City Photo Album from March
Raid on Animal Keeping Family

On March 17, 2011, the self-described cash strapped and short-of-staff City made an unannounced Raid on a Heights Family Farm to execute a Search Warrant.

At least 13 individuals and 7 vehicles were used in the Raid.

The Raid was to fulfill the purposes of the warrant; to count animals, and look for animal waste and unpermitted structures.

People, including an individual using the email address "" emailed copies of the City's reports from the Raid around the City.

It is unclear at this time where the email chain started, however the documents bear the meta data "fingerprint" of the City Xerox copier/scanner.

The reports included photos. However no pictures of the animals the City was counting were included in the reports.

During the raid, over 200 photos were taken.

The City created a Photo Album of the pictures from the raid and placed it at the front counter at City Hall.

Below are 44 unaltered photos from the collection of those that were not included in the reports.