Hacienda Rd Closing an Awakening for All

Update: October 15,2009

After adding and rearranging more signs, traffic continues to come up Hacienda Rd.

Detour signs at East Rd give no further direction of where to go.

Another accident occured just south of Reposado Dr around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday October 15th.

October 15, 2009 Hacienda Accident

Update: October 8, 2009

The road "closure" continues to be plagued with problems.

Signs were placed at Hacienda and Reposado, Encanada, & Skyline saying "Residents Only", to prevent commuters from by-passing the work area.

New Signage placed at Reposado on 10/7

At the September Council meeting, the City Manager said that by-pass city streets, such as Ardsheal, could not be closed to commuters.

By October 6, this changed dramatically. The City website (below) stated that anyone using Ardsheal, who did not live on it, would get a ticket. Residents seeing the new policy noticed that if they visit other Heights residents they are subject to a ticket, and no service people will be able to access homes in the quarantined area.

City Website, October 6, 2009

A "Road Closed" sign was placed in the middle of Hacienda, but it was easily circumvented, leading to tickets for many.

In past closures, signs were placed on East and West Roads notifying about the closure. However, no such signs were placed this time, so drivers heading out of East Rd, north on Hacienda received their first notification when they got a ticket.

The Road Closure signs say the road is closed between Canada Sombre and Skyline, yet tickets are being given when cars pass Encanada.

About 8:15 A.M. October 8th, there was a head on collision in the 2300 Block of Ardsheal. One car drove away, the other towed. This resulted in Ardsheal, the only road around the closure, being closed itself for several hours.

Both drivers are residents of La Habra Heights, one lives on Encanada, the other on W. Skyline. The southbound driver was bringing a child to school. The drivers would typically have used Hacienda Rd. One of the drivers questioned out loud why this closure was not done during the summer. Traffic is quieter during the summer and school is out. The project was originally scheduled for July, but unexpected need to notify the gas company and oil company about moving their lines caused delays.

Head-on Collision on Ardsheal, October 8, 2009
Head on Collision Site on Ardsheal with Fire and Ambulance on scene
Accident victim towed away

7 Accident Scene Photos, Courtesy of TheAvocadoExpress.com

Notice Sign Taken Away

With Unknowing Drivers continuing to stream north on Hacienda Rd, from Whittier Blvd, the only lighted notice sign was removed at 1:30 p.m. on October 8th. This sign was the only one visible at night.

Lighted Sign Removal October 8th

While traffic problems continued, the work proceeded smoothly on the pipeline.

October 8, 2009, north of Canada Sombre

First Story: October 5, 2009

Residents in the Hacienda Rd valley were startled awake 1:00 A.M. Monday morning by the sound and vibration of construction machinery, tractors, and the "beep beep" of backing vehicles. This was accompanied by arrays of Klieg Lights turning night into day for unsuspecting sleepers.The disruption continued until about 4 A.M.
An inquiry the next day, asking why this was done in the middle of the night, received a response that the setting up of the concrete barriers couldn't be done during the day.

Hacienda Closure at Canada Sombre

Northbound commuters were met with signs along the road, then "Road Closed" signs in the road, with no clear direction of where they should go. Some went around the signs, whereupon at least 26 recieved tickets by Sheriff Deputies.

City Manager Shauna Clark was quoted in the Whittier Daily News saying, the biggest complaint she heard was about drivers trying to use Reposado Drive a short cut instead of turning around.

This was likely due to a "Road Closed" sign placed at Reposado, with Reposado appearing to be the detour route (see below).Many commuters turned up Reposado, some turning around in driveways, some continuing up the road, stumbling upon Canada Sombre and returning down Hacienda 10 or 15 minutes later, and others, like those in past unmarked detours, may never escape the winding maze of roads.

"Road Closed" at Reposado Dr

Eagle eyed, and fast at hand, commuters may have seen the helpful "Detour Map" next to the "Road Closed" sign, though, only to find that there weren't any there.

Empty Detour Map container

See 20 second videos of misdirected commuters

Southbound commuters had better fortune, as they were turned around near the Buddhist Temple, where the road is wide enough to turn, and they can easily reroute.

Nevertheless, commuters will find alternative routes in a couple of days, and as in closures past, surrounding arterials will be minimally impacted.

Past Hacienda Rd closures were handled differently.

October 2008 Hacienda Road Closure

In October 2008, a water main broke on Hacienda at Avocado Crest. The early response was closing the immediate intersection with unambiguous signage.

October 2008 Initial Hacienda closure

After a few hours, a more comprehensive closure was implemented

Vehicles turned around at City Hall where road is wide and residents can be let through Close-up of 2008 Closure at City Hall Southbound traffic turned around at Buddhist Temple
Road Closed. Residents let through.

August 2001 Hacienda Road Closure

In 2001, Hacienda Rd was closed for about a month due to repaving. With more time to plan, the road was similarly closed at City Hall and just south of the Buddhist Temple. Passes for residents were distributed at City Hall.
The inner northbound Hacienda turning lane on Whittier blvd was closed, and had road closed and detour signs.

Road Closure Turnaround at City Hall 2001
2001 Road closed sign

See old City Website page from 2001 here with detour maps, resident passes and pictures.