City Prosecutor Retreats in the Face of News Camera

A scheduled reinspection of animal related code violations ended abruptly when the City's Code Enforcement Attorney, Charlene Wynder, after seeming to be texting on her phone, said there would not be an inspection today, later appearing to attribute the retreat to media being present and obstruction.

At 2:45 p.m. January 31st, an official City vehicle pulled up to the corner of Picaacho and Le Flore Dr. in advance of a scheduled 3 p.m. appointment.

Ms. Wynder exited the vehicle, with several unidentified males remaining inside, walking past a video cameraman on the side of the road, and proceeding to approach the property owner.

The property owner said he had no control over the cameraman on the public street, but the City Prosecutor called off the inspection without entering the property. She would not explain to the property owners what the obstruction was nor what "new violations" she saw.

After the City vehicle left, the property owners invited the cameraman and this writer onto the property for the first time.

There were no animals, other than a toy rocking horse, no animal droppings, no pool, unregistered vehicle, or other alleged violations written in previous city reports. The yard, walkways, and driveway were clean, and groomed.

City actions against the Heights family have included a back room hearing, surprise St. Patrick's Day RAID to execute a search warrant to count animals, placement of a photo album from the Raid at the City Hall front counter, a follow-up search of the inside of the house in May 2011, and filing of a lawsuit in September 2011.

See Video of City retreat