Washington Fan Palm

Fan Palm Seedling
Fan Palm with Untrimmed Fronds
Tall Fan Palm
Fronds & Wind
Fronds, Wind & Flame
These seedlings sprout all over the Heights.

Good time to remove.

Fan Palms are attractive landscaping elements until they get too tall, then they become, what has been described as, a "telephone pole with a hat". See the linked pdf file about the Fire Danger of the Palm trees.

Palm fronds become "flaming arrows", during wildfires spreading near and far.

In a Los Angeles Times article about the November 15, 2008 fires in Yorba Linda, Palm Trees were identified as a major cause of fires spreading:

"Michael Boyle, a battalion chief with the Orange County Fire Authority, came upon a Yorba Linda resident who had stayed Saturday to defend his home. Boyle saw wood patio furniture scattered about the backyard.

"I told him to throw it in the swimming pool, and he did," he said. "A few hours later the house was still standing."

Boyle and other firefighters pointed to another culprit: palm trees.

With their lattice of dead and dry material, they light up instantly and unleash blazing debris like an arc welder.

"Many times I saw people wetting down their roofs," Boyle said. "Don't waste your time on the roofs; point your hose at the palm fronds over there."

One firefighter said he spent the good part of a day pulling fallen, burning palm fronds away from garage doors.

On Ridge Park Drive in Yorba Linda, Michael Landig watched palm trees carry the fire from property to property.

"The neighbors' palm trees were just exploding," he said, "and we were running and getting ladders and getting hoses and putting out the palm trees. That was the first thing that caught in every instance."

Ash Tree

Not Yet Mature
These pop up all over the Heights.

This is the best time to pull them out.

As large as these trees get, they are fairly easy to cut down, because there are numerous limbs that can be cut, as compared to other trees, which have a large tall trunk.

The Ash trees are fast growing and screen quickly.

However, they quickly deprive nearby vegetation of water due to their root system.

Ash trees grow 4+ feet per year and quickly block valuable, scenic views.

The Ash trees also rapidly multiply due to many seeds distributed by wind and creatures.

It is useful to yourself, and your neighbors to eliminate these non-native trees, easiest done when seedlings.

Treating with Round-Up or similar products after cutting trunks will help prevent rapid regrowth.

Castor Bean Plant

Castor Bean Seedling
Castor Bean Plant
Heights Life Article - 9/08 See page 12
A good time to get them out In La Habra Heights, the Castor Bean is considered an unwanted weed Good article about castor bean plant, including dangers of, and eliminating them