken a toll on the animal keeping community and residents who enjoy the rural environment.

The General Plan, the "Constitution" of the City promises Views, Large Distances between Houses, Privacy, and Encouragement of Animal Keeping. Those are lost in the steps necessary to redevelop the Heights to Urban Estates.

Code Changes passed in November, despite almost unanimous resident opposition, allow and encourage covering more of lots with concrete, without mitigating additional runoff, and reducing the possiblity of animal keeping and agriculture on those lots.

Animal keeping on East Rd, Popenoe, Picaacho, and others have been hit with Code Enforcement.

The City Council banned bicycles and skateboards at the only City Park's hardscape areas.

Last year, kids playing basketball at home were the target of Code Enforcement actions.

The conversion process to Urban Estates is under way, with fake animals replacing real ones.

Fake Deer recently added to 8,000 s.f. Urban Estate built in 2008

Another group, the Coalition to Protect the General Plan, was reformed last May over the Council's violations of the General Plan, Code Changes not conforming to the General Plan, and inappropriate over-development occurring in the City.

A recent editorial cartoon succinctly captured what's going on in the City.

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