Preventing Wildfires - A Simple Solution

Most Wildfires are manmade. Some of the most common causes are cigarettes and vehicles.

The simplest solution for preventing wildfires is to close Hacienda Rd to through traffic on Red Flag Days. Residents would still get through.

Animals Don't Start Fires

The greatest concentration of people in La Habra Heights is the, up to, 20,000 cars per day that commute through the City. Smoking is prohibited on Hacienda, but it does not seem to be enforced. A Public Records Request revealed that, for the years requested, there had been no citations issued for smoking.

Signs at the entries to the City state the extreme fire danger, and smoking prohibition, but do we mean it?

The sides of Hacienda Rd are strewn with cigarette butts.

The difference between a mundane day and a conflagration can be less than an inch.

Several years ago, there was an arson fire on Hacienda.

Vehicle Likely Cause of November 15 & 16 2008 Brea/Yorba Linda Fires

A November 19, 2008 Orange County Register Article points to a Vehicle as the source of the fire's ignition:

"It appeared that a hot catalytic converter on a car traveling on the 91 freeway may have started the fire"

Sparks from passing vehicles, whether a dragging muffler, trailer, or spring also are a potential source of fires.

Los Angeles Times Article October 17, 2008

A November 18, 2008 Orange County Register Article details how vehicles can easily, and inadvertently , cause fires.

The Vehicle Code allows the Fire Chief to close roads when there is a danger.

It is much easier to close the road for a couple of days to prevent a fire, than to put out a wildfire.

Road closures as a preventitive measure appear inconvenient, and don't have the drama of closing the road because of an actual fire, but ..................

Which would you rather deal with?
Or This?

You need to speak up and tell your Council Members that fire safety is important and that the City should take the simple step of closing Hacienda Rd to through traffic on Red Flag Days to reduce the greatest threat of Wildfire we have.