Hacienda Road Traffic Solutions

Development and traffic pressures surround La Habra Heights.

Traffic volumes on Hacienda Rd are about 15 - 20,000 vehicles per day.

If the City does nothing those volumes will continue to increase.

If the volumes increase, pressure will mount to straighten and or widen the road under the guise of "safety".

Residents defeated such a widening of the road in 2000. Read about it here.

If we continue to do nothing, we will be confronted with that threat again.

The City needs to increase measures to slow down and reduce traffic on a continual basis.

Part of the defeat of the road widening in 2000, and also stated in the General Plan, was that traffic calming measures were to be taken on Hacienda Rd.

Since that time, the City Council has requested several "studies", but no action has been taken.

However, nature has done, what the City Council would not.

The 2006 slide of the road, caused by heavy rains, resulted in the travel lanes being narrowed and chicaned, both of which were recommended by the traffic engineers to slow down traffic.

The proposed plans for the repair of the slide will retain those features.

Measures proposed to the City Council, but not yet taken, include "license checks" by the Sheriff's Dept, and increased enforcement of speed limits, truck prohibitions, and citing of vehicles exceeding noise thresholds or without approved mufflers.

Traffic signals at Skyline, East and West Rds could be set to slow traffic and allow easy resident access rather than to facilitate commuter traffic.

Residents have suggested closing the road on Red Flag Days to reduce fire danger, reducing traffic as a side effect.

At theAugust 2008 City Council meeting, Samarin Mehody suggested turning Hacienda into a toll road.

This had been proposed by resident Richard Luff in the late 1990s. In fact, he wrote a legal paper as to the legality of doing so.

Residents have made repeated requests of the Council to take action.

The nature of the problem of continually increasing traffic requires increasing action to be taken.

We cannot afford no action.