Mayor Howard Vipperman to Run for Re-Election in 2011?

Embattled Mayor Howard Vipperman filed a Form 410 on July 1, 2009 indicating establishment of a Committee to accept funds for his 2011 Election. See Form Vipperman filed here.

The markings on the form indicate that Vipperman has received at least $1000 in contributions towards his re-election, which may include contributions from himself. Future required filings will show those donations.

Vipperman's first two years were marked by an initial flurry of activity to build a new fire station, and critizing the City Manager.

After the fire station efforts failed, Vipperman was quiescent, until the 2009 Election season, when he started attacking residents who spoke at City Council meetings, initiated a series of rules to limit public input and comment, and joined with fellow Council member Layne Baroldi to elect Carl Westerhoff to the City Council.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee and Public Works Committee were eliminated, and the Parks & Rec Commission changed from an oversight committee to an event planning committee under the chairmanship of Vipperman's wife, Karen.

He was the subject of a DA investigation for possible improper behavior, revealed in an email, for seeking to preclude public comment during a hearing and appearing to pre-judge a case coming before the Council.

Will he continue on the same course; against residents, resident involvement, and supporting builders and over-building?

Will voters affirm or reject his crackdown on public participation, increase in government, and apparent favoritism toward builders and redevelopment of the Heights to Urban Estates?

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