City Legal Record (Looks like a Rap Sheet) - Since 2013 Council Election
Continuous Court Involvement and/or Government Investigations

* December 13, 2016 Case Number: BC643384
Former firefighter claims Harassment, Discrimination and more - Read Lawsuit

Additional information and video link - here
* March 25, 2016 - - Case Number BC502851 $500,000 Settlement Wrongful Termination
Read Settlement - Read Lawsuit
* September 2015 - CM Higgins/Millers' Foundation caught a second time misusing tax dollars.
County demands refund. click to read
*August 2015 - DA Fraud & Corruption Division Finds Council Wrongdoing and Brown Act Violation
in Back Room change to March 2015 Election Oil Measure Title. Read DA Finding Here
* April 2015 - Settlement Case Number BC525436 - Lawsuit City Breaking Own Laws & CEQA
* December 2014 - CM Higgins/Millers' Foundation caught with "hand in cookie jar".
County demands taxpayer funds be returned. See County Demand Letter
* December 2014, Los Angeles County Superior Court Ruling Finds La Habra Heights City Council Broke the Law, Writing Misleading Ballot Question for Oil Measure. Here
* In November 2013, the DA sent a letter to the City Council warning not to make decisions without notice and opportunity for public comment.
* Also in Nov 2013, the DA sent another warning to the City for not allowing the public to speak and trying to prevent criticism of staff
* May 2013, Superior Court ruled City violated own Codes. Council failed to perform oversight. Read Judge's ruling
* Late 2012, the DA threatened the Council with convening a Grand Jury if another Brown Act violation occurred.
# Note: In a 2012 interview to become a Councilmember, Michael Higgins stated,
"I hate the Brown Act!" (Open Meeting Law) Watch
# Note: In an 18 month period from December 2013 Three City Attorneys and Two Law Firms resigned.
City Attorney Codes requires resignation if client will not follow legal advice or is breaking the law.
# Note: Above items are those we are aware of. There may be more.