Anonymous Packages Sent to Local News Editors - Investigation Underway
Improvement Association Connection?

Update January 7: Copycat? On January 6, 2010 in Maryland, two packages, similarly posted with holiday stamps were mailed by a disgruntled person. Those packages contained incendiary devices.

What at first seemed odd, took a turn, as at least two local news editors received identical anonymous packages in the week leading to Christmas.

Anonymous Package

Enclosed in the packages sent to the editor of and were books entitled, "Your Friend the Rat".

Cover of Book

One page of the book was tagged, with phrases underlined in red ink seen below.

A couple of weeks prior to the arrival of the packages, the long-time Improvement Association Boss (identity withheld) called the editor of accusing him of running the website , which is untrue.

The Boycott LHHIA site features news stories of wrongdoing by the La Habra Heights Improvement Association, video of Association members attacking a non-member resident, and cartoons featuring rats; calling on residents to boycott the Association and advertisers.
The Boycott Site appears to take news articles and pictures from other sites and alter the pictures to lampoon the Improvement Association and their politics.

Some Actual Rat related Cartoons/Pictures from BoycottLHHIA website

The book "Your Friend the Rat" and the selected page and underlines appear to send a message that Rats are good, when most find them destructive and carriers of disease.
The presence of Rats and their droppings pose a hazard to children and pets.