New Meters Bring New Concerns & Opportunities

Southern California Edison is going through La Habra Heights to replace existing electric meters with new versions. Trucks belonging to Corix Utilities, an SCE contractor, are doing installations.

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Several residents have reported receiving no prior notification of the pending meter change.

The new meters will be capable of upcoming features including monitoring electricity usage online, and time-of-day electricity charges.

The new meters will transmit data to Edison every few minutes over a wireless radio frequency band - a MESH network.

Another feature is remote disconnection of electricity for those who do not pay their bills after SCE has exhausted other required means.

According to the Southern California Edison website you can request delay of installation of the new meter pending consideration of opt-out provisions by the California Public Utilities Commission. To request to be placed on the delay list, call (800) 810-2369.

One web site recommends posting a notice by your meter declaring that the meter is not to be changed. This would be useful for those who do not have gates and fences enclosing their property.

In November 2011 the CPUC ordered SCE to create an opt-out plan.

Also in November, the CPUC issued a proposed decision for an opt-out for Pacific Gas & Electric customers consisting stating, consumers electing the opt-out option would be assessed an initial fee of $90 and a monthly charge of $15 thereafter. 

Once you get a new meter you cannot go back to the old one.

News stories have reported concerns about EMF radiation, hacking and security threats, and higher utility bills.

An Edison spokesperson told us that they have worked hard on security and likened it to a financial institution or the military.

A number of California cities and counties have taken action to protect residents from the new meter installations. There has been no indication La Habra Heights officials will take any action on behalf or residents.

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