Children Risk Arrest to Attend Animal Keeping Hearing

Two boys on scooters rolled up to City Hall the night of June 10th to find out what the City Council would do regarding the Animal Keeping ordinances.

The boys stayed outside the door, in the shadows, remaining unnoticed by the Sheriff's deputy or Council members on duty that night.

Stock photo of a Heights lawbreaker

This reporter did not note the boys' names or take their picture to avoid their being pursued by authorities later, and having their young records tarnished.

As the boys left, they picked up their scooters and carried them until they were no longer in sight of the authorities.

Last year, the City Council banned bikes, skateboards, and scooters from the Park and City Hall hardscape areas, with violators subject to citation.

The ban was imposed in a matter of weeks after a couple of minor incidents at Improvement Association events.