"Black Ops" Council Meeting - Have there been others?

A special Closed Session City Council meeting (Bergman absent) occurred May 13th at 5:45 p.m.

There was no notice of the meeting on the City website.

The meeting or agenda is not shown on the log of City Council meetings (below), as if it never occurred.

A limited number of agenda paper copies were available, with one obtained by this website (see here).

Council Meeting Log Excerpt from official City website

The Cameraman was there, set up and ready to film. The live webcast equipment was set up and ready to go.(picture below)

Yet, the meeting was neither broadcast nor recorded.

A resident submitted a card for public comment, but no public comment was allowed, in violation of the Brown Act.

Later, a City Staff member denied being at that part of the meeting, and said that another staff person was not there either, but an unauthorized video of a portion of the meeting shows them both present.(picture below)

Council Present. City Staff Present. Video & Webcast Ready to Go, but not used.
(Photo courtesy of theAvodacoExpress.com)

The current council has taken a hard line against residents; removing almost all citizen volunteer committees, cracking down on residents' ability to comment at meetings, passing Code changes (Bergman opposed) to facilitate Urban Estates over the almost unanimous objection of residents and banning bicycles (Baroldi opposed) at the City Park's hardscaped areas.

Long time resident and former Council member Judy Hathaway-Francis commented at a recent Council meeting about all the items on the consent calendar, which get approved without discussion.

Important matters, such as the Assembly Bill to exempt La Habra Heights from State housing quotas, and the recent ISO Report rating decline of the Fire Department were never agendized or discussed by the Council in public.

In contrast, the 2007 ISO Report was released to the public and on the City Council agenda for public discussion and review.

Some residents wonder if these types of matters are being discussed by the Council by other means, or if other "Black Ops" meetings have occurred that were neither posted on the City website nor recorded?

Update: 5/25/10 - The Agenda for the meeting reported above appeared today on the City website.