Improvement Association Board Takes Organization "Private"

The Improvement Association held its annual general meeting on June 17th in the Multi-Purpose Room.

June Heights Life Excerpt

At past meetings, the Director seats up for election were voted on by members present, open to nominations from the floor.

At past meetings, the Association Annual financial report was passed out to members at the meeting.

The 2009 meeting was markedly different.

No Election

Contrary to the advertisement in Heights Life, there was no election.
The agenda had an "Election Results" item, not an election.

Answering a later question, apparently the actual "election" had taken place earlier in June, at an undisclosed time and place, amongst the existing directors and unknown other persons.

No Financial Report Distributed

At past annual meetings, the Association Financial Summary was passed out to members attending, and it was a requirement of the by-laws to provide members with financial reports.

This June 2009 meeting saw Directors holding the report, the Treasurer giving a brief summary, and members in the audience left wondering what was going on.

A member remarked that reports had been distributed to attendees in the past. He was told that a copy could be mailed.

By-Law Changes

When a member asked about by-law changes, the President answered that there had been recent changes.

Members were not told what those changes were, or when they were voted in.

For most of its existence, changes to Improvement Association By-Laws had to be advertised in Heights Life and approved by the members.

At some point, changes in by-laws were made to allow Directors only to change them.

Past By-Laws can be seen in this recent story

By-Laws Witheld From Members

When asked if a member could see or get a copy of the Association by-laws, the Board answered "No" , the by-laws were only for the Board.

It is now unknown, to those outside of the Board, how Directors are chosen, how long their terms are, responsibilities, and how elections are held.

This "Politburo" type of Improvement Association structure is contrary to the openess of the early days of the group which fought for the incorporation of the City.

The past 15 years has seen the Board become increasingly closed, until this June meeting where members have been relegated to spectators who pay dues to watch the show.