Banned in La Habra Heights

What the City Council Doesn't Want You to Know

On October 13, 2010 the League of Women Voters had a Candidates Forum for the eight candidates running for the Lowell Joint School District Board.

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The Forum was videotaped and provided to the cities of La Habra, La Habra Heights and Whittier to play on the local government channels for benefit of residents and voters.

Only La Habra Heights will NOT broadcast the forum.

Candidates Bill Hinz and Kevin DeMera are residents of La Habra Heights.

La Habra Heights voters who wish to learn about the candidates and see why the Council does not want them to watch the forum can view the webcast of the Forum here

Baroldi Nixes Criticism of City Manager

At the October 14, 2010 City Council meeting during public comments on an agenda item to hire an Election Consultant, at a cost of $26,000, to run the upcoming City Council election, usually done by City Staff, Mayor Layne Baroldi repeatedly interrupted resident George Edwards who was commenting on the performance of City Manager Shauna Clark .

Citizens criticizing their government is protected by the United States Constitution.

In yet another attempt to prevent residents from finding out what is going on in the City, Mayor Baroldi said that criticism of the performance of the City Manager was a "personal attack" and he would only "allow it after the agendized items" and "we will not have it on camera".

City Manager Clark wrote an editorial favorable of Baroldi in the La Habra Heights Improvement Association's publication.

You Decide

Watch the 90 second exchange between George Edwards and Mayor Layne Baroldi

Was this a "personal attack" or attempt to silence legitimate criticism?
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The Council meeting can be seen on Cable Channel 3 or online here (Click on Regular Council meeting October 14, 2010 "Video" and use drop down menu to go to "Consent Calendar". Baroldi/Edwards conflict is at 1:31:00)