White Strobe Lights Blinking at Night

Have you noticed white strobe lights blinking at night lately that you haven't seen before?

Residents have noticed the strobes lighting up rooms at night and intruding on "dark skies".

The lights are on the KFI Tower in La Mirada.

According to the engineering department at KFI, the red light circuit went out, and they had to send it back to the factory to be rebuilt.

In the meantime, the daytime white strobe lights are on to prevent aircraft from hitting the tower.

They were expecting the repaired circuit to be returned the week of September 13th, or soon after.

The white lights are not permanent, and the red will be back on at night.

The KFI Tower was destroyed in 2004 by a private plane.

It was rebuilt to its current height of almost 700 feet tall.

Locally, at the September 28, 2010 Planning Commission Meeting, the Commission will review a Master Plan application for the 250 foot tall KOCE tower on the La Habra Heights ridgeline.

Vipperman-Baroldi-Westerhoff Tower

The 25 story tall tower was scheduled to be removed in June 2009 but was given a rebirth by Council members Baroldi, Vipperman, and Westerhoff, who approved it to remain, over the objections of residents.

The tower is exempt from Property Taxes, Fire Tax, and Roads assessment.

The owners of the tower want to rent it out to radio stations and other communications services.

If residents are concerned about radio reception and whether strobe or other bright lights might be added to the La Habra Heights tower, attendance at the meeting or contacting the Planning Commission would be in order.

The tower owners are also asking for future approvals to be done over the counter, not at the Planning Commission as required under their current approval.