Travel Expenses Reported in Orange County Register

While working for the Orange County Sanitation District our Council Member, Layne Baroldi, was reported as having incurred travel expenses of $13,800 for 26 trips over the 3 year period (2007-09) the Register looked at.

This works out to about $500 per trip, for destinations reported to include Sacramento, Oakland, Monterey, Philadelphia, Denver, and Orlando.

The article noted Mr. Baroldi staying at a motel 6 for $62 per night.

To put this in perspective, as we reported last fall, our La Habra Heights Water District Board has spent almost $500 on a SINGLE meal for themselves, enjoyed $1000 weekend at a fancy Long Beach Hotel, and feasted on Filet Mignon, Swordfish, and fine liquor, all at public expense.

Kudos to Layne for watching the public dollars, even when he might have thought no one was watching.

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