History of the 2001 - 2004 General Plan Process

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Most Cities hire a consultant, at great expense, to write their General Plans. Residents don't see it until it is done, and ready for approval. La Habra Heights is different.

From September 2001 through October 2004, the City updated the General Plan through the General Plan Advisory Committee, the Planning Commission, and with final review and approval from the City Council. The General Plan was written by residents.

Many, many public meetings were held, with changes made through community input.

The Results of the Citywide Survey mentioned in the Video can be seen here.

Our General Plan is truly OUR General Plan.

The 6 minute video above is an explanation of the process and importance of the General Plan by Margarita McCoy at the February 19, 2008 Planning Commission meeting.

She thought it was important to review the process because of misinformation spoken about the creation of and consistency of the General Plan.

Margarita McCoy was on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), participated in, and was a resource through the Planning Commission hearings and the City Council hearings.

Margarita McCoy is about as much an expert as one can be in Planning matters and General Plans.

She was a professor of Planning, chair of a University Planning Department, is a Planning Consultant who travels the country, has written many General Plans, and has a Planning Award named after her. She has been on the Planning Commission since 2004 and has been Vice-Chair of the Commission.