Matrix Oil Studies

Most of these studies were on the City website until recently.
As residents prepare for the Scoping meeting and asking questions or raising concerns, the information in these reports is useful.

The Process

Some of the Matrix Oil documents have been reposted to the city website and are preliminary only. Every document is subject to and will likely undergo change.

The purpose of the scoping session is to take general concerns about the project; for the audience to indicate to the consultant doing the EIR (Bonterra) what to look out for; and to ask questions about the process for the preparation of the DRAFT EIR.

Speaking time will be limited and may even be shortened quite a bit depending on how many people wish to speak. For that reason, you are advised to submit written comments and questions as well as completing a speakers card.

The scoping session is not a council or commission meeting. No action will be taken.

The EIR consultant, Bonterra, will then complete a DRAFT EIR. Notification will be made upon completion of the draft. The corrected studies and perhaps some new studies (depending on what is required by Bonterra) will be posted on the website and available for inspection. At that time, those former studies, below, will be irrelevant.

A thirty-day review of the draft EIR will take place during which time you may submit comments. The EIR will eventually go on to a formal public hearing.

Project Description

Traffic Impact Analysis

Pavement Evaluation

Biological Resources Assessment

Preliminary Geologic and Hydrologic Evaluation Report

Noise Impact

Lighting and Glare

Air Quality Impact

Figure 1 Site Boundary

Figure 2 Project Site Plan

Figure 3 Pipeline Routing Map

Figure 4 Central Processing Facility

Traffic Appendix A

Traffic Appendix B - Existing Traffic Counts

Traffic Appendix C - Existing Intersection Conditions Level of Service

Traffic Appendix D - Future Intersection Conditions

Traffic Appendix E - Future Intersection Levels of Service