"Complaint Driven" Code Enforcement becomes Literal

"I See Nothing"

In the past, when City Staff drove through town they had their eyes open for unpermitted building and grading, and took corrective action.
Apparently, this has changed.

At the May 2011 Planning Commission meeting, a resident said that a new "spec" house on Picaacho Dr had been certified as complete in August 2010 though it had no landscaping, other than weeds, on the back side facing its neighbors even though the Landscaping Plan showed plantings. The resident questioned why nothing had been done given that City Code Enforcement Staff had visited a house across the street multiple times, including a St Patrick's Day Raid to count chickens and other animals.

Picaacho Spec House

The City Planner responded that "Code Enforcement only goes out when we receive complaints. If we don't receive complaints on issues that are out there, we may see them but we do not go out and cite or anything unless we receive a complaint from someone in the community..."

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Code Enforcement can help maintain a community's character and property values.

Does the "complaint driven" and "see nothing" policy force residents to turn in their neighbors?