Manure Hits Redevelopment Agenda - Council Folds under Community Protests Against "War on Animal Keeping"

Unrelenting Community pressure resulted in animal keeping codes being placed on the City Council Agenda for June 10th at 7:30 p.m..

A full house and stream of residents speaking at the May Planning Commission meeting caught the attention of the City Council in an election year.

The Staff Report for Thursday's meeting shows 7 Code Enforcement actions for animal keeping in the past year, most for enclosures in the setback. Three have already been resolved by moving enclosures out of the setback. The Staff report also describes how the Code Enforcement system works and cites the portions of the Code that pertain to animal keeping.

One issue is selective enforcement, where animal keeping gets hit and more significant violations by builders of Urban Estates are ignored.

Another issue is uncertainty over the number of fowl allowed on a lot.

Whether the Council eases up in the "War on Animal Keeping" in election year pandering (Howard Vipperman's and Layne Baroldi's seats are up for election in March 2011) or holds the line matters little.

The last two City Council elections have resulted in a majority that has pushed Code changes to encourage Urban Estates and concrete at the demise of ruralness and animal keeping.

Ultimately, unless recent Code changes are reversed, new ones halted, and General Plan Goals regarding animal keeping are implemented in City Codes, the Council's Redevelopment Agenda for Urban Estates will drive out animal keeping and most things rural in 10 -20 years.

"General Plan Goal 8. Allowand encourage agricultural uses, including but not limited to, citrus and avocado groves and treefarms.

General Plan Goal 9. Allow and encourage animal husbandry, including keeping of horses, animals used for 4-H projects, and other livestock as allowed by local ordinance."

Residents who desire to have the community promised in the Citizen created General Plan will need to take back their City Government from the Over-Development interests.