Fire Department Calls

The Fire Department responds to about 1 call per day of all types.

The Map below shows all Fire and Paramedic Incidents from January 2005 - October 2007.


According to the Fire Dept call and coding records for the 3 years examined, only about 5% of Fire Dept response calls are for fires, occurring, on average, one in just under a month.

The largest category of fires in the City is vehicle fires.

The number of fires is so low it is hard to draw any certain conclusions, but they appear to be fairly uniformly distributed, with a concentration along the Hacienda corridor.

Medical Aid/Paramedic

Medical Aid type calls, are much more frequent, occurring, on average, every two days.

These calls have a concentration in the Hacienda corridor, with the rest relatively uniformly distributed throughout the City.

Fire & Paramedic Calls January 2005 - October 2007


The map below shows all wildfires from 1928-2005 with dates