New Planning Commissioners Appointed

Dominic DiMario
Ray Fernandez
Judy Stefflre
29 year resident.

Had DiMarios Building Supply in Downey.

Past President Downey Chamber of Commerce

6 Year Resident

Owner Skyline Homes

President Building Industry of America, Southern Cal Chapter

Representative to National Association of Home Builders

10 Year Resident

CEO Family owned Transportation Company in Fontana

Member of Fire Watch

Each Council Member appoints a Planning Commissioner:

Layne Baroldi replaced longtime resident Tony Liu with Ray Fernandez.

Brian Bergman continued with Margarita McCoy.

Stan Carroll appointed Judy Stefflre.

Howard Vipperman appointed current Commission Chair Larry Black to replace Carl Westerhoff who was elected to the City Council.

Carl Westerhoff appointed Dominic DiMario.