City Park Grass Damaged by Weekend Event

"The Park's a Wreck"

Update March 31st: According to City Manager Shauna Clark, "The renters put down a deposit and presented insurance. The deposit is being forfeited and the insurance company has agreed to cover the cost of repairing the park grounds."

A Park event on Saturday & Sunday March 26th and 27th resulted in significant damage to hundreds of feet of the grass area along Hacienda Rd.

Questions remain as to why driving and parking on Park grounds were allowed after 4 inches of rain had fallen in the previous week.

Regrading and resodding the damaged area could run into thousands of dollars.

The Parks and Recreation Commission had just discussed the importance of preventing and inspecting for damages done by users of the facilities at their March 14th meeting.

The damage to the Park was first reported on a Topix thread on Parks and Rec