Road Tax Defeated 2-1 Margin
657 NO! - 341 Yes

Comparison - Historical Vote
Tax District-Year
Votes Cast
District 5 - 2012 $527 998 341 657
District 4 - 2007 $173 1026 630 396
District 3 - 2001 $128 1044 614 430

Road Tax Information - Non-City Sources
Public Hearing August 9th, 7:30 p.m. City Hall!

City Official Admits Public Oversight of Road Tax is Not Wanted
"We want to do city business without disruption" -August 2012 Read Whittier Daily News Article

City Launches Coverup of Council Wrongdoing at July 2012 Meeting
Cable Broadcast of Meeting Censored to Remove Offenses
City Resources Used for Road Tax Ballot Measure Advocacy
DA to Investigate?

Has Improvement Association Jeopardized 501c3 Status by
Publishing One-Sided Political Advocacy of Controversial Road Tax?

Do July & August Heights Life "Mayor's Column" Run Afoul of the Law by Advocating for
Passage of Controversial Tripled Roads Tax?
August 2012 See starting on page 17

$600 Road Tax Ballot Mail-In Election Underway
$527 1st Year, $593 by 5th
Tripled From Current $173 per year
Informational Flyer - here
July 2012

Council Touts Property Value Benefit of Roads Assessment, However State Constitution Article 13D Says
"General enhancement of property value does not constitute "special benefit.""

April 2012 - New $500+ Per Year Roads Tax
This is on Top of $266 Per Year 70% of Residents are Still Paying for 1997 Project
$10,000 of Your Money to be spent on Marketing Plan to convince you to Vote Yes
Ballots to Be Mailed Just as You Leave for Summer Vacation
Current Tax $173 - Almost 200% Increase
Special Council Meeting - Tuesday, April 24th 5:00 p.m. - See Staff Report

If you Vote "Yes" They Will be Back for New Police Tax and
Increased Fire Tax

Roads Committee Member Names go from "State Secret" to Front Page News
as City enters New Tax Phase
Dick Caslow, Bruce Douglas, Ray Fernandez, Kyle Miller, & John Smith - Feb 2012

New Taxes & Spending Workshop January 26th, 6:00 p.m. at City Hall