At May 14th Council meeting Mayor Vipperman fights tooth and nail to prevent his email from being read into the record, even threatening to stop the meeting.

Residents Should Be Seen But Not Heard?

What is Going on With the Leaders of This City?

Recipient Names & Addresses Redacted

Update June 2, 2009

Mayor Howard Vipperman's email was the subject of a District Attorney investigation, and a front page Whittier Daily News website article.

See the District Attorney warning letter here

Important Update; May 14, 2009:

During the hearing for reconsideration of the Appeal to which this email pertains, resident Stephen Blagden started to read this email into the public record. The City Attorney interrupted, and said it was privileged information not for the public. Mr. Blagden disagreed and stated it was allowed under the Public Records Act.

Resident George Edwards tried next to read the email. The City Attorney tried to stop him. Mayor Vipperman engaged in a shouting match, threatening to stop the meeting, accusing George Edwards of breaking the law by trying to read it. As the engagement became more heated, a staff member brought the Sheriff deputy in. Mr Vipperman even tried to run out the clock, so he could stop Mr Edwards when he reached 3 minutes. The City Attorney relented and told Mayor Vipperman he had to allow the email to be read. (Video Below)

Mr Vipperman did not recuse himself, and continued to make the motion he stated in his email; to deny the appeal.

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Elected officials are elected by the voters to represent them and to conduct the public's business.

Part of the meeting process includes Public Hearings. That means hearing from the public.

City files, which are public records, contain a printout of what looks like an email from Mayor Vipperman to City Staff requesting that public comment be excluded if possible from an agenda item. As with past Vipperman requests to exclude or remove public comments, the City Attorney told him public comments cannot be excluded.

The email goes on to appear to indicate that Mayor Vipperman may have already made a decision regarding the upcoming agenda item.

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