Movie & TV Filming in La Habra Heights?

At the October 16, 2008 City Council meeting, a presentation was made by representatives of FilmLA.

According to the Staff Report for the agenda item, Staff has been in contact and negotiations with FilmLA for several months, and a request for resident input was made in July Heights Life (text below).

La Habra Heights is in the "Thiry Mile Zone", and, of course, has a great variety of homes, settings, and scenic views & vistas.

The City is still looking for resident input and comments on whether to do it or not.

Some residents wonder how any rules on filming would be enforced, since enforcement of current codes is lacking.

The City could require that the Park parking lot be used for crew parking and staging, to reduce parking on City streets.

Besides Movies and TV shows, production also includes commercials and other filming.

Pros & Cons*
Increased Awareness of La Habra Heights Increased Awareness of La Habra Heights
Revenue for City via Permits & Park Rental Traffic, Noise, & Lights
Revenue for Residents whose homes are used
Increased property values as city becomes known
* Please send us any other Pros or Cons to add

Should films be made in LHH?

By Shauna Clark, Interim City Manager

On June 4, Catherine Leland and I met with
representatives of Film LA, a nonprofit
organization that promotes filming
of feature films, television shows and
commercials within Los Angeles-area communities.

The purpose of the meeting was to see if La
Habra Heights property owners might be interested
in offering their properties for film production. The
minimum that can be earned for a one-day shoot is
$7,500. La Habra Heights is an appealing venue to
producers since it is within the 30-mile studio zone.
Shoots within this zone are less expensive because
of lower wages and transportation requirements set
by union scale.

Because of traffic disruption and lack of places to
park vehicles and equipment overnight, the Heights
would have to limit the majority of residential film
shoots to one day.

However, larger facilities such as churches and
the Hacienda Golf Club might be able to host
multiple day shoots. We are aware that the Club
has hosted shoots recently, and there have been no
complaints from residents.

Film LA exists to create partnerships between
producers and film-friendly communities. Their goal
is to keep film production and the associated jobs
in the LA region. As you know, several communities
outside of California, even other countries, are
offering tax breaks and lucrative incentives to attract
the entertainment industry away from California.

Film LA was established to find new venues
within southern California that will make the
permit process easy. The organization will serve
as a facilitator between the film industry and local
residents and property owners who are interested in
allowing shoots on their property. In exchange, the
city receives revenues from film permits.

Before we explore this further, we want
community feedback. This article in the Heights Life
is to invite you to weigh in, to ask questions, and to
point out the pros and cons of this approach. This
can only work if there is community support.
We really want to hear from you. Please call La
Habra Heights City Hall and talk to Catherine Leland
or Angie Martinez to share your questions, concerns
or ideas about whether this could work in the
Heights. If you prefer e-mail, write to Catherine at

To learn more about Film LA, please visit their
website at

*Note: Writings of the City Manager are a "Public Record"