The Vipperman Chronicles

Council Bling Makes Taxes Ka-Ching - $320 for Mayor's Gold Jewelry

March 2013

See Slow Motion Video of Crazed Attack
A Peaceful Day of Vote Counting Broken as
Karen Vipperman Launches Unprovoked Attack on City Council Candidate
Then Starts Shouting at Others
7 Sheriff's Vehicles Respond, Witnesses Interviewed

March 2013

After announcing they were leaving City last year
Vippermans sign affadavits saying they now live in the City, when their absentee ballots were challenged on charge that they didn't live in the city anymore.

February 2013

Senders of "Hit Piece" Mailer against candidate Edwards include
Supporters and Nomination Paper Signers of candidates Miller, Higgins & Jeng.

1717 Chota Rd return address is former? Vipperman home.

September 13, 2012

Councilmember Vipperman Announces Resignation Effective October 11th, and family's moving out of City

June 2012

Howard Vipperman Speaks in Favor of Water Rate Increase. Roy Francis Spoke in Opposition. - Watch Dramatic Video

March 2012

Councilmember Vipperman Leads Call to Do Nothing About 20 Story Power Lines and Towers Through City
Result was Inaction Due to Failure to Agree on Response
Look For Power Lines Near, or Visible to, You Soon

April 2011

Councilman Vipperman arrives at Park & Rec meeting with a car load of what were called "henchmen." Mr. Vipperman proceeded to position his people so as to block a video camera taping the proceeding

Councilmember Vipperman wins re-election. Mr. Vipperman came in first in the vote by mail returns, but last in the in-person votes.

March 2011

Councilmember Vipperman asks how city staff will be protected from residents.

December 2010

Mr. Vipperman continues to use his position as Councilmember to make personal attacks from the dais.

January 2011

Candidate Vipperman a "No Show" at January 27th Candidates Forum.

January 2011

Is the Howard Vipperman Re-Election Campaign Effort in Trouble? Story Vipperman Lawsuit Against Residents Dismissed 12/30/09 Mayor and Councilmember Vipperman presides over the largest decline in Assessed Property Value in the history of the City.

September 2010

Mayor Vipperman Proposes Helicopter Surveillance of City for Code Enforcement, Weed Abatement, Observing, etc
Other Members Nix It

Listen to Mr Vipperman

WMV | Quicktime

December 2009

Mayor Vipperman Files Lawsuit Against Resident for Defamation
Claims Resident "harbored a secret hatred and ill will" towards him
Law Firm shown as contributing $1000 to Vipperman 2007 Campaign - November 2009
Mayor Vipperman Spends $20,000 to Sue Residents - Story
Vipperman Votes to Allow 25 Story Broadcast Tower to remain for 10 more years, over objections of residents and contrary to agreement which called for it to be removed in June 2009

August 2009

Vipperman Votes to ban Children from riding Bikes and Skateboards at Park on sidewalks and parking areas

August 2009

Mayor Vipperman refused to write letter on behalf of the city objecting to 20 story tall Edison Towers on the City's northern border saying,

"I'm the Mayor and I'll write the letters I want."

October 2009

City Council passes

"Whitewash" of Vipperman Deeds

June 2009

DA rejects "attorney client privilege" ruse

Another "Incriminating" Vipperman Email Surfaces During Code Hearing

In Service to Developers
Read it Here
June 2009

Mayor Howard Vipperman hit with DA Investigation

Bureau of Fraud & Corruption Prosecutions

"More Troubling is the concept of "crafting" an agenda item for the purpose of obviating the opportunity for public comment."
See DA Letter

See Full Story
June 2009

City Under Seige

At May 14th Council meeting Mayor Vipperman fights tooth and nail to prevent his email from being read into the record, even threatening to stop the meeting. A Staff member brought a Sheriff deputy in, in case things got out of hand.
City Attorney finally tells him he has to allow it
This email leads to DA investigation

A Must See Video

Residents Should Be Seen But Not Heard?

"I would like to not take Public comments.. if possible."
Mayor Howard Vipperman Requests to exclude public from commenting
April 2009

Vipperman Crackdown on Residents Continues!

10 Minute Speaking Limit.
..Don't Ask for More, the Answer is NO!...
PowerPoint presentations by residents now forbidden.

Howard Vipperman Calls Heights Resident(s) Stupid, Stupid People during comments regarding anonymous informational election mailers Mar 09

2 min 34 seconds

Vipperman Calls for City Name to be Copyrighted, apparently to Affect This Website Mar 09

Quicktime | WMV

2 min 40 sec

City Attorney Says No!

In a move not typical of a Councilmember, Mr Vipperman followed a lifelong resident to the Planning Commission to continue criticism of the resident that Mr Vipperman had begun at the Feb 09 Council meeting.

2 min 45sec
Quicktime | WMV

The reason we put this here, is because it is so unusual.