Three Secret Committee Members Revealed

Jeffrey Heintz (left), Cathy Houwen and Greg Stefflre (right) revealed as Secret Committee members

The City and Council's stonewalling of release of information about an unknown number of secret committees lost a few stones as resident George Edwardz revealed names of two Secret Public Safety Committee members, Jeffrey Heintz and Greg Stefflre, at the January 12, 2012 City Council meeting. Edwardz was the first of four residents to speak out against Council secrecy or shutting out the community.
Later in the meeting, City Manager Shauna Clark confirmed their identities adding that there are others.

Greg Stefflre is also on the City Planning Commission and on the Board of La Habra Heights Fire Watch. In 2000 he was a member of M.O.R.E. which, with most residents united against the project, sought and won defeat of plans to turn Hacienda Road into a four lane highway.

Jeffrey Heintz is also on the Water Board and was on the Board of the La Habra Heights Improvement Association and the Park Master Plan Committee.

Mr. Heintz gained national attention in 2010 when he attacked a resident videotaping an LHHIA Board Meeting (see story & video of attack, more details )
In 2009, an investigation revealed Water Board members were wining and dining at ratepayer expense (story )
One receipt notes Heintz and his wife present at a ratepayer paid $471 meal.
Another receipt indicates that Board member Heintz spent a weeked at the Renaisance Hotel in Long Beach for a convention with his wife, with the Water District customers paying for the hotel (story).
Web Domain registrar information showed that Mr. Heintz's campaign website was owned by and located at Councilmember Howard Vipperman's company (story).

Another investigation in 2009 revealed that the La Habra Heights Improvement Association was misrepresenting itself as a 501(c)3 non-profit for several years, even though it was not, soliciting funds from the community in mailers erroneously touting that the contributions were tax deductible. The U.S. Postal Inpsector's Office stated such mailings are Mail Fraud.
Mr. Heintz was Treasurer of the Association at this time, signing that the group was a 501(c)4, but responded to a query stating it was a 501(c)3 (story ). The Association has since converted to a 501(c)3.

Ms. Houwen participating in December 2010 CPGP Candidates Forum

Cathy Houwen is an 8 year resident who has been interested in water issues, is a CPGP attendee, and considered a City Council run in the 2011 election, participating in a CPGP Candidates' Forum.

Some residents were concered about potential cronyism on the Secret Committees and whether members represented fiscal watchdogs or free spenders of public funds.
Residents need to know how many committees there are, who is on them, and what they are doing to evaluate City Council policies and management of taxpayer funds and assets.

Our investigations continue to find out who else is on the Secret Committees.

George Edwardz, resident and editor of, vowed in an interview after the meeting that he would strive to expose the remaining members.

Anyone with information as to the identities of remaining members can email it to us. Anonymity Guaranteed. Email Us

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