City Staff Salaries

On March 1, 2010, a Public Records Request was made for documents showing staff Salaries and Benefits. State Law requires records requests to be filled immediately, or within 10 days if documents are not readily available.

As happened to reporters and residents recently in the City of Bell, the release of the documents was delayed and delayed. Finally, in mid-April, the Salary and benefit information was released.

Note: The " * " did not refer to anything on the provided document

Since release of the information, all full-time Fire Department personnel have been removed or resigned, an intern was promoted to "Management Analyst" at $62,000 (out of Fire Department funds), the Council approved the Senior Accountant's request for a pay increase to $117,000 per year and conversion to a consultant status, and a Part Time (less than 20 hours per week) Fire Chief was hired at about $100,000.

The City has "title creep", which raises salaries through job title changes. A Management Analyst becomes an Assistant City Manager. A secretary is promoted to technician, etc.

Stonewalling public records requests is new for the City under the current City Council.

In past years, Staff Salaries, Benefits, and more was publicly available in the Annual City Budget. This year the Council did not include Staff pay in the City Budget, as well as other details that had been included in past budgets.