Skyline Drive Undermined by Rain and Closed
Workmanship or Design Flaws Suspected

Incident & Closure Map

Part of the 2007 Annual Road Repairs included construction of a drain inlet on Skyline Drive. Google's Street View shows the location and markings prior to construction.

Bid Specification

The Drainage Structure collapsed during this December 2010 storm.

Photo courtesy of

See Video of Road and Drainage Collapse. Here Courtesy of QDS Photography.

When Skyline Dr and other city streets were constructed along the hillsides, the typical design was to tilt the street away from the downslope, install drains on the upslope side, and run a pipe under the street to direct the runoff into natural drainage. All the drainage inlets on Skyline are of this construction, including one across the street from the failure, except the one that failed.

Typical upslope side Drain Inlet on Skyline Drive.

Further analysis will need to be done to determine if the failure was due to a design issue or workmanship. City engineers are required to carry Errors and Omissions insurance for errors of this type. If it is a workmanship failure the City will need to contact the contractor who did the work.

If the failure was due to design or construction flaws, residents should not have to pay for repairs, but the City has let vendors off the hook before, hitting residents for the costs.