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Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office of Fraud & Corruption
"There's no law against bad government. That's why we have elections."

"That's Good Comedy but Bad Government"

"The Superior Court said Staff abused discretion. Instead of fixing our review process, which is broken, someone decides it's a good idea to give more discretion to Staff. That's good comedy but bad government. - Resident Bill Phelps at Sept 2013 Council meeting discussing City Council proposed changes to weaken Codes and give Staff more discretion.

Let's Make La Habra Heights a Drone Free Community

* Do you want City Staff or Councilmembers looking in your yard?
* If not, ask/demand your councilmembers enact ordinance regulating and prohibiting drone use by the City.
* Council previously considered using helicopters for code enforcement but too costly. Drones are not expensive.

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New Road Closure Notice in Cooperation with LA County
Resident Access Unclear
Past Road Closures Allowed Residents Access

Hacienda Closure has been updated to stop traffic near Buddhist temple.

Unclear if residents, city staff, service people, etc will be allowed through as was done in past closures. See below for examples.

2009 4+ Month Hacienda Closure allowed local access June 2014. Hacienda closed for water main break. Road closed at City Hall and by Buddhist Temple. Residents allowed through closure. 2009 signage at Buddhist temple.

Residents allowed through closure

Standing Room Only Meeting on Hacienda/Ardsheal Situation

The City held a neighborhood meeting on March 14 at 6 p.m. regarding the increased traffic on Ardsheal Dr by drivers seeking an alternative to Hacienda Rd.

Residents expressed concerns about additional time needed to get to work or events since the City was not allowing ingress or egress from Skyline Dr.

Alternatives suggested included allowing residents through, the city issuing passes for residents, keeping Skyline intersection closed, and more.

A non-resident said Hacienda should be widened to allow more traffic through.

Some expressed concerns about builders being able to access projects under construction and that Ardsheal was not a suitable alternative street.

The City faced a similar situation in 2009, when Hacienda was closed due to another Slide repair. At that time, residents were allowed to use Ardsheal Dr. Read Here

After listening to residents, the City was going to try to find a solution.

La Habra Heights holds on to a rural vibe in the midst of urbanization
LA Times Story - January 5, 2019

"Couldn't Sleep That Night" Road Had to Be Closed

At the March 11, 2019 Council Meeting the Geotechnical Firm hired by the City reported on what they found in the corings done on March 5 and 6.

The Geotechnical Engineer said he "couldn't sleep that night" after seeing the boring results. He called the City Engineer and said the road had to be closed.

See the report here

The rough estimate was that it would cost millions of dollars to fix. The mayor estimated the road would be closed for a year.

In 2009, an area south of the current one was repaired due to damage resulting from storms in 2005.
It took about 4 years for studies, plans to be made, funding obtained, bidding, and some delays for coordination with utilities with pipes in the road.
The road was closed about 4 1/2 months for actual construction.

Hacienda Road Closed
Due to Weather Related Slope Failure
Residents Enjoying Quieter Living

Hacienda Rd was closed to thru traffic on March 5 due to sinking pavement between Canada Sombre and Skyline Dr.
The road could be closed for an extended period of time.
The City has placed extensive signage and notice boards within the City and adjoining communities so commuters find alternative routes.
Sinking road location.
The dip was filled a couple of times, but continued sinking led to the need to find out what was going on.
Coring machine taking samples on March 5 & 6th, 2019. Looking south on Hacienda toward dip.
Blockade on Hacienda for southbound traffic at Skyline. Blockade at Skyline Dr to prevent cut through traffic and allow resident access.
Blockade at Ardsheal and Encanada to allow residents only. Blockade on Hacienda at Reposado, since moved north to allow access to the nursery business.

Mayor Brian Bergman Quoted in LA Times article on
Affordable Housing "Summit" with Governor

From the LA Times article:
Brian Bergman, the mayor of La Habra Heights in eastern Los Angeles, said his community of 5,500 people still has septic tanks instead of a central sewage system and a limited budget that makes it difficult to develop new zoning rules.

"Obviously, we have to gain compliance," Bergman said. "It's just that we have a lot of challenges to get there."

A closed door "Summit" meeting with Governor Newsom and representatives of some cities, out of compliance on affordable housing (RHNA-Regional Housing Needs Assessment), was held in Long Beach on February 19th.

The City of Huntington Beach was recently sued by the State for non-compliance.

"Tuesday's gathering was another sign that the governor plans to use the threat of litigation to pressure cities into allowing more development.

Newsom said he hoped to work with leaders to make their residents aware that all Californians are responsible for the state's housing concerns."

"You can't just see the world through the lens of your own city," Newsom said at a news conference after the meeting. "You have to see it through the eyes of those on the streets and sidewalks outside of your jurisdiction."

A 2017 Cal Poly Thesis study on RHNA outcomes found:
"A large share of cities showed zero progress in attainment across all affordability levels"
See Thesis here

Republic Services Reveals LHH is a Money Loser

At the February 19, 2019 Special City Council Meeting on waste services and Survey Results, Republic Services representatives explained that providing Waste Services to La Habra Heights results in a $145,602 loss; 16% of revenue.

This is equivalent to about $6-$7 per month per household.

They explained that Recycling which started off as a break even proposition has become a negative after loss of China as a destination, reduced value of recycled materials and increased cost of sorting.

Trash Meeting - City Hall - Tuesday Feb 19 6:30 pm

Council to discuss Trash Service and Survey results

See Community Survey Results here

Most residents satisfied with trash service.
A number of respondents mention higher cost of trash pick up than previous provider, however City "Trash Tax" of approximately 25% is added to base 3 cart rate. Republic is not allowed to talk about "Trash Tax" or itemize it on your invoice per agreement with City.

City Manager Jarad Hildenbrand Announces
Departure at Feb 11 CC Meeting

Jarad Hildenbrand said he was leaving to become City Manager of Stanton.
A departure date in early March was indicated.

Assistant City Manager Fabiola Huerta will take over as City Manager.
Ms. Huerta started with the City as Assistant to the City Manager in 2016.

According to the Orange County Tribune:
"On Tuesday (February 12), the (Stanton) council voted 5-0 in favor of a contract with Hildenbrand that will pay him $180,030 annually. He will also receive a $400 a month car allowance, and a $100 a month cell phone allowance. He will begin his new duties March 19."

The La Habra Heights City Council announced his appointment on October 14, 2016, with a start date of December 16, 2016.

The report at the time indicated a starting salary of $146,000, use of a City electric vehicle, $40 monthly cell phone allowance, and a total compensation package of $176,486.

Jared Hartstein V City of La Habra Heights Trial July 31, 2019.
Hartstein Dismisses Complaint and Claims against 3 firefighters
in Partial Settlement. Exclusive - See Partial Settlement!

See Partial Settlement Here

* Hartstein Claims Anti-Semitism & Harassment. City Denies Charges - WDN Story

Reader Warning - Claim and Lawsuit contain graphic language
* Read the* Exclusive!! City Response here
Read actual lawsuit here
* Exclusive! See Original Hartstein Claim

Rowland Water District v LHH Water District goes to Trial July 9, 2019
Suit against LHH Water for Breach of Contract

Final 2018 Election Results - LHH Goes own way in County
ALL Taxes voted Down including School Tax

Selected Results - See all by link below
Measure Yes No Water Board
Prop 1 Affordable Hsg 953 1656 ___ Brad Cooke 1103
Prop 3 Water Bond 915 1714 Karen Baroldi 1065
Prop 5 Senior Property Tax Reduction 1491 1164 Mike Hughes 757
Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal 1698 1034 Jerry Lowe 688
Prop 10 Rent Control 646 2071
County "Rain Tax" on Square footage 1084 1433
Lowell Joint New Property Tax* 1106 1041
* Tax Failed to Reach 55% Yes vote

See All LHH 2018 Election results here

Preliminary Election Results

La Habra Heights County Water District Member, Board of Directors
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Brad Cooke (N) 799 31.09%
Karen Baroldi (N) 772 30.04%
Michael R. Hughes (N) 525 20.43%
Jerry R. Lowe (N) 474 18.44%

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Alex Villanueva* (N) 820,333 50.15%
Jim McDonnell (N) 815,406 49.85%
*La Habra Heights Resident and Planning Commissioner

Lowell Joint School District Governing Board Member, Trustee Area No. 2
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
William (Bill) Hinz (N) 969 74.37%
Primo Castro (N) 334 25.63%

Lowell Joint School District Special Election - Measure LL - New Tax

Shall Lowell Joint School District issue $48,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, an estimated 3 cents per $100 assessed valuation ($3,000,000 annually) for approximately 33 years, with citizen oversight and all money locally controlled?
55% VoteRequired to Pass

Votes Percent
Yes 2,928 60.01%
No 1,951 39.99%

Los Angeles County Flood Control District - Measure W - "Rain Tax"

establishing a parcel tax of 2.5¢ per square foot of impermeable area, exempting low-income seniors, raising approximately $300,000,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring independent audits, oversight and local control be adopted?

Votes Percent
Yes 1,139,639 67.48%
No 549,211 32.52

Lowell Joint Schools puts $48 million Bond Measure on Nov 6 Ballot.
Estimated $30 per $100,000 assessed value until 2052.
Bond amount $48 million. Principal & Interest payments - $96 million

County "Rain Tax" on November 6 Ballot. 2.5¢ per square foot of impervious area
Some Heights Houses Would Pay over $1,000 per year in New Tax
Use County Tax Calculator to See How Much You Would Pay

On July 17, 2018 the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to put a "Rain Tax" on the Ballot.
Property owners would pay 2.5¢ per square foot of impermeable area, as calculated by the County.
Impermeable area includes house, driveway, patios, sidewalks, swimming pools, sheds, etc
The impermeable area was determined by aerial LIDAR survey.
An appeal process is available to challenge the amount of impermeable area or calculation of the tax.
A 2/3 vote is required to pass the tax.

Additional Info

L.A. times Article - here

LA County Information/Propaganda on Tax and its Purpose - here

Powerpoint Presentation to Board of Supervisors - here

County DPW Letter to board - here

Staff Reports to Board Report 1 Report 2

Tax Calculator (same as above) here

Avocado Festival September 15. 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.
See Flyer - Here

Breaking! Water Board to Discuss Their Pay at 8/28 Meeting

The Water Board meeting agenda was posted late Friday for their Tuesday August 28th meeting. Here
Item 6a is "Discuss and Action - Director's Compensation"

Unlike for City meetings, the Water Board does not post the agenda reports online, so it is unclear what the agenda item is about.

The Water Board had doubled their pay, 4-0-1 Baroldi abstained, to $200 per meeting, and doubled the number of eligible meetings to 72, just prior to approving a phased 40% Water Rate increase, effective July 1, 2018.

The Doubling of Pay and Rate Increase met with vociferous objection at the Public Rate hearing. A Water Board member has said that they need to be paid to be taken seriously.
All other City Commissions, Committees and Council are made up of volunteers who receive no pay.

Two Board seats are up for election on November 6th, those of Brad Cooke and Karen Baroldi.
Challengers Mike Hughes and Jerry Lowe cited the Rate Increase, Board pay doubling, and apparent lack of consideration for ratepayers as reasons for a change on the Water Board.

The Director's Compensation Agenda Item could be a reaction to candidates running to challenge them, with an, at least termporary, reduction in pay, or could it be yet another pay increase?

The Water Board Meeting is held at 4 p.m. at the Water District Office next door to City Hall.

Attendance to the meeting by water rate payers and members of the public is limited to about 6 people.
Additional people may be able to stand in the hall outside to listen.

The Water Board does not record, Live-Broadcast, Re-Broadcast or make recordings of their meetings available online, unlike all other City meetings, so attending the meeting in person is necessary if you want to see the Board discussion of their pay, unless a member of the public or news reporter is able to get a camera into the Board room to record the proceedings.

A review of Water Board Meeting minutes over several years, which are available on line, though brief, shows members of the public regulary ask for Board Meeting Agenda Reports to be posted online and for meetings to be recorded and recordings made available to the public.
The Water Board has taken no action on these requests for transparency.

There will be a Water Board Election November 6

Mike Hughes and Jerry Lowe filed Nomination Papers to challenge incumbents Brad Cooke, first elected in 1997, and Karen Baroldi, appointed in 2016.

Hot topics will likely be the doubling of Directors pay to $200 per meeting, the subsequent adoption of 40% water rate increase through 2022/23, transparency, and a Breach of Contract Lawsuit filed against the Water District in March 2018.

The Water Board meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m. Attendance of the public is generally limited to about 6 people due to room capacity of 13.

Appellate Court reverses Lower Court on Oil Drilling in Whittier Hills.
Original Deal between City of Whittier, Matrix Oil and MRCA

Read Whittier Daily News Story, Here - Drilling for Oil may be Resurrected in Whittier Hills after Appellate Court Ruling

Read Appellate Court Decision, here. Interesting history of what happened in Whittier regarding oil drilling.

RMX Resources is new owner of Oil operations in City

Read RMX press release here:

SEC filing excerpts appear to show previous operator, Royale Energy/Matrix had financial difficulties, including royalty payments.

March 2018 Royale Energy 10-Q filing:

"Liquidity and Going Concern
The primary sources of liquidity have historically been issuances of common stock and operations. We believe that the completion of the contemplated merger with will enable us to return to positive cash flow. There is some doubt about the company’s ability to meet liquidity demands, and we anticipate that our primary sources of liquidity will be from the issuance of debt and/or equity, and the sale of oil and natural gas property participation interest.
The Company’s consolidated financial statements reflect an accumulated deficit of $49,897,294, a working capital deficiency of $24,362,345 and a stockholders’ equity of $21,385,723. These factors raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern. The accompanying consolidated financial statements do not include any adjustments that might be necessary if the Company is unable to continue as a going concern.
Management’s plans to alleviate the going concern include the completion of the second step of the merger with Matrix and additional financing through issuances of common stock and the reduction of overhead costs as more fully outlined in Note 5 – Subsequent Events and below. There is no assurance that additional financing will be available when needed or that management will be able to obtain financing on terms acceptable to the Company and whether the Company will become profitable and generate positive operating cash flow.
On April 13, 2018, Royale Energy, consummated the second step in the Contribution Agreement that was described on Form 8-K/A and originally described on Form 8-K, both filed with the SEC on March 12, 2018. The merger, among other things, provides for the repayment of the secured loan with Arena Limited SPV, LLC in full, and a reduction in outstanding payables of both Royale and Matrix of approximately $8.0 million. The Agreement further provides for a true-up of certain payables of the contributed properties subsequent to closing and the payment on a monthly basis of $180,000 as a fee for providing the accounting and administration for the newly formed RMX joint venture."

From Royale RMX April 2018 8K filing:

"The Royale Parties acknowledge that the Second Closing Balance Sheet is a preliminary closing balance sheet, and as such the Second Closing Balance Sheet and Target Liabilities provided to the Company and CIC as required by Section 6.2(p) and Section 4.22 of the Subscription Agreement may be inaccurate and may constitute a Breach by the Royale Parties of the Subscription Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the list of accounts payable proposed by Matrix Oil Corporation lists accounts bearing the line items “current royalties payable”, “minimum royalties suspense”, “suspended royalties payable” and “disputed 918 royalties payable” may be inaccurate."
"Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, however, or any provisions of the Subscription Agreement to the contrary, the Royale Parties, the Company and CIC agree that the Company and CIC will not assert claims for indemnity arising from line items entitled “minimum royalties suspense”, “suspended royalties payable” or “disputed 918 royalties payable” on the proposed settlement statement (collectively, the “Suspense Obligations”) unless and until, (i) from time to time, the Company shall be obligated to make a payment to a third party with respect thereto (a “Deferred Payment Obligation”)....."

City & Water District Both in Court Tuesday July 31st

The City has a Status Conference in Los Angeles regarding Jared Hartstein vs City of La Habra Heights.
This case was filed 12/31/16

The Water District has a Case Management Conference in Pomona for Rowland Water District vs La Habra Heights County Water District.
This case was filed on 3/2/18 for Breach of Contract.

Planning Commission to Meet Tuesday July 24 6:30 pm
First Meeting Since April

Agenda Includes:

11,000 sf house on Picaacho Dr Ridgeline - Staff Report Here

8,000 sf House and Garage on Avocado Crest Ridgeline - Staff Report here

3 Coyote Pups Enjoy Playing in the Grass

City Releases Road Tax Ballot Info
See how your neighbors voted. Here

Road Tax Passes 599-365

Ballot counting occurred at the June 11th City Council meeting.
The $208 tax (increased each year by inflation) will appear on your next Property Tax bill and continue for 10 years.

A 2012 Road Tax failed by 657-341

Alex Villanueva Wins Place in November Sheriff Election

La Habra Heights Resident Alex Villanueva won 33% of the vote in Tuesday's vote for Los Angeles County Sheriff, facing incumbent Jim McDonnell in November.
According to an LA Times article, Mr. Villanueva raised $27,000 compared to McDonnell's $586,000.

Mr. Villanueva is a retired Sheriff's Lieutenant, currently serves on the La Habra Heights Planning Commission, and previously ran for City Council.

Just In!
Water District Response to Rowland Water Audit, mentioned in
Rowland Water Lawsuit of LHH Water District

We obtained the August 2017 La Habra Heights County Water District Response to the Rowland Water District Audit - Here

In the response, LHHCWD objected to inclusion of parties not part of the agreement; agreed to remove the 10% overhead charge and electricity charges for months not used; stated well charges had been agreed to; refuted some objections and said they were still looking at others.

Summary of documents to date:
- April 2017 -Rowland Water completes an Audit of LHH Water charges under 2012 "Wheeling" Agreement alleging overcharges. Here
- August 2017 - LHH Water responds to Audit charges. Here
- March 2018 - Rowland Water District Sues LHH Water District for Breach of Contract. Read Lawsuit Here

Surprise Announcment at Roads Tax Meeting
Citizen Oversight Will Be Part of Ballot Question

April 14 Roads Tax Meeting
It was announced at the April 14th Roads Tax Meeting that the ballot language includes a Citizen oversight committee.
The details about the Committee, composition, function, etc will be determined if the Road Tax passes on June 11th.
Ballots will likely be mailed the week of April 15th and arrive in an orange envelope.

Park Sign - RIP

Last known picture of Park Sign - March 17

Picture taken March 31st.
Sign gone.
The Park sign was removed the week prior to March 31st.

At a recent Council meeting, Councilmember Jane Williams suggested it be removed due to its deteriorated condition and safety hazard.

Plans are underway for its replacement.

Road Tax Meeting - Saturday 9 A.M. in Gym at Park
Will City Explain Why Citizen Oversight Not Included?

Proposal to Turn Westridge Golf Course into Tract Housing,
Apartments and Commercial

Housing Blight & Traffic Could Affect You

A proposal was submitted to the City of La Habra for over 400 residential units plus commerical or more apartments.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report is circulating and the comment period was extended until May 11th.

See Notice Here

Why should you care?

According to the City of La Habra Notice, the EIR includes the following Unavoidable Impacts:

"the proposed development would degrade thee existing visual character of the site"

Traffic "impacts remain significant and unavoidable"

If you have a view of the Westridge Golf Course now, it will change to blight of Tract Housing.

If you travel to and through La Habra, particularly the Imperial Hwy, Beach Blvd and Idaho St area, bad traffic will be worse.

What can you do?

Review the Draft EIR, consider negative impacts, and submit comments to the City of La Habra as instructed on the Notice.

Link to Draft EIR and Documents


Los Angeles County Judicial Candidates Forum - April 28th 10A.M.

Do you look at the Ballot listings for Judges and have no idea who the people are or who you should vote for?

Do you skip the Judges portion of the Ballot and feel guilty because you don't know enough to choose?

Then attend the Judicial Candidate Forum on April 28th at 10 A.M. in Hacienda Heights.

Meet the candidates and incumbent Judges. Listen to their statements. Listen and participate in the Q&A portion of the forum.

This is usually the ONLY opportunity to meet and listen to the Candidates in all of Los Angeles County and it is just a few miles away in Hacienda Heights.

On Election Day, you will view the Ballot with confidence and recognize the names on the Judges portion of the Ballot.

More Details

Breaking! See Rowland Water District Audit of
LHH Water District Charges. Exclusive

In their March 2018 filed $1+ million Lawsuit against La Habra Heights County Water District (See article below), Rowland Water alleged overcharges by LHHCWD and their Audit of those charges.

We obtained a copy of that audit. Read here.

The Audit firm's opinion was that LHHCWD billing procedures resulted in overbillings of $172,224.11.

They released a separate tally removing Disputed Well 9 charges. Read Here

Council Votes to Move Forward with New Road Tax
Citizen Oversight and Roads Committee Vanishes in the Fine Print

Remember Getting this Mailer from the City?
The 2012 Road Tax was defeated over 2-1 by property owners.

Among the reasons cited was no guarantee of oversight of future road funds by a Citizen Roads Committee.

Seeking to head off that objection and involve residents in the process, the Council formed a Roads Committee in 2016. The Committee met regularly reviewing reports and possible funding sources.

A mailer about the New Road Tax sent by the City a few weeks ago (excerpt above) stated:
"Ongoing oversight is to be provided by the Roads Advisory Committee"

An agenda item for the April 9th Council Meeting was to initiate Street Maintenance Assessment District 7, the New Road Tax.
The 160 pages of Staff Report, Council Resolution, Engineers Report and Pavement Management Plan did not mention either the Roads Committee or any Citizen Oversight Committee. See 160 Pages of reports here.

When the lack of inclusion of oversight was brought up, the Council could have added the Citizen Oversight Committee to their Resolution for the Road Tax but instead said they would add the Committee after the Ballots were counted, possibly including that the Committee could be eliminated with a 4/5 vote of a future Council.

Water District Hit with $1+ Million Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Just a week after approving a 40% Water Rate increase proposal a Closed Session item on the March 27th Water Board meeting Agenda was a lawsuit against the District by Rowland Water District. See Lawsuit Here.

Did the undisclosed lawsuit play a role in the Rate Increase?

In May 2012 the La Habra Heights County Water District (LHHCWD) and Rowland Water District (RWD) signed an agreement whereby LHHCWD would transport water, referred to as "Wheeling" or "Trafficking", for RWD.

In the Lawsuit RWD alleges that it was overcharged by LHHCWD, was unable to resolve those discrepancies with LHHCWD and is now seeking recovery of those overcharges and recovery of unamortized costs to construct the delivery infrastructure in the amount of $1.2 million.

As we reported in our October 2011 Newsletter, the Water District was facing a deficit for the second year in a row when negotiating the Rowland deal.
Revenue from the Rowland deal was included in the Water District 2011-12 Budget despite the deal not signed, moving the budget to a surplus.

The Board said at the time revenue from the deal could mitigate the need for, or lessen, rate increases.

The Rowland Lawsuit cites charges made to them that should have been funded from the Wheeling fee.

This was also reported in our October 2011 edition:
"the $50 per acre-foot "wheeling fee", $100,000 per year at the 2000 acre-feet desired, has been represented as all additional revenue to LHHCWD.
However, the Draft Agreement says it is for all indirect and incidental costs including maintenance and repair of LHHCWD pipelines and reservoirs."

When asked what concerns he had over the agreement, the LHHCWD attorney at the time, Terry Dixon, said it is unusual for a small district to use almost half its capacity to serve another district."

There was concern at the time expressed by some that LHHCWD was outmatched by the much larger RWD in making the deal.

The Wheeling Deal was controversial at the time and was called a "bad deal" by some residents.

Our November 2011 Newsletter issue looked at whether LHH Water District would have sufficient production capacity to supply the water in quantities RWD desired.

March 26 Road Tax Educational Meeting

With only 3 of 8 Roads Committee Members present and a sparse audience, the City continued with the presentation and Q&A session.

Despite repeated questioning on using portions of the Trash Tax, Oil Tax, and Builder Subsidy Elimination Windfall which could eliminate the need for any New Tax, the Road Tax is proceeding.

Water Board Votes 5-0 to Adopt Rate Study
Allowing 40% Rate Hike over 5 Years

At the March 20th Rate Hearing, a large crowd of unhappy ratepayers voiced objection to the Rate Increase proposal.
Concerns and comments included having a separate "agricultural rate", getting control over high pay and benefits, Board member $200 per meeting pay.

The Board responded they had previously looked at an agricultural rate and it was not workable and stated that they have no control over pay and benefits.

In voting for doubling their pay to $200, the Board cited that other districts pay their boards more and they hadn't had a pay increase for a long time.

Most ratepayers had left the room prior to the foregone approval of the rates.

Water District Rate Hearing March 20, 6 pm, City Hall
40% Rate Increase (over 5 yrs) Proposed

The La Habra Heights County Water District Board will hold a meeting on a proposed Rate Increase. Base charge and water usage rates will both go up 40% over the term.

The Water Board recently doubled their per meeting pay to $200 per meeting.

If you are happy with the Rate Increase, you can take no action.

To protest the Rate increase, mail a letter to that effect, including the property address, to LHH County Water District, 1271 Hacienda Rd, La Habra Heights 90631.

Rate Comparison

Current Proposed
by 2022
Readiness to Service Monthly charge 1" meter $56.79 $79.40
Lower zone per 100 cubic feet $1.74 $2.50
Upper Zone per 100 cubic feet $1.99 $2.78

Health Problems Near Oil Wells. LA County Study. See WDN article

We Were Wrong!
Builder Subsidy Almost $350,000 Per Year

We have reported that the Builder Subsidy was around $100,000 - $150,000 per year based on City documents.

The City just completed a fee study and revealed that Builders are actually being subsidized with reduced permit costs and plan review fees with $330,000 of Taxpayer funds. See excerpts at left.

This has been going on for a number of years.

Residents have said this money could be used to fix roads or help out seniors, rather than wealthy spec builders and out of town developers.

The City is currently planning on putting a New Road Tax to a Vote of Property Owners to raise about $400,000 per year.

Would you prefer to pay a New $200+/- per year Tax or for Builders to Pay their way and No New Tax?

City Council Special Meeting February 28, 6:30 p.m. in the Multi Purpose Room to discuss the Fee Study.
Residents are welcome to share their thoughts.

See Fee Study and Agenda Report here

Planning Commission Tuesday Feb 27 6:30 p.m.

Proposed Prohibition on Commercial Cannabis and Regulate Personal Indoor Cultivation

Study Session on Revised 849 Picaacho Plans - Agenda and Agenda Reports - Here

Road Tax Meeting

The first of 3 meetings to inform residents about the proposed Road Tax will be held Saturday March 17th at 9 a.m. in Gym at Park.

Power Pole Down Again on Hacienda - Sunday Feb 18
Traffic Diverted to Side Streets

Power Pole down on Hacienda by curve at Park, closing road for much of the day.
Pole is periodically hit by speeding vehicles.
Southbound vehicles diverted onto Encanada Dr. No signage directing drivers.
Northbound Hacienda traffic hits Sheriff and barrier at East Rd.

Drivers make U turns at intersection or head down East Rd. to parts unknown.

El Travesia Rd turns into highway as Hacienda traffic diverted onto Encanada and drivers follow each other down El Travesia.

2.1" of Rain Fall January 9 - 10

New Council Takes Action at First Meeting - January 8th

New Meeting Start Time - 6:30 p.m. - The Council voted to change the start time of meetings to 6:30 to make it easier for residents to attend.

Public Comment at End of Meetings Restored - The Council voted to restore the opportunity for the public to comment at the end of the meetings. It is only 1 minute but a good start.

Explore Police Services by Whittier - The Council voted to explore the feasibility of contracting for law enforcement services with the City of Whittier. Residents had expressed concerns about response times and coverage. The Council is concerned with rising costs.

No Avocado Festival This Year - City Staff reported receiving a letter (read here), shortly after Council Election results were known, from the La Habra Heights Community Support Foundation, also referred to as the Higgins/Miller Foundation. The letter stated, "due to lack of community support we no longer plan to serve as the event coordinator for the 2018 Avocado Festival."
Staff also reported that the Foundation provided no information on the status of the Festival, progress made, vendor information, etc.
As such, there will be no Avocado Festival this year. The Council asked for the City to reach out for volunteers for a future festival.

Home Size Review Rejected 3-2 - The Council voted not to direct the Planning Commission to consider options for regulating the size of homes to make them more consistent with existing neighborhoods. Bergman, Klingfus, Williams voted for no looking at home size, Francis and Zezula voted to have the Planning Commission review it.

Dozens of Trees with Incurable Disease found Nearby - WDN article

From the Whittier Daily News article:
Diseased trees have been found and removed from the following cities: Cerritos, Hacienda Heights, Rosemead, San Gabriel, Whittier, Anaheim, Fullerton, Garden Grove, La Habra and Riverside.

“Every tree that’s proven to be infected will be removed by the state with no cost to property owners,” Pellman said.

Those with citrus trees on their property should look for the following:

Strange-looking leaves.
Fruit is misshapen, not growing right.
Bitter-tasting fruit.

Anyone who suspects their trees may be infected can call the California Department of Food and Agriculture at 1-800-491-1899 for information and assistance.

New City Fire Engine in Process.
Completion Expected January 31, 2018

The Fire Chief reported at the December Council meeting that the new Fire Engine is nearing completion in Minnesota. Photos below of new fire Engine.

New Councilmember Norm Zezula agendizes changing Council meeting
time so more can attend and restoring residents' opportunities to participate.

Council Vote 4-1 to Close City Hall from December 22 to New Year's

The City Council, at the December 14 meeting, voted to give city employees 3 extra paid days time off and close City Hall.

Council member Norm Zezula opposed the item saying, "Our first duty is to the people of La Habra Heights.", adding that 11 days wihout City Hall being open is too long for those who need to conduct business.

Cause of 422 Acre Skirball fire in Beverly Hills
"Illegal Cooking" in Homeless camp - OC Register story

Hacienda Rd Fire December 12th

From NextDoor:

Fire is out! Camp crew doing clean up work. La Habra Heights Fire quickly on scene. Fire fighters were very impressive at how quickly they got this fire under control. Here are some pictures

John P, La Habra Heights·2h ago
Security Cameras picked up the entire event. Truck with mechanical issue appears to have started the fire. Guy had no idea..

Thomas Fire in Ventura County has consumed up to 1 Acre per Second!
So, remember to keep your property Fire Safe.

Read Whittier Daily News Story on new Mayor - Here

New Councilmembers Sworn in November 30th
Departing receive certificates

Brian Bergman, Norm Zezula and Carey Klingfus Sworn in. Loud Applause and Cheering follows.

New Council seated. Roy Francis selected Mayor
Brian Bergman Mayor pro Tem

Standing Room Only Crowd Welcomes New Councilmembers

Outgoing CMs Higgins and Miller receive
appreciation from Sheriff Dept

Michael Higgins and Kyle Miller receive certificate

Read Whittier Daily News Article on New Councilmembers - Here

Shareholders Approve Merger of Matrix Oil and Royale Energy November 17th - Read Release

(Updated November 23)

The merger is pending approval from Matrix financiers.

Matrix purchased an interest in the Sansinea Oil Field (La Habra Heights plus a site off Vista Rd in unincorporated LA County) from CRC (spun off from Occidental) in June 2016.

A 2016 deal with XState fell through, but the Investor Packet and other documents revealed plans Matrix/Royale are implementing to increase production and may include:
* Increase production from 500 barrels per day to 2-3,000 bpd in 2018-19 and potential 5,000 bpd
* Surplus real estate could be sold to residential real estate developers to fund oil development costs
* Redrill existing wells. Drill new wells.
* Flaring of excess gas
* Gas plant debottlenecking
* Return to production of shut in wells

The Xstate 2016 Annual Report discussed the opportunities of the Sansinena oil field including, "The economics of the field are enhanced by low royalties (approximately 15%)..."

During 2017 neighbors in the Vista Rd area complained of noise and industrial activity at the well site adjacent to La Habra Heights, including night time operations.

A press release on October 17th stated the Matrix/Royale successful completion of drilling well 9-A-4, which is in that well field.

The release stated, "... the rest results support drilling of more than 70 additional development well locations in the Sansinena field."

California Department of Oil and Gas documents show approval of at least three additional well reworkings.

It is not known if the City will allow the intensity and night work that occurred at the LA County site off Vista Rd. to occur within the city limits in neighborhoods adjacent to well sites.

Read Proxy Statement/Prospectus for additional info - Here

Break-ins continue
Latest report from NextDoor on Le Flore Dr

Almost Final - November 17th Total
Bergman, Klingfus and Zezula Win
Thanks to Mr Higgins and Mr Miller for Their Service.


Swearing in for New Councilmembers Thursday Nov 30 at 6 pm City Hall

Voting Analysis - Early vs. Late Voting Decided Race

Early- Mail-in Voting In Person, Provisional &
Late Mail-in Voting
Brian Bergman* 374 Norm Zezula* 330 563
Michael Higgins 292 Carey Klingfus* 327 567
Kyle Miller 285 Brian Bergman* 325 699
Carey Klingfus* 240 Michael Higgins 225 517
Norm Zezula* 233 Kyle Miller 227 512
* Winners
The early voting, by mail-in ballot, favored the incumbents.
The reverse was true for poll voting, late mail-in and provisional votes which heavily favored
the challengers and 4 time candidate Brian Bergman.

What factors may have played a role in the dramatic difference?
Candidates Night performance, door to door campaigning, informational and campaign mailers, recommendations from friends and neighbors could all have been influential.

The important lesson is every vote counts and an informed voter can cast an informed vote.

Votes cast - There were 1,130 ballots cast. Each voter could vote for 3 candidates, for a total of 3,390 potential votes for Council candidates.
Total votes cast were 2,858, leaving 532 votes uncast.
Where did these votes go?
Some may have voted for 1 candidate, 2 candidates, or even zero candidates.

You are there - A look at the Ballot Counting at November 10 Canvass

Those seeking to observe the Canvass were met by locked doors, and had to call a phone number to be granted entrance and escorted to vote count. Only one person (behind the camera), of 10 million LA County residents was present for the counting of the provisional and late mail-in votes. Registrar staff monitoring ballot processing
The secure room for ballot processing Last ballots being counted Hot off the press - LHH Totals

See Election Results - As they come in and After

Graphic Election Results
Text version Election Results

Past Election Results

2015 - 1560 ballots cast
2013 - 1376 ballots cast
Past election results obtained from League of Women Voters archive at www.Smartvoter.org

Lowell Joint School Board to Consider New Voting District Maps on 11/6

Green Map and Demographics Yellow Map and Demographics Tan Map and Demographics
At a Public Hearing on Monday November 6th at 7:30 p.m. at District Headquarters on Valley Home, the Lowell Joint School District will consider new Voting District Maps drawn by a consultant in response to threat of lawsuit over not complying with the 2001 California Voting Rights Act.

The Lawsuit threat stated, "voting within LJSD is racially polarized, resulting in minority vote dilution."

Included in the links above is demographic information from each proposed district and parsing by such is used in creating districts.

Report of 10 Cars Broken into Church Hill/Ahuacate Neighborhood Last Night 11/3

Witness reported seeing 2 masked people. Sheriff called. Helicopter circled but criminals got away.
Reports told of rifling through glove boxes.

City pays $60,000+ per month for Sheriff service. Patrol car in the City less than 24 hours per day.

City used to have Volunteers on Patrol driving through the streets in a marked vehicle at no cost to residents.
Some candidates have called for their return.

180 Day LHH Crime Map

To See Recent Crimes or Refine Search - Click here

Who Gave to Candidates?
Who got most Money From Real Estate Interests?
What did they spend money on?

Find Out by Looking at their Filings
Note: Links are to City website, often inaccessible due to Council "Transparency"
Candidate September Filing October Filing Notes
Brian Bergman Sep 460 Oct 460
Michael Higgins Sep 460 Oct 460
Carey Klingfus Sep 460 Oct 460
Kyle Miller Sep 460 Oct 460 Info on PAC Contributor
Norm Zezula Sep 460 Oct 460

Did You Receive Our Newsletter in the Mail?

Burglary East Heights Oct 31 Dorothea Rd

More News on Oct 22 Kanola Home Invasion
KTLA Story

Report said Sheriff thought it was a random robbery and no one was hurt.
Watch on KTLA

Home Invasion / Robbery Kanola Road
Sunday Night 10/22

Picture from NBC4
"Four masked intruders tied up two La Habra Heights residents during a home-invasion robbery on Sunday night, authorities said.

The crime unfolded around 9 p.m. in the 2000 block of Kanola Road, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Henry Saenz said.

The robbers were armed with at least one knife when they stormed into the home and bound the two adult victims, according to the sergeant." WDN Article

"The suspects were described as four suspects wearing dark clothing and ski masks.
It's unknown what- if anything was taken during the home invasion" NBC-4 Story

Good News!
Defibrillator Installed at City Hall

Defibrillator located in lobby to left of doors into Multi-Purpose room.

Breaking - CM Higgins Withdraws Neighborhood Watch Takeover Bid

Mr Higgins sent a one sentence email to the City Manager.
"Please remove Item 21 from the agenda I know(sic) longer want to pursue this item." Read here
No explanation was given.

It is unclear if CM Higgins has the authority to remove the item on his own, as it was originally agendized by two councilmembers and the entire Council voted to continue it to this meeting.

Placed on the Consent Calendar for the August meeting, which means approve without discussion, the Higgins'/Miller's Foundation/Heights Watch takeover bid to become the only Official Watch program in the City faced strong headwinds of community dissent.
CMs Higgins and Miller made long and strong arguments and pleas for the takeover in August, but the Council cited community discord to continue the item.

Why it is being abandoned now is not known.
Is it withdrawn only to be brought back when dissent has dissipated?
Did the 10/5 Sheriff presentation recommending against the Heights Watch model of a large group that meets infrequently play a role?
Has the Foundation and Heights Watch become too divisive and taken up too much time and resources in the City government?

It may be prudent for those opposed to the takeover to still be prepared to speak again at the Thursday Council meeting, in case the Council discusses the agendized item anyway.

Read about the Candidates for the Nov 7 City Council Election
Whittier Daily News Article - Here

They're Back....... Higgins/Miller to Attempt Neighborhood Watch Takeover Again
Thursday 10/12 Council Meeting 6 p.m.

When CMs Higgins & Miller first attempted to crown themselves the only "Official" Neighborhood Watch group in the City, putting themselves ahead of long established groups, vocal opposition showed up at the City Council meeting, forcing the Council to postpone the decision citing community discord, now scheduled for 10/12. Meeting Report Here

In the meantime, new details about Higgins/Miller's Foundation and Heights Watch have emerged.

Their 2016 BBQ was substantially paid for with Public Funds. 2017 BBQ funding details are not yet available.

At the October 5th Neighborhood Watch/Sheriff's Presentation, the Sheriff Dept representative questioned Mr Higgins about Heights Watch. Sheriff Representative Layman said the best neighborhood watch groups are small neighborhood groups that meet regularly.
Mr Higgins had touted the large annual BBQs. Layman asked Higgins if they had any other meetings during the year in the neighborhoods. Mr Higgins said they had a lot of members but no captains. Neither Mr Higgins, nor Mr Miller revealed if they were captains in their own neighborhoods or held regular meetings.
Mr Higgins said they got a lot of new "members" at the BBQs. If one signed up to be a "member" they got free BBQ food. It was unclear how many of their "hundreds" of members wanted to become part of a watch group or just wanted free food.
One audience member asked Mr Higgins if there was some way for members to know about each other to communicate. Mr Higgins said they didn't want to do that.
At the August Council meeting where Higgins/Miller first attempted to make themselves the only "Official" Watch group, several audience members said they belonged to Heights Watch and said Heights Watch "did nothing".

Longtime Neighborhood Watch/Firewatch (a long established different group) member Norm Zezula talked about how their group had radios to communicate with each and tried to meet monthly.

Higgins/Miller's Foundation and Heights Watch are substantially funded with tax dollars.
Other neighborhood watch groups are supported by the community and the members of the group.

Water Board to Vote on Doubling Pay to $200 per Mtg with Automatic increases
Tuesday 10/10, 4 pm 1271 Hacienda Rd. What do you think? Let them know.

Have You Called the Sheriff Dept to Report an Incident, like Mail Theft,
Only to Told It's Not Their Area, or have Your Issue Minimized?
A Solution

50 people attended the Neighborhood Watch/Sheriff Presentation
At the October 5th Neighborhood Watch Meeting, several residents spoke of calling the Sheriff Dept to report a crime or incident and the person on the phone would not take a report.

Calls regarding mailbox breakins and mail theft were referred to the post office. A resident reporting someone doing donuts on the street night after night was told, "It's just kids"

Residents asked how can crime be accounted or addressed if the Sheriff Dept won't respond or take a report.

If you would like to have your call count, the Sheriff rep said to ask the Desk person to send the LHH Deputy a message regarding the incident.

A Sheriff Lieutenant present said to have them take a Courtesy Report.

Should Residents Be Buying Replacement Jewelry for Councilmembers?

This item was in the October Warrant Report for the City Council meeting.
A replacement Tie-Tak for Councilmember Kyle Miller at $313 from Geiger Jewelers.

Should residents be buying replacement jewelry for Councilmembers?
If we pay for the original jewelry (a questionable expense itself) should the recipient pay for loss or damage thereafter?

We hope (expect?) the Councilmember reimbursed the City, but there was no notation of that.

CM Miller also sought reimbursement for a $5 Uber Cancellation cost, in another Warrant item.

Lowell Joint School Board Approves Criteria for Redistricting to Head Off Lawsuit

Board meeting October 2, 2017
At the Lowell Joint School District Board of Trustees meeting, Monday October 2nd, the Board voted on criteria for redistricting. Read criteria here

Redistricting was set in motion by threat of lawsuit in a July letter to the Board if the District did not comply with the 2001 California Voting Rights Act.

Criteria included not creating districts that would put current incumbents in head to head contests.

The Board also received reports on Student test scores. Almost in all categories Lowell Joint students performed better than the averages of Los Angeles County, Orange County and the State of California.

Water Board to Vote on Doubling Pay to $200 per Meeting.
Your input sought at their October 10, 2017 Meeting at 4 p.m.
1271 Hacienda Rd, just north of City Hall
Board recently Voted maximum allowed increase in your monthly Charges.

Sheriff's Dept to put on a Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch Presentation -
Thursday Oct 5, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall - More info here

City Website Down Due to Account Suspension

Screenshot City Website October 1, 2 & 3
On October 1st, visitors to the City Website found it was suspended, apparently due to administrative issues.

Residents Fill City Hall at Only 4th Hearing for New Home
Brought to Planning Commission in 9 Years

Full House at September 26 Planning Commission

Commission Deliberates on 10,000 sf house
A rare Public Hearing for a proposed new 10,000 +/- square foot home on a Picaacho Dr ridgeline brought mostly comments of concern from neighbors and direction from the Planning Commission to modify plans to comply with Codes and the General Plan.

The Applicant for 849 Picaacho sought Standards Modifications including for setback encroachment, building height, size and reduction of distance between structures.

Neighbors were concerned with the large structure looming nearby, privacy issues, view blockage, drainage, access for fire vehicles on a narrow private road, the structure dominating the ridgeline, and voiced Code and General Plan violations. Several people from out of town and elsewhere in the City felt the Applicant should be able to build his dream home.

Most Commissioners were also concerned with the size and placement of the structure.

Councilmember Kyle Miller's appointee to the Planning Commission, local builder Ray Fernandez, felt the plans were fine and that the Applicant could have proposed more.

The Commission voted 5-0 to continue the item to the October meeting with direction for revising plans.

Almost all new houses and remodels in the City are approved over the counter, with no oversight or review. The City Council has made several rounds of Code changes reducing thresholds for oversight and allowing more building, grading and encroachments.

More Mailbox Thefts Reported on Next Door blog
Not a Priority for Sheriff or Council

From Next Door Blog September 2:
"Roni M, La Habra Heights East
Our mail box on East Road off of Fullerton was broken into Saturday

Original post by Adam M. B. from La Habra Heights(13 replies):
Fortunately I took my mail out yesterday, but not sure if my neighbors were so lucky. Please be safe, and if you see something suspicious, say something. Its unfortunate, but crime is everywhere!"

Earlier this year, this writer saw a group mailbox broken into, called the Sheriff Dept and the Sheriff Dept would not take a report even after asking to be transferred to the Captain.
At the next Council meeting, the Council asked the Sheriff representative about Mail Theft and he responded it is not a priority for them and people should contact the Post Office.
Council members looked at each other and no one asked the Sheriff Dept to make it a priority.

The Sheriff Dept is paid over $60,000 per month.

With 3 seats up for election this November, voters can decide if Council inaction on local crime is acceptable.

Documents Just Released by L A County!
Higgins/Miller Heights Watch 2016 BBQ Paid for with Tax Dollars

As the September BBQ of Councilmembers Higgins and Miller group approaches, with City Fee Waivers, Los Angeles County just released documents showing $1,000 Taxpayer payment for costs of the 2016 BBQ.

Linked here are the contract signed by Kyle Miller and receipts provided by Michael Higgins.
Charges to taxpayers include plastic utensils, signs, fryer thighs and propane.

Should taxpayers be footing the bill for Councilmembers' private group functions?

Should residents expect councilmembers to spend "hundreds of hours" as CM Higgins stated, for their personal foundation events, using tax dollars, or would residents hope councilmembers to spend time to get funds directed to the City for City benefit?

Free Food for Members Only - Not You
But You Get to Pay for Part of It!

At the August 14, 2017 Council meeting, an item to waive $1400 in fees and insurance for an event by Councilmembers Higgins and Miller's Foundation was considered.

The Staff Report (read here) says, " the event provides food, which is free to those who join the Heights Watch program."

The Council, in a vote which CMs Higgins and Miller did not recuse themselves from despite the personal benefit or appearance of bias, passed the waiver and agreed for the City to co-sponsor the event.

Although all residents are subsidizing the event by the fee waiver and City co-sponsorship, only Higgins/Miller private club members will partake in the free food, leaving others watching from the side or having to pay, again, for their own food.

See the Legal Letter that Resulted in Lowell Joint School District
Turn to District Voting - Here

Transparency Note: Despite the controversial nature of the letter, Lowell Joint School District promptly provided us with the letter upon request. Thank you
In contrast, the City of La Habra Heights has denied access to similar letters, or only provided after weeks of delay and multiple trips to City Hall.

The City used to provide prompt access to records, but the City Council instituted policies to delay, discourage, and deny residents access to their own (public) records after earlier records releases showed wrongdoing of Councilmembers or the City, or led to embarassment of Councilmembers or the City.

As the records embargo continues, some residents ask, What are Councilmembers trying to hide?


After their election, Councilmembers are sworn in and select out of town committees and organizations that they will represent La Habra Heights on.
The outside meetings are chances to respond to threats to and opportunities for La Habra Heights.
Each month, they are required by law to report upon what has transpired the previous months in those groups for which the City pays for them to attend.

At the August 14 Council meeting, Councilmember Higgins reported, "I have not been to any meetings, but I have been working diligently putting the fall festival together. That has taken hundreds of hours to get that going."

The fall festival is an event put on by Councilmember Higgins' and Councilmember Miller's private group.

Mr Higgins is the alternate representative on League of California Cities and Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). SCAG, among other things, creates quotas of low income housing for each city, and regional transportation and street recommendations. SCAG previously recommended expanding Harbor Blvd to 6 lanes.

Lowell Joint School District Bows to Lawsuit Threat
in Switch to by District Voting

Lowell Joint School District Voted to redraw the District Map after receiving a lawsuit threat from Attorney Kevin Shenkman seeking to boost under-represented minorities according to a Whittier Daily News Article - Here.

Most of La Habra Heights Elementary and Middle School public school students attend Lowell Joint Schools.

Lowell Joint is one of the top rated school districts in the State.

Two of the current School Board members live in La Habra Heights, a third lives north of Whittier Blvd. A change to by-district elections may affect the impact of La Habra Heights on the quality of education.

Higgins/Miller Foundation in "Delinquent" Status with State

During an August 14 Council discussion of whether to waive Park Rental and Insurance fees for an event for Councilmembers Higgins and Miller Foundation, the Delinquent status of the Foundation was raised.

After some back and forth, the Council agreed to waive the fees if the Higgins/Miller Foundation could prove they were no longer Delinquent.

Community Rises Up Against Higgins/Miller Plan to Take Over Neighborhood Watch

Speaking at the Council meeting and in phone calls or emails to Councilmembers, residents opposed Councilmembers Michael Higgins and Kyle Miller plan for their "Heights Watch" to become the only official neighborhood watch program in the City at the August 14, 2017 City Council meeting.

Several speakers said they were familiar with "Heights Watch" and that Heights Watch "did nothing".

Others said all community groups should be able to function and it was not necessary for the City to make one "official". The existing Neighborhood Watch program had been around for 30 years and is functioning, and speakers questioned why it was going to be squashed.
In 2014, Higgins and Miller, using their positions on City Council, had tried to have all the existing neighborhood watch signs removed in favor of their "Heights Watch" signs.

Rather than recusing themselves from the discussion of an item they put on the agenda for their own benefit, CMs Higgins and especially Miller vociferously lobbied and tried to convince the others to approve the takeover.

Miller said with being an "official" City group they would be able to get money.
As previously reported, two grants Higgins/Miller got for their organization resulted in two County audits, two findings of misuse or unaccounted spending of public funds and two demands by the County for a refund.

Citing community discord, the Council voted to continue the item for two months.

5 File Papers for 3 Council Seats in November 7th Election

Three incumbents; Brian Bergman, Michael Higgins and Kyle Miller and two challengers; Norm Zezula and Carey Klingfus filed papers to run a five year term in the November 7th election.

Councilmembers Higgins & Miller Faction Seeks to Expand Control in City
with "Approve without Discussion" Agenda Items at August 14 Meeting

Agenda item 17 of the August 14, 2017 Council meeting approves making the Higgins/Miller Heights Watch the official neighborhood watch in the City.

Agenda item 18 approves waiving Park Rental fees and insurance requirements for the Higgins/Miller Heights Watch fall event and that the City should co-sponsor the event.

In 2013, shortly after their election, Councilmembers Higgins and Miller started a foundation.

At the March 2014 Council meeting, CM Higgins and Miller requested an agenda item to remove the signs of the long established Neighborhood Watch program, run by an established citizen organization, and that signs for their new "Heights Watch" program be installed.
Residents protested their using their political positions to deep six another group.

Higgins and Miller properly recused themselves from discussing or voting on the item, and the rest of the Council did not approve it.

That was the first and last time CM Higgins and Miller recused themselves from items benefitting, financially or otherwise, their foundation. Since then, they put items for their foundation on agendas, lobby in favor of them, and then vote for them. Most recently, they voted to give their foundation $4,000 of City funds.

In April 2014, Mr Higgins signed a contract for a $9,000 Grant from Los Angeles County for Heights Watch signs and posts.

In December 2014, after an audit of Expenditures, LA County demanded the Higgins/Miller Foundation return $6,724 of the $9,000 grant because of unaccounted and disallowed spending.

While Mr Higgins was Mayor in 2015, a resident listed illegal, unethical, or unsavory actions by the Council or Foundation.
Mayor Higgins stated if the resident didn't like how the City is run, he should leave town.

The Higgins/Miller Foundation received a second County grant of $28,734 for Jaws of Life for the Fire Department.
The grant provided for the full purchase price of the Jaws, yet Higgins/Miller also were soliciting and receiving thousands of dollars of contributions from residents.
In an audit of this second grant, the county also found disallowed spending and issued a demand letter seeking reimbursement for the small amount.
The County was unable to recover the "double dipping" funds, stating that they never had encountered a grantee doing that before and considered revising their grant contract to prevent grantees from profiting from grants in the future.

3 Council Seats up for November Election
Nomination Period July 17 - August 10, 2017 at 5:30pm
Nomination Papers available at City Hall.
Should Incumbents be Rewarded with a New 5 Year Term?

Incumbents' Partial Record:

Multiple Los Angeles County Superior Court Rulings of Illegal Actions including:
* Trying to Mislead Voters in 2015 Election Ballot Measure
* Failing to Follow City's own Laws

L.A. County District Attorney, Fraud and Corruption Division Investigations, including:
* Illegal back room meeting
* Failure to let public speak

L.A. County audits of Councilmembers Higgins/Miller foundation grants found:
* Misuse of Public Funds
* Unaccounted Use of Funds
County Sent Demand Letters for Return of Money

Over $800,000 in Settlement Costs for Lawsuits against City

Details of Above - See Court, DA and County Documents

Almost 40% of City Did Not Receive Promised and Paid for Road Repairs

$3.5 Million for New City Hall, when City Consultants said only needed $100,000 reroof and $1M spent over 10 years

Council Eliminated and Reduced Opportunity for Residents to Participate in Meetings

Council Weakened Codes to Help Spec Builders & Flippers, Hurting Neighbors

Requests for Public Records Delayed, Denied and Frustrated.

Councilmembers Higgins & Miller voted to give $4,000 of your tax dollars to their own Foundation

Council Approved Solicitation for Commercial Strip Mall at Hacienda Rd and West Rd.

Planning Commission put out to Pasture. Over 90% of Houses approved over the counter with no resident oversight.

Higher Trash Rates, Trash "Tax" imposed. Council Posts Armed Deputies to Keep Residents out of Trash vendor meeting.

Counci Eliminates Airport Shuttle Vouchers for Residents, but Keeps $100,000+ annual Subsidy for Builders.

Whittier Daily News Editorial Opposes Councilmembers Higgins and Miller Censorship Scheme - Here

See Hourly Air Quality Map here

Road Tax, Fire Tax - More Taxes Coming

Residents, having just seen two Gas Tax increases and a Homeless tax, are now facing Voting for new City Taxes.

On July 13, 2017, the Council voted to put a Roads Tax on a mail-in Ballot. (Story Below)

The Council also discussed Fire Department Funding.

Councilmember Higgins said, "We talked about revisiting and perhaps even putting a new issue on the ballot, maybe not this time, but later for the Fire Department." (Source July 13th Council meeting at 4:44)

The Council passed an increase to the current Fire Tax at the July 13th meeting. The Fire Department has funded a surprising amount of non-firefighting expenses including portions of the City Manager and other staff salaries, and in the past even for landscaping and overhead.

Council Votes 3-2 to put Roads Assessment Tax on Ballot.
Roads Committee Chair says those who don't trust the
Council don't trust themselves. What?

At their July 10th meeting, the Roads Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the City Council place a General Utility Tax before the voters to fund roads.

On July 13th, the City Council instead voted 3-2 to have a mail-in ballot for a Benefit Assessment District tax.

The residents have twice voted (in 2001 and 2007) to approve a Road Tax of that type, and in 2012 voted over 2-1 to defeat the proposed tax.

The Council discussion turned to whether people trusted the City Council, as had been a topic of discussion several times at Roads Committee meetings.

The Roads Committee Chair, addressing "Do we trust or not trust", said "The person who questions that or questions you or any other Council members in the future, maybe they should look at their own lives and maybe they are just projecting their own lack of trust of themselves and projecting that on you (the Council) because I don't see a problem"
(Source: July 13, 2017 Council meeting at 4:06)

At Roads Committee meetings, residents spoke of the need for safeguards in whatever tax, if needed, is proposed citing past Council actions and Court rulings.

Residents also identified existing funds that could pay for Road Maintenance without any new Taxes.

During the last Road Tax program, the Council diverted funds from maintenance, leaving about 40% of the City without promised and paid for maintenance. The Council also disbanded the Public Works Committee which had been overseeing the project.

In 2013, a Superior Court Judge found the City had failed to follow its own laws.

For a 2015 election Ballot Measure, a Superior Court judge found the City Council had tried to mislead voters.

Read about these and other Council transgressions and investigations here.

Community Survey Results

About 250 Community surveys were returned to the City's Survey consultant.

Some survey questions had been called confusing and ambiguous.

45% say the Quality of Life in La Habra Heights is excellent.
20% say they are Very Satisfied with provision of City Services.

The Park, equestrian programs, and senior services received low rankings.

The full results can be found here.

The Council used the Survey results in their Road Tax decision.

Residents Turn Out to Protect Property Rights Against Over-Development

Neighbors gather early on a Saturday morning. More arrived after picture taken.

Early on Saturday morning, July 1st, about 30 neighbors and residents gathered with the builder, architect and the City Planner regarding a 12,000 sq ft proposed house on the Picaacho Dr ridgeline.

Neighbors expressed concerns about house size, placement near to the property line and looming over neighbors, access on a narrow private road, dominating the ridgeline, failure to comply with the City Codes and General Plan, whether the house would be used for a church and events, and more.

Questions were raised regarding whether the City was processing an application from someone who may not even be the property owner or have authorization from the property owner.

The house had been moved about 5 feet from a previous version of the plans, which did not satisfy neighbor concerns, but the architect said he felt it was all they could do.

Heights Resident Alex Villanueva Announces
Candidacy for L.A. County Sheriff

Resident and Planning Commissioner Alex Villanueva announced his candidacy for Los Angeles County Sheriff on June 27th. See LA Times Story here

Mr. Villanueva made a first run for City Council in 2015, narrowly losing by 25 votes to an incumbent.

$170,000 for Dead Grass at Park?

Looking North

Looking South

Area within 12" of sprinkler head is green
Over the past few years, the City Council has voted to expend $170,000 to replace the irrigation system and controller at the Park.

Is this a successful use of taxpayer funds? The Council does qualify that it was done with grant money.

Will the designer or contractor be held to account, or will residents have to pay to restore the grass?

"Why La Habra Heights is considering a utility users tax to fix roads"
Read the June 21st Whittier Daily News article - here

Concerned Neighbors Gather at Site of
Proposed 12,000 Square Foot House on Picaacho Dr

On Saturday morning, June 10, 2017, about 25 concerned neighbors gathered at 9 A.M. at the site of a proposed 12,000 square foot house on Picaacho Dr. Also present were the City principal planner, applicant, architect and landscape architect.

Concerns included the size of the house, proximity to neighbors, access, traffic, and the Applicant's status as a "church".

Possible solutions were discussed and the applicant appeared receptive to making changes to plans.

In a similar situation on Encanada Drive, after meeting with neighbors, the applicant reduced the house size about 1000 square feet, moved the house back about 50 feet, and the City allowed trees to be preserved as screening.

Only 3 new houses have been brought to the Planning Commission in the past 8 years.
The rest have been approved over the counter.
The Commission has not used its authority to call up for review any other proposed houses.

Residents around the City are upset with large homes dominating neighborhoods being built seemingly with no oversight and in violation of the City General Plan, and are demanding involvement in the process and protection of their property rights.

City Survey to Find Out Interest in New Tax Arriving May 11 +/-

How high a fence can coyotes jump?

From an Orange County Register Article:

"SCALING FENCES: When searching for food in neighborhoods, coyotes are known to scale perimeter walls and fences. Coyotes can easily leap an 8-foot fence or wall. They have been spotted climbing over a 14-foot cyclone fence."

Exclusive! Read City Response to Latest Harrassment Lawsuit
Trial Date Set for February 14, 2018

In December 2016, former Firefighter Trainee Jared Hartstein filed a harassment lawsuit against the City.
Note: This Lawsuit is different from the Estrada Wrongful Termination/Harassment lawsuit settlement in the next item.

The City's Attorney filed a response to the claim. (Reader Warning: Graphic Language) Read the City Response here
The response makes references to paragraph numbers from the lawsuit.
The link to the lawsuit is below, so you can follow along.

Read the Court ruling on Trial Date and Conferences - Here

Reader Warning - Claim and Lawsuit contain graphic language
* Exclusive!! Read actual lawsuit here
* Exclusive! See Original Hartstein Claim
* See City's recent legal entanglements, DA investigations, etc.

City Hit with $244,000, over 100%, increase in Insurance Premium
$790,000 Wrongful Termination/Harrassment Lawsuit Claim Blamed

The City's annual liability insurance cost more than doubled for 2017/18 to $439,000.

A representative from the City's insurer explained at the May 18th budget session that one claim, costing $790,000, drove most of the $244,000 increase.
Note: This is a different claim than the Hartstein Harassment claim discussed above.
The Hartstein lawsuit and claim is still pending.

That claim was a 2016 Settlement of the 2013 Estrada Wrongful Termination & Harrassment Lawsuit for $500,000, plus $290,000 in Attorney costs.

The $244,000 insurance premium increase would have paid for nearly all the $250,000 cost of Storm Drainage repairs for this year.
Instead, drainage repair costs will be taken from City reserves.

The City Council is preparing a new Utility Tax for voters to consider to pay for Road and Drainage Maintenance.

Read Settlement - Read Lawsuit

City Returns General Plan to Website. Bit hard to find. Here it is

Crime Spike Leads to Concerned Comments on Local Blog
It is disconcerting when Sheriff Dept won't even take calls on Mail Theft.

From Next Door Blog. JK writes on 5/31:

"Thank you for the acknowledgment of this issue. The crime has recently skyrocketed in La Habra which frightens us LHH residents. We dont sleep well anymore because we are listening and reacting to cars driving down our private road, in fear of a break in of our car or home. We are nervous to go out of of town and leave our home, even though it's alarmed. I know I'm not the only resident feeling this way. We know that the sheriff does not patrol like they do in other cities. We understand that the funds are not there. The problem is that the La Habra Heights paper published the public announcement that there is not enough funding to have night patrols. This information going public puts us residents in a vulnerable position because now the bad guys KNOW our weakness, which is no police patrol at night. We were furious to read that in the paper. Even during the day it could take an hour for the Sheriff to respond to an incident. Is the LHH communicating with the city of La Habra to discuss the recent influx of crime that is occurring?"

Earlier, the City Posted:

"Mgmt Aide Chris Yoo, City of La Habra Heights
Over the past weekend there have been a number of reports of car burglaries throughout the City of La Habra Heights. All the cars that were broken into were unlocked. Please take every precaution to lock and secure your vehicles to prevent your car from being broken into."

The General Plan, the Constitution of the City, Removed from City Website

Why Is La Habra Heights Such a Beautiful Place & Different From Others?

Because of our General Plan! *
Read it Here
Introduction Goals & Contributors
Land Use Circulation
Noise Safety
Environmental Resource Management Plan Air Quality
Implementation Implementation Matrix

Reports of Thefts from Unlocked Cars May 26 and ongoing

See Fire Engines & Helicopters May 23-26?
It's Only a Drill

From the Fire Dept website:

"2017 Wildland Fire Training in La Habra Heights
Don't be alarmed when you see a large contingency of Fire Engines, Command Staff, and Helicopters moving throughout La Habra Heights... IT'S ONLY A DRILL.

On May 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th of 2017, from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. the La HabraHeights Fire Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department, and other local Firefighters from Brea, Fullerton, Compton, Vernon, Downey, and Santa Fe Springs will be conducting our annual Wildland Firefighter training on the west side of La Habra Heights. Residents may see a large commitment of fire apparatus, including helicopters operating in the area.

This training improves our preparedness, interoperability and communications that will be used to successfully mitigate emergencies and save lives and property. Coordinating dozens of Fire companies from multiple jurisdictions is complex and challenging. These drills provide not only the ground based Firefighters an opportunity to practice their firefighting operations, it also provides an opportunity Air Operations the Command Staff from different Departments to work together"

Fires Engines staged for 2016 Wildland drill.

Councilmen Higgins & Miller Vote to Give Their Own Foundation $4,000 of City Funds

Councilmembers Michael Higgins and Kyle Miller are each co-executive directors and founders of their own private 501c3 foundation, established after their election to the City Council in 2013.

At the May 11, 2017 City Council meeting, an Agenda item considered the future of the Avocado Festival.
Councilmember Francis said he heard that the Higgins/Miller Foundation wanted to run it, among others, and queried whether it would cost the City any money to put the festival on.

Councilmember and Foundation co-executive director Higgins said:
"The foundation doesn't want any money or make any money on it. We just want to perpetuate this tradition."

Councilmember and Foundation co-executive director Miller said their foundation is a 501c3 and that 501c3's can get county grants and fee waivers.

Councilmember Bergman said the City previously had budgeted $3,000 for the Avocado Festival and made a motion to increase it to $4,000 for whomever put the festival on.

Prior to a vote, Councilmember Francis inquired of Higgins, "Earlier you said you wouldn't require any funds or are you asking if we are going to give you funds?"
Higgins responded, "I did not say we wouldn't require funds. The foundation accepts contributions for any project."

Councilmembers Higgins and Miller did not recuse themselves from voting to give their foundation City funds, and proceeded to vote in favor of the $4,000 expenditure.

The Council did not ask for any post-festival accounting report from the foundation of how City funds were used.

The Higgins/Miller Foundation twice previously received grant funds from Los Angeles County, and both times County Audits found unaccounted, disallowed or disqualified spending.
Both times the County sent demand letters for the Higgins/Miller Foundation to return money to the County.

Related reporting:

September 2015 - Higgins/Miller Foundation 2 for 2 in County Audits of Don Knabe Grant.
County Disallows Spending & Demands Refund.
click to read County Demand letter
December 2014 - Board of Supervisors Demands Payment of Unaccounted Funds found in Audit of Councilmember Miller/Higgins Foundation Grant. Another Expenditure disqualified.
See Unprecedented Christmas Eve Demand Letter - Here

Councilmember Kyle Miller Announces he is now working as a Field Deputy
for L.A. County 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger

Council votes 4-1 to eliminate story poles, reduce notice to neighbors and speed up approvals for additions and remodels in new "Minor" Exceptions ordinance
"The Benefits Given to Builders Came Out of Protections for Neighbors"

Fire on East Heights Ridgeline May 5, 7 p.m.

Helicopters and the sound of sirens filled the sky on Friday, May 5th about 7 p.m.
What looked like a brush fire on the east Heights ridgeline, near the antenna farm site brought multiple fire engines and L.A. County water dropping helicopters.

The copters completed the water drops about 7:45 p.m.

Several years ago, residents were concerned that the 25 story tall 550kv Edison power lines and towers on the City ridgeline might be an obstacle for fire fighting helicopters.
The City Council of Chino Hills fought the towers in their city, forcing Edison to put them underground.
The La Habra Heights City Council did not.

The helicopters dropping water tonight, did appear careful in their approaches to the fire, staying high above the power lines.

Smoke rises in the dusk sky over LHH

One of several LA County Fire helicopters circling
in for a water drop on the fire.

Mail Theft Escalates

On Friday, May 5th, a resident reported to us finding, not just mail, but an entire mailbox with mail in it on the side of West Rd. The mail was marked with a Lupin Hill Rd address. The mailbox had been cut off and taken away.

At the March Council meeting, the Sheriff Dept representative, upon questioning, stated that mail theft is not a priority for them, and to call the Post Office. The Council accepted that position.

The Sheriff Dept is paid $66,000 per month for services in La Habra Heights.

The "Broken Windows" strategy of policing suggests going after small things so crime does not escalate. If criminals are getting away with mail theft, now stealing an entire mail box, they might feel emboldened for more break-ins, burglaries, etc.

As we reported before, the Post Office has a new service where they email you pictures of mail you will be receiving that day. If your mail is stolen, at least you will have an idea of what was there, or if you see an important mail piece coming you can make arrangements to get it soon after delivery.

The address to sign up for the service is informeddelivery.usps.com
Be sure to select both mail and packages for the email alerts.

You Never Know What You'll See in LHH
Alligator and Brontosaurus rise from downed tree.

A resident took advantage of a downed tree for creative scultpure and addition of reptiles, an owl, and a hawk.
We withold the location due to City Council animal keeping crackdown and Weed Abatement threat.

Trial Date Set for Former Firefighter Trainee Jared Hartstein's
Harassment Lawsuit Against City - February 14, 2018

Background and Related:

* Hartstein Claims Anti-Semitism & Harassment. City Denies Charges - WDN Story

Reader Warning - Claim and Lawsuit contain graphic language
* Exclusive!! Read actual lawsuit here
* Exclusive! See Original Hartstein Claim
* See City's recent legal entanglements, DA investigations, etc.

Mail Theft - What can you do?
Get Daily emails of Pictures of Mail for That Day

La Habra Heights, as well as cities across the country, has had repeated bouts of mail theft.

After a discussion regarding mail theft at the March Council meeting, listeners took away that the Post Office is stretched too thin to do anything, it is not a priority for the Sheriff Department, and the Council was not interested in directing the Sheriff Department (paid over $60,000 per month) to move it up in priority.

Residents have taken measures themselves including getting their mail earlier, installing cameras, such as wildlife cameras, to have pictures of the perpetrators, and using locking mailboxes.

The Post Office has a new free service that can prove useful.
Patrons can sign up on the Post Office website to receive daily emails that includes pictures of the envelopes you will receive that day and package delivery information.
While this will not prevent mail theft, you can make efforts to get mail early if something important is coming, or at least know what was supposed to be in the mailbox if it is stolen.

The address to sign up for the service is informeddelivery.usps.com
Be sure to select both mail and packages for the email alerts.

La Habra Heights Votes NO! on New Tax.
Sales Tax increase passes in LA County but loses in LHH

Yes No
231 343

City Fire Engine 71 Stuck on edge of East Rd

On Sunday morning, March 5, the City Fire Engine 71 didn't quite navigate a curve on East Rd and ended stuck straddling the road edge.

With skilled removal should be minimal to no damage.

Will update.

Update - Monday March 6 - An inquiry to the Fire Dept regarding the status of 71 was answered that Engine 71 is ok and they are having a mechanic check it out to be sure.

At the March Council meeting, the Fire Chief said the incident occurred because the fire engine swerved to avoid a car coming from the other direction that went over the line.
The vehicle was damaged in moving it back onto the road.

Did you know Council uses Profits from Seniors, Injured and Sick
to Subsidize Wealthy Builders?

The City charges up to $671 for Paramedic response to Seniors, the Injured and the Sick.
Under Proposition 26, the City cannot charge more than a service costs to provide.
Residents pay an annual tax for Fire and Paramedic Service.
If one considers the Fire Tax a "readiness to serve" charge, the only costs for responding to an emergency call are gas, bandaids and dispatch charge; well under $100.
The City is able to continue profitting from the sick and injured because the $671 charge predates Prop 26.
It would be illegal to profit from Paramedic fees under current law.
Paramedic fees go to to the General Fund

The City Council voted to subsidize Builder permits with a 47% contribution from the General Fund.
Some Builders have received $10,000+ subsidies..

If you don't think it is right for the Council to balance the budget on the back of Seniors, the Injured and Sick and use the profits to subsidize wealthy Builders, contact your council members.

City Council eliminated monthly Crime reports recently.
Maybe they don't want you to know about these events posted on Neighbor blog
Why Don't They Let Us Know so We Can Protect Ourselves?

Posted January 21, 2017

4 Home Robberies on Kanola Rd in a month
CM from La Habra Heights East 6h ago

Dear Neighbors,
It is with great sadness that I share with you we have had 3 robberies on our block in the past 4-5 weeks. One of our dear neighbors came by this morning to let us know her house was robbed a few days ago and she was letting us all know to keep an eye out. They broke in during the day, she was only gone ONE hour to run an errand. Let's more vigilant of our surroundings in the Heights and If we notice anything suspicious call the Sheriff station. We all work hard for a robber to violate our homes and take away our sense of security. Robbers are coming in even with alarms sounding knowing they usually have 3 min before dispatch. LET'S MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE and darn UNCOMFORTABLE for anyone who doesn't have business being in the heights.
Thank you


EM from La Habra Heights East 6h ago

That's terrible and sorry to hear that. We've lived in the heights for 15 years and never heard as many as we do recently. What street is it on?


CM from La Habra Heights East 5h ago

E we're on Kanola between East Rd and Dorothea. Close to Fullerton Rd. My poor neighbor has been here over 30 years and felt really safe until now. Her and the neighbor across the street were robbed on different days. The neighbor directly across from me also got broken into. Such a shame. The police officer told us to keep a look out for black vehicles. They have been reported as suspicious.


NA from La Habra Heights East 4h ago

They must have been watching and saw her leave. This makes me so angry and I don't feel as safe as I did. Kanola is the street behind me. I have lived here 34 years and was broken into once in 2004 during the day, was gone about 3 hours. They threw a brick through the sliding glass door. We will be more diligent knowing that this is happening.

Posted January 13, 2017

Burglars on Subtropic Dr.
PC from La Habra Heights 24m ago

Last night (1/13) around 9:40 p.m., our home was nearly broken into. We live on Subtropic Dr. between Encanada and West Rd. The suspects were carrying flashlights as they were trying to break-in into our home. I was putting my 1 year old to sleep when I noticed the disturbance. As soon as I turned on the lights from outside, the intruders ran off and got into a getaway vehicle that was waiting for them on the street. I called the Sheriffs Dept., who sent 2 units to investigate. Due to the rain, I was unable to identify the make/model of the vehicle or the intruders. it seems that they may have used the easement road for access. I know this easement is used by other neighbors. Luckily nothing was taken or no one was hurt. Please be vigilant.

January 20th Rain floods City Streets
Please clean drains under driveways or call City regarding clogged drains.

Stream alongside Hacienda floods road.
Developer relocated stream closer to road several years ago.
Drainage course next to East Rd floods road and neighbors when meets under driveway pipe either clogged or too small. East Rd floods where drainage course blocked by driveway.

Breaking! Did Firefighter Jared Hartstein or Lawyer Bungle Case by Filing to Wrong Place or Late?
We get Copy of Claim Against City Despite City Illegally Denying Access.

Former Firefighter Trainee Jared Hartstein or his Lawyer first filed his claim against Orange County in June, which they rejected as being not in their Jurisdiction.

Despite Orange County's specific written direction to file the claim with the City of La Habra Heights, also providing the address, the claim was filed in the City of La Habra in July, which they rejected as not being in their jurisdiction.

In August, on the third try, the Claim (Reader warning: Disturbing) was filed in La Habra Heights. It is unclear if the filing was done on time.
A lawsuit against the City was filed in December 2016. See here. (Reader warning: Graphic & cursing)

The third cause of action in the lawsuit is for trespass and damage. Paragraph 54 of the lawsuit alleges that the water main in the family home burst due to increase in pressure to 110 psi, alluding to named LHH firefighters having knowledge of water hydraulics and water utility systems.
A public record search found an address in La Habra Heights with the same surname. LHH Water District pressure maps show the water pressure in that area to be about 120 psi.

We filed a Public Records Request with the City to see the Jared Hartstein claim, but the request was illegally denied.
We filed the request with another public agency which promptly and lawfully provided it, which we posted here.
Several years ago, the City Council initiated a policy for staff to delay, deny and withhold public records, contrary to the California Public Records Act, which requires prompt access to records.
The Council Records policy was started after records releases showed wrongdoing by Council members, financial mismangement in the City, and other embarrassing documents. The records resulted in District Attorney investigations & warning letters to the City, a citizen audit which had findings of embezzlement and multiple checkbooks, and the City admitting to inept practices in the finance department and off warrant spending.

Residents continue to try to get the Council to return to the, almost exemplary, prior handling of records requests, where 95% of requests were completed at the counter immediately.


Related City Legal Issues:
* March 25, 2016 - - Case Number BC502851 $500,000 Settlement Wrongful Termination
Read Settlement - Read Lawsuit

See 2008-2009 Lawsuit against City & Former Fire Chief for Sexual Harrassment and
$375,000 Settlement Agreement - Here

See City's recent legal entanglements, DA investigations, etc.

New Year's Day 2017 Water Main Break end of El Cajonita

Crew and Equipment on scene New Year's Day 6" Water Main exposed after excavation Crew thought tree roots broke pipe.

Former LHH Firefighter Jared Hartstein Sues City
Claims Anti-Semitism & Harassment
City Denies Charges - WDN Story

Case Number: BC643384
Exclusive!! Read actual lawsuit here

Reader Warning: Graphic language and cursing

Related City Legal Issues:
* March 25, 2016 - - Case Number BC502851 $500,000 Settlement Wrongful Termination
Read Settlement - Read Lawsuit

See 2008-2009 Lawsuit against City & Former Fire Chief for Sexual Harrassment and
$375,000 Settlement Agreement - Here

See City's recent legal entanglements, DA investigations, etc.

Watch ABC7 December 15, 2016 News Story on the Lawsuit Filing
Click Arrow at left to play
When done watching click the Pause button || or new video will start playing

Note: Commercial not ours

Notice Pipes in Powder Canyon?

The Habitat Authority is doing a native revegetation project in Powder Canyon.
Pipes are for irrigation system to water plants until they are established.

See October 2016 Warrants that Council eliminated from Reports
What wasteful spending were they hiding? - Here

La Habra Heights Burglars Flee From Victim, Crashes Stolen Car - WDN Story
Man Robbed at Gunpoint at La Habra Shopping Center (Stater Bros/Rite Aid) - WDN Story

City Council has suppressed monthly Crime Report for last two months.
What are they trying to hide? Uptick in Crime?

Once Again, LHH Goes Own Way.
Trump, Topalian, Napolitano Win.
New Taxes, Pot Lose

Trump 1064
Clinton 591
Calderon 576
Topalian 1183
Measure A
Yes 815
No 1006
Measure M
Yes 821
No 985
See Preliminary Precinct Results

See Detailed September Warrant Report Council Didn't Want You to See - Here

Council Ends Decades Old Tradition of Monthly Warrant Report

Residents turned to the monthly warrant report to find out what the City was spending taxpayer money on.
No more, as the Council eliminated the report, using the guise of "saving paper" - the 13 or so pages needed to print it.
Speculation is the Council tired of having to explain wasteful spending and with an upcoming Road Tax Election did not want voters distracted by asking why existing city funds couldn't be spent fixing roads instead of a new tax.

La Habra Woman Dies from West Nile Virus

Story in Orange County Register
"La Habra has led Orange County in the number of West Nile virus-infected mosquito samples collected this year, with 62."
One of the collection points is at the LHH City Limit. Mosquitoes do not stop at City borders
Not only has LHH City Council done little to nothing about the threat, but two Council members have been distributing rain barrels, known to be mosquito breeding grounds, as recently as this past weekend (10/16), with the approval of the rest of the Council.
"I haven't found one rain barrel that's completely mosquito proof" SGV Mosquito & Vector Control District spokesman
The Council members took advantage of our tax dollars as an opportunity for self-promotion.

After reports of Home Invasions and robberies appeared on Next Door blog,
City Council removed Sheriff's log from Monthly City reports.
Why don't they want us to know what is going on?
Sheriff's log had been available for many years.

City announces hiring of new City Manager effective December 16th
Jarad Hildenbrand, currently City Manager of Villa Park

Villa Park has 5900 residents, slightly more than the 5300 in La Habra Heights, but has 1/2 the number of full time paid City Staff.

Alternatives to Higgins/Miller Foundation Rain Barrels
Why spend $85 for spartan barrel?

If you want a barrel for rainwater or emergencies you can find them in La Habra for $10 on Craigslist.
No rebate needed. No need to subsidize politicians with your tax dollars.

A nice looking one for less money at Home Depot.

Or a fancy one for couple dollars more at Home Depot.

City Announces Polling of Residents to
Begin after Nov Election

Tired of Telemarkers and Polling Organizations?

The City announced it will hire a consultant to poll residents after the Nov election to determine how much property owners might be willing to pay for a New Road Tax.

Heard But Not Seen

Do they even want to hear from you?

Viewers of City Channel 3 have noticed a change.
When residents come to the podium to speak, the camera pans off them to a wide angle shot of the room.
When Councilmembers or Staff speak, they, as expected, are on camera.

Since the 2013 election, Council has moved meeting time to 6, when most residents are not available, eliminated or reduced opportunities for citizens to speak on matters at hand, and even tried to eliminate the broadcast of public comments on Channel 3.

Saw Coyote chasing mid-size white and tan dog up Reposado Dr in afternoon.
Oct 10. Was able to break up. Watch your pets!!

National, La Habra Heights, or Both?

- Politicians with Foundation
- Using Public Position for Personal Benefit
- Influence Peddling
- Misuse of Government Staff for Foundation Activities
- Politicians Giving own Foundation Discounts and Benefits
- Using Public Funds for Personal Foundation, and Claiming Credit
- Appearance of or Actual Conflict of Interest

Water Board Lifts Two Day Watering Restriction at July Meeting.
20% Voluntary Reduction in effect - See revised ordinance

Special Privilege or Abuse of Power?
CM Higgins/Miller Foundation pays late for Park rental, advertises
private event before paying for rental, & rents just gazebo for large
(50-100 people) Park private event (short-changing city?).

Council replaces Meeting Replays on Channel 3 with pictures of themselves.
Guess they want glorification without you knowing what they are up to?
Can we assume they are up to no good if they don't want you to know?

7/26 Planning Commission to Consider Giving Staff More Discretion and
Weakening Codes yet Again - Here. Only a couple of new homes or major
remodels have been brought to Commission by Staff in over 8 years.
How much easier can it be made for builders, without regard for view or
privacy impacts to neighbors or community character?

If Higgins/Miller Foundation or City Does Not Recall potential Mosquito
Breeding-Ground Rain Barrels, here are things you can do to reduce risk.

"I haven't found one rain barrel that's completely mosquito proof" SGV Mosquito & Vector Control District spokesman

Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District Tips on "Keeping Mosquitoes out of Rain Barrels". Here

While tips appear to reduce effectiveness of rain barrel they will reduce, but not eliminate, risk of barrels.

City Upgrades West Nile Virus from "Summer News" to "Important Message"

Join La Habra Heights Neighborhood Watch here - Free.
Oldest and most Active Watch program in City. Exclusive Radio Network.
Non-Political. All Welcome. Not run by Politicians.

One cluster of positive results for West Nile Virus at Osornio Park
right next to La Habra Heights. See City of La Habra info here

La Habra a Hotbed of West Nile Infected Mosquitoes - 7/13 WDN Story
La Habra Considering Aerial Spraying. Humans and Horses Susceptible
Higgins/Miller Foundation Still Taken No Action on potentially
Mosquito Breeding Barrels Distributed to Residents in partnership with City.

July 11 - Category - Interesting
Former (last week) City Manager Shauna Clark now a "Special Advisor"
at Management Partners, a consulting firm which did several projects
for the City including Finance Dept and Fire Dept

7/14 Council Agenda includes removing portion of City website used to
malign or hold up for ridicule residents who are political "enemies";
or "spin" episodes of City or Council wrongdoing. Read

Morning Traffic in La Habra Heights

Former La Mirada City Manager Tom Robinson scheduled to be appointed
Interim City Manager starting July 8th at Special Council meeting June 28th. See

Planning Commission will be in hiding again. June Meeting Cancelled. Here

Fire Dept Training This Weekend June 10, 11, 12.
Don't be Alarmed if you see a lot of Fire Trucks

On June 10th, 11th, and 12th, from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., the La Habra Heights, Los Angeles County, and other local fire departments will be conducting wildland firefighter training on the west side of La Habra Heights. Residents may see a large commitment of fire apparatus, including helicopters operating in the area.
Over the past few months, the La Habra Heights Fire Department has been hosting joint Wildland Firefighter training in La Habra Heights with other local fire departments.

Matrix to Buy Oil Fields in LHH, gaining access to pipelines. Read here
Remember at May Council meeting, Council claimed not to "know anything" when asked?
Let's see if they know anything at June 9 Council meeting.

Water District Board seeking to fill vacancy on Board. Are you interested?
Dedicated, curious, frugal person needed. Deadline June 24th. Details

Planning Commission to hear appeal of Building Project Tues June 7, 2016 at 6 p.m.
Last two appeals ended up lawsuits against the City; one lost by city, one settled
Suits were for city not following own codes. Did the City learn anything? Stay tuned.

When you see the ballot with candidates running for Superior Court Judge
do you just skip it because you don't know anything about them?
You don't have to skip it anymore. Watch the April 17th Judge Forum
and learn about the judges. Courtesy of LHH's own Avocado Express - Here

West Nile Virus found in Mosquitoes in Creek near City Hall in May.
Standing water, including rain barrels, are breeding ground for disease.
Will Higgins/Miller Foundation Contact those they provided Rain Barrels to?
Does Self-Promotion & Self-Glorification trump community safety?
Since City sponsored Rain Barrels, will City be liable for WNV or Zika costs too?

7 Former Beaumont Officials Jailed on Corruption & Embezzlement Charges - $43 Million.
The Same Corruption Crusader Who found wrongdoing in Beaumont also made findings of Embezzlement & Forged Check Warrants in La Habra Heights after Auditing City Records.

Anti-Corruption Crusader Libi Uremovic had investigated the City of Beaumont over several years reporting on the city stealing millions of mitigation fees (here).
Last year, the FBI, State and County began their own investigation culminating in the arrests and jailings.
One of those involved was former Beaumont City Planner Ernest A Egger. An Ernest A Egger was City Planner for La Habra Heights in the 1980s. It appears this is the same person Info.

LHH Residents Phil and Aida Lough had been doing their own investigation of La Habra Heights finances.
They encountered delay and denial of records requests and City officials denying anything was wrong.
The Loughs found many instances of unaccounted checks or checks shown as VOID that had actually been processed.

Ms. Uremovic audited LHH books for Fiscal Year 2011 and made findings of "Embezzlement and Forged Check Warrants". See her report here.
Ms. Uremovic faced the same extensive delays obtaining records as many residents had.
The City posted a 2013 voice mail message and video recording of Ms. Uremovich's frustration in obtaining records on the City website. Hear Voicemail Watch Video
(This is a WARNING to residents that you are being recorded at City Hall and if they don't like what you say may put it online for the world to see.)

After having denied repeatedly that anything was wrong, the City issued two reports answering Ms. Uremovic's charges admitting "inept practices" in the Finance Department and spending that had not been reported on City Warrants.

Read the City reports:
Response #1 to Charges Against the City by Elizabeth Uremovic - May 9, 2013
Response #2 to Charges Against the City by Elizabeth Uremovic - May 9, 2013

The City has yet to issue corrected Warrants for the Countil to review and approve, nor has a corrected Audit been issued, nor a statement by the City Auditor as to the errant processes and how they were missed in multiple Audits.
The Loughs have reported that not all the missing checks have been accounted for.
Residents have asked or demanded on multiple occassions for the Council to correct the financial reports.

In an LA Times story on the Beaumont Officials' Jailings and Arrests, the Riverside DA said, "Public servants must remember a basic truth - we serve the people. Any money handled by a city or any government is the people's money and should be handled as such. Those who run our governments and make laws are not above the law."

Is the La Habra Heights Improvement Association Subsidized by Your Tax Dollars?

Each month the Improvement Association publication, Heights Life, includes the above disclaimer, sometimes in bold.
Apparently, they would like you to believe the answer is "no".

But, as Bill Clinton said, "It depends what the definition of "is" is."

LHHIA has been receiving $8,000 per year of your tax dollars from LA County.

LHHIA receives free or discounted use of the City Park and facilities for most of their events.(example)

LHHIA receives free use of City facilities to store their paraphernalia and equipment.
LHHIA receives free trash service for most of their events courtesy of the Council writing the perk into the trash contract.
While there is no line item in the City Budget that says "LHHIA", the direct taxpayer funding and in-kind benefits are estimated at around $30,000 per year.

Rather than parsing the language, wouldn't it be nice if they just said "Thank You" to the taxpayers?

Residents file Appeal over Recently Approved Nearby Building Project

Read Appeal Here
The City had received at least two letters of protest from neighbors against the project. In the past, that would trigger automatic Planning Commission review, but no longer. Council changed policy to protect Builders.

Project was proxy signed by City Planner on his last day. Did he even see it?
Was it rushed? Were details missed? What other projects were hastily approved? What other neighbors will suffer?

In recent years, the City lost a court case for violating its own Codes and settled another case for not following Codes.
The City Council then weakened Codes giving the Planner more discretion and removing requirements.
A resident, who was both a lawyer and law professor said of the Council code changes, "The Superior Court said Staff abused discretion. Instead of fixing our review process, which is broken, someone decides it's a good idea to give more discretion to Staff. That's good comedy but bad government."

Council raised the appeal fee to $1800+, discouraging residents from challenging inappropriate or illegal development.
Practically all building projects are approved over the counter. Planning Commission now rarely meets.

In the past 8 years, less than a handful of building projects have been brought to Commission for review and approval.
Planners have been granted broad authority by the City Council to follow codes and protect community character, yet most are not here long enough to learn and understand about the City. At least 9 Planners in last 18 years.

Fun Fact: Builders receive a 43% permit subsidy courtesy of LHH taxpayers, but if you want to appeal a building project that affects your property rights, you have to pay the City determined full cost of $1828.

With the departure of another City Planner and a temp on the job, is the
Planning Commission performing any oversight to protect residents property rights and monitor developer & spec builder plans?
NO, April PC meeting cancelled - another month in hiding.

Help Wanted - City Planner ASAP

Desired Qualifications:

- Dexterity - Ability to Rubber Stamp Developer and Council Friend's Plans with left or right hands,
or blindfolded.
- Speed - Ability to run out back door when security cameras show non-connected residents
approaching City Hall for service.
- Creativity - Ability to "Grandfather" unpermitted, recent structures and uses for Council friends.
- Experience "Streamlining" Zoning Code & Processes for approvals without oversight
- Familiarity with using Code Enforcement against Political "Enemies"
- CEQA - "What's that?"
- Codes - "Who needs them?"
- Willingness to delay or deny records requests for Plans or Planning Files at least until plans are
approved or past appeal deadline.
- Oil Good. Complaining residents bad.
- Ensure Planning Commission meets rarely or not at all, avoiding public scrutiny.
- Inability to read or follow a General Plan
- Ability to do what you are told

Exciting Opportunity

A recent Court Decision finding City did not follow its own codes, another Court case settled for not following Codes or CEQA, and multiple DA sanction letters for Brown Act violations and not allowing the public to speak at Planning Commission meetings highlight the City's dedication to a non-traditional planning and approval process.
Staff has brought only one new house or major remodel to Planning Commission in over 6 years.
If you are tired of following laws and codes, this could be the job for you!


Job includes a salary, benefits and vacation.
Recent Code changes granting broad discretion to the Planner could provide additional income opportunities- wink wink.

# ParodySarcasm

Motivated by Potential Loss of $5k annually in State Funds, Council votes to
Soften Bicycle Ban. Recall that Council wanted Strip Mall on Hacienda for a Few thousand in Revenue too.
How little cash does it take for them to change direction?

City Risks Losing Thousands in Funding Due to Mean-Spirited City Council Ban on Children Riding Bicycles at Park.
Ban Imposed After Improvement Association Event.

Read Staff Report on Funding Loss
Read Story on Bike Ban

Bicycle Riding an Infraction

Where did that come from?

Have you noticed huge, unsightly houses sprouting like noxious weeds in recent years and wonder how they got approved?

City Codes require new homes to:
* Require that residential development continues the present variety and diversity of structural design and appearance,
maintains residents' privacy with large distances between houses, and is harmonious with natural settings.
* Conform to the Natural Terrain
* Blend with the Setting
* Limit alteration of the Natural Terrain (i.e. Grading)
* Minimize Retaining Walls
* Fit the house to the terrain, not alter terrain to fit a predetermined house plan
* The architecture should meld itself to the topography rather than dominate it.
* Structures shall not appear significantly larger or more massive than neighboring houses.
* Not create large flat pads
* Not call attention to themselves
* Limit impervious coverage (i.e. concrete)
* Achieve minimum 50% screening by landscaping within 5 years.

How many new houses do you see that meet these requirements?

The Council also requires YOU to provide builders a 43% subsidy of building permit costs.
Yes, not only do you have to endure their erosion of community character, you got to help pay to build them.

The City Council has deliberately weaked City Codes against resident protests that the changes violate the General Plan, and has neglected to, or deliberately failed to, ensure that other City Codes are followed. The Planning Commission is not performing oversight and rarely meets.

Why might the Council fail to enforce codes?
For the convenience and profit of builders?

Longtime Resident and City Treasure Margarita McCoy passed away March 31 at age 92.

While Margarita's contributions to the community are amazing on their own, they are more so as she gave her most in her 80s. Margarita was on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) in 2001, as part the of the Land Use team and general editor.

When GPAC finished with the General Plan, she was a resource and advocate at the Planning Commission and City Council through 2004.

Margarita was on the City Planning Commission until 2012 using her incisive thinking, passion, knowledge of the General Plan, City Codes and State Law to treat applicants fairly, battle with building industry representatives seeking damaging code changes, and preserve our rural environment.

The words she wrote live on in the General Plan to inspire us, remind us of why we live in La Habra Heights, and challenge us to pick up the torch and continue to fight to preserve our unique rural environment and against over-development, excessive grading and concrete:

An example, "The City's narrow, winding roads, without
conventional curbs, gutters or sidewalks, are a
point of pride to La Habra Heights' residents.
They reaffirm the City's commitment to rural,
country living. They provide arresting views of
the rolling terrain of the City and they are a
signature differentiation to the development in
surrounding suburbs. The City's roads are
neither efficient nor time-saving
As residents' vehicles
slowly travel towards their destinations, the
serenity and natural beauty is sufficient to justify
the time lost, while many count it as value gained."

Hear Margarita speak to the City Council, at age 86, about damaging Code changes that continue to erode our rural environment. "Why the hell are we doing this" Watch and Listen

Read Margarita's Obituary and Story of Her Life

If you haven't done so, or done so lately, read our General Plan, the Constitution of the City.
Start with the Introduction and Land Use. Here

Listen to Planning Commission Vice-Chair Margarita McCoy describe the legitimacy, strength and purpose of the General Plan - Here

We are fortunate that people like Margarita, and others who have passed on; like Tom Higgs and Gene Beckman, used their "Golden Years" to fight over-development and commercial forces to give those younger the opportunity to know a rural La Habra Heights and decide if they want to fight for it too, or let it dissolve into the concrete and sprawl sameness that surrounds us.

City Manager Shauna Clark submitted letter of resignation on March 30th,
Effective July 8th. Ms. Clark has been City Manager since November 2007.

City $500k Settlement Payout. Legal Costs Not Included. Could Be $100sK More.
Would you rather $1 Million spent on Lawyers & Settlements, or on fixing Roads with no new taxes?

City Settles Wrongful Termination Lawsuit for $500,000 - Read Settlement

City Planner Leaves After only a Year and a Half on the Job.
Will Planning Commission Now Perform Oversight Role on Building Projects?
Assistant City Manager Resigns in October
Public Works Manager Resigns in November.
Now, Planner in March. Do they know something we don't?

City Posts Important Oil Site Inspection Notice on Political Blog
Before Posting on City's Own Website. Why?

State Mandated testing to be done over next few weeks at
Sempra/Matrix site at end of Las Palomas. Large Vehicles expected. Notice

Responding to our inquiry, The Department of Oil and Gas said that Matrix is doing mandatory idle well pressure testing to ensure that wells that are not currently producing or injecting are in compliance with state regulations.

Read the Department of Oil and Gas Letter sent to Matrix Oil in January 2015

We made inquiries to Matrix Oil and received the following response:

Our Questions:
Why wait a year to perform the more extensive testing, when the 2015 high fluid level indicates possible infiltration from/at the water table?

How did the fluid level test which required a DOGGR field engineer to witness the tests (according to the 2015 DOGGR letter) become now in doubt possibly eliminating the need for more extensive testing?

May it be prudent to do the more extensive testing anyway, especially since all equipment and personnel are present or already lined up?

We may put answers to the questions on www.LaHabraHeights.net if they are of community interest.

Matrix Oil Response:
The initial testing in 2015 included fluid level testing that indicated a potential problem, and subsequently more in depth testing, consisting of temperature surveys which were inconclusive. As testing results and any new information become available, next steps are recommended and approved by the State prior to proceeding. At this point in the process, an even more extensive test was proposed, and when the work commenced, new data was revealed that made it apparent that the original fluid level testing done in 2015 was in question. The new data indicated that no high fluid levels were present in the idle wells, eliminating the driver to perform further testing. We are continuing to evaluate the data and working with the State to determine next steps.

Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled. In hiding until at least April - Notice

Prism Realty Let Contract to Develop Hacienda & West Lapse.
Strip Mall on hold until/if City Council finds another developer,
or cooks up another half-baked scheme.

City Legal Record (Looks like a Rap Sheet) - Since 2013 Council Election
Continuous Court Involvement and/or Government Investigations

* March 25, 2016 - - Case Number BC502851 $500,000 Settlement Wrongful Termination
Read Settlement - Read Lawsuit
* September 2015 - CM Higgins/Millers' Foundation caught a second time misusing tax dollars.
County demands refund. click to read
*August 2015 - DA Fraud & Corruption Division Finds Council Wrongdoing and Brown Act Violation
in Back Room change to March 2015 Election Oil Measure Title. Read DA Finding Here
* April 2015 - Settlement Case Number BC525436 - Lawsuit City Breaking Own Laws & CEQA
* December 2014 - CM Higgins/Millers' Foundation caught with "hand in cookie jar".
County demands taxpayer funds be returned. See County Demand Letter
* December 2014, Los Angeles County Superior Court Ruling Finds La Habra Heights City Council Broke the Law, Writing Misleading Ballot Question for Oil Measure. Here
* In November 2013, the DA sent a letter to the City Council warning not to make decisions without notice and opportunity for public comment.
* Also in Nov 2013, the DA sent another warning to the City for not allowing the public to speak and trying to prevent criticism of staff
* May 2013, Superior Court ruled City violated own Codes. Council failed to perform oversight. Read Judge's ruling
* Late 2012, the DA threatened the Council with convening a Grand Jury if another Brown Act violation occurred.
# Note: In a 2012 interview to become a Councilmember, Michael Higgins stated,
"I hate the Brown Act!" (Open Meeting Law) Watch
# Note: In an 18 month period from December 2013 Three City Attorneys and Two Law Firms resigned.
City Attorney Codes requires resignation if client will not follow legal advice or is breaking the law.
# Note: Above items are those we are aware of. There may be more.

Join La Habra Heights Neighborhood Watch here - Free.
Oldest and most Active Watch program in City. Exclusive Radio Network.

A past City Council approved "Handyworker Program" to help Seniors on
fixed incomes maintain their homes and keep up the housing stock.
Current Council "unable to find funds" to help Seniors but does find $100k for builders.
Why not redirect the $100k from wealthy builder friends and help Seniors?

Planning Commission to Meet Tonight (2/23) in Rare Session
Is Rubber Stamp Inked, or Will They Dare to Change Staff Recommendation?

City Council Continues "Reverse Robin Hood" Policy.
Taking from those Without Means and Showering Builder Friends
City Reaps Huge Profit Margin on Paramedic Charges, mostly from Seniors.
City Council Gifts $100,000+/- Permit Discounts Annually to Builders.

* Council claims Permit Discounts help the "Little Guy" build.
* "Little Guy" gets less than $100 to a few hundred dollar discount.
* Spec House Builders see $10,000+ Discounts.
* Hmmm..... Who is really being "helped"?
* Should your Tax Dollars be used to give Builders discounts, or should they pay their own way?
* If you are fixing your roof or adding a room, do you want your neighbors to subsidize you?

City Hall Packed with Out of Town Pols for New Mayor's Coronation
Pols Feted with Individual Introductions and Accolades
LHH Residents in Attendance Receive Brief Group Acknowledgement

Council Postpones Decision on Sale of Hacienda And West Site for Strip Mall

City Council Poised to Sell Community Out
Commercial Strip Mall Development at Hacienda and West

Remember the City Council Spin? A neighborhood restaurant. Community Gathering.

Reality - Concept Plan shows 2 Drive Throughs, Commercial Shops, 81 Parking Spaces

.Would you want to live next to this?

You thought Commercial was a violation of General Plan & City Codes? It is, but .......
Council initiated changing General Plan.
All it takes is 3 Councilmembers voting to ruin city and the community not paying attention.

Note: Councilman Roy Francis was lone NO vote in pursuing Commercial Development

Here is listing info
Here is city council agenda - See Closed Session. Thursday Feb 11, 5 p.m., City Hall
Sales Brochure - Includes concept plan above and stated construction of 2nd quarter 2016
Related: Read July La Habra Journal article on Council vote to pursue commercial dev - Here
Related: Where did City Council get idea for Strip Mall at Hacienda & West?
Planning Commissioner & Developer Ray Fernandez speaks in October 2012 - Listen
Mr Fernandez has also advocated for bringing high density, low income housing.

An Alternative to Hacienda Rd Strip Mall - 3 House Lots

Mosquitoes, Zika virus a concern for rain barrels used to store water - Article
Harvard Medical School Publication says "Get rid of rain barrels..." - Article
LA County Vector Control - "1000's of eggs can be laid in rain barrels - Read
Will Higgins-Miller Foundation Recall Rain Barrels just sold to Heights Residents?

"I haven't found one rain barrel that's completely mosquito proof" SGV Mosquito & Vector Control District spokesman

Is LHH becoming unsafe for man or beast?

Overturned Truck - Las Palomas. January 2016. Neighbors have reported 4 overturned trucks in last month. Pleas to Council for help with oversize trucks to no avail. (Picture courtesy Alex Villanueva) Seen on Dorothea Rd. A victim of speeding vehicle?

Planning Commission Starts 2016 as it Spent Most of 2015 - In Hiding
January Meeting Cancelled.
Who is monitoring building in City? Who is protecting residents' Property Rights?

City Council Agrees to a 10 Member Citizen Roads Committee
to oversee spending of possible Road Tax funds.
City Manager Instructs Council to, "Ask your friends to apply."

Multi-million Dollar Valuation House Received almost
$10,000 Permit Subsidy from You, courtesy of City Council.
Council wants you to pay new Road Tax, so they can keep Builder Subsidy.

Council pursuing Hard Sell on New Road Tax to
avoid ending up to 5 Figure $ubsidie$ for builders.

$3.3 Million Spec House Received $10,000 Subsidy From You,
in form of Below Cost Building and Grading Permits.
Council Wants New Road Tax to Protect Builder Friends From Losing Subsidy.

How many times do we have to pay for Fire Service?
You pay property tax. You Pay $500+ Fire Tax.
You pay $470 or $640 if Paramedics Respond.
Now Council proposes new Road Tax so you pay for Fire Trucks to use Roads.

County of Los Angeles engaged in 15 month Program studying
Improving & Expanding Parks.
City Council of La Habra Heights joins Cities of Irwindale, Industry,
Lakewood, & Santa Clarita in Not Participating.
You can learn about and participate here

New City Mailer asks if we noticed we aren't paying a Road Tax.
Yes we do, and we like it that way.

Roads Meeting Saturday January 9th, 9am - 11am

Council Votes to Initiate new
Road Tax Steps even though
promised Resident Meetings and Workshops NOT held

Now say they will hold meetings as Tax moves forward.

Council Spent over $3.2 Million on City Hall. Now no $$ for Roads.

Property Owners defeated last Road Tax over 2-1 Margin in 2012

Council Gearing Up for New Road Tax
Can road maintenance be funded with no New Road Tax?
Let's see if we can go through City Budget and identify savings and
revenue to pay for Roads. You can help too!
Just go through City Budget & identify savings thru cutting Pork & Waste

Small Example: Council spent $2,000 for travel in 2012. $5,400 in 2014. Could Council stay home more and fix roads?
Small adds up. $100 here, $1,000 there and Pork turns into no New Taxes! New City Hall Lobby lights on 24/7, why?

Cut Pork & Waste
to Fund Roads
Source - Annual amounts Amount
Running Total
Gas Tax, Prop C, Measure R $250,000
General Fund Contribution $250,000
End Builder Subsidy. You pay more so builders can pay less. $100,000
Use 1/2 of New Trash Fee (Tax) $40,000
Use 1/2 of New Oil Tax $80,000
Reduce Council travel to 2012 level $3,000
Have Volunteers Assist with Public Records Requests $60,000
Switch 4 day workweek to Tues-Friday eliminate paid Monday holidays $30,000
What is your idea? Send it to us

Raid on Home on LHH border yields trove.
LHH residents reported seeing La Habra Police in city on previous days.
Homeland Security vehicles seen on Cypress St at City limit.

From La Habra Police Website:

"At about 3AM,our officers were assisted by the North County SWAT team, Placentia Police, ATF, HSI, and Orange County Probation and Parole in serving search warrants on the 1400 block of W. Lambert Rd, the 1200 block of N. Cypress, and the 600 block of S. Palm.
The community is safer today. We confiscated 11 assault rifles, 25 handguns, 12 illegal rifle magazines, and parts to build 12 assault rifles. In addition, 40 pounds of marijuana of $44,700.00 were seized. LHPD detectives arrested Adam Kinney (28 years old) of La Habra, Grant David Winn (30 years old), of La Habra, and Christina Thompson (25 years old) of La Habra on various felony drug charges and misdemeanor child endangerment in connection to the items discovered.
These warrants were the result of an on-going narcotics cultivation investigation."

Planning Commission rejects ordinance banning
cannabis (aka pot) dispensaries, manufacturers, delivery and cultivation 5-0
at December 22nd meeting

City Council Required Residents to Disclose Last 4 of Social Security Numbers
to Get Paramedic Coverage. City Manager Says to ignore request.
What happens to information residents already mailed in?

La Habra Journal Reports Second Major Staff Resignation in 2 months.
Assistant City Manager Resigns in October
Public Works Manager Resigns in November.
Council Unwilling to Provide Accounting of $3.5M City Hall Remodel
as they seek new Road Tax. Where did money go?
City Manager Reveals Trash Tax diverted to pay Staff, not fix roads.

Council needs Road Tax to keep the Party going.
If they fix roads would have to cut out Fancy Hotels and Country Club lunches.
But, you can say "NO" to Road Tax.

From December 2015 City Warrant Report

Planning Commission now 8 Months in Hiding for 2015
November Meeting Cancelled
You're More likely to see a Turkey than a Planning Commissioner

Where did City Council get idea for Strip Mall at Hacienda & West?
Planning Commissioner & Developer Ray Fernandez speaks in October 2012 - Listen
Mr Fernandez has also advocated for bringing high density, low income housing.

New Transportation Plan Proposal Shows
Straightening and Widening Hacienda Rd to 6 Lanes!!
See Page 164 - Here
Where was City Council?
Council has done Nothing to discourage traffic, inviting widening

Higgins/Miller Foundation STILL Soliciting Donations for
Jaws of Life, even after already purchased. Donation Bait?
Say 100% of Donation to be used for Jaws. How?

Higgins/Miller Foundation 2 for 2 in County Audits of Don Knabe Grant.
County Disallows Spending & Demands Refund.
Used Jaws of Life as "Donation Bait" for Community,
Then Gets Grant from County for same thing. "Double Dipping"?

Related: See First County Demand Letter

click to read

Planning Commission in Hiding for 7th Month this Year
October Meeting Cancelled - See Notice
Who is performing oversight of Planning & Building?

Is This a One Story or 2 Story House?

Under City Council Code changes, houses like this can be called "Single Story".

Why does it matter?
The Council allows developers to build larger houses and cover more of a lot with concrete and structures if it is called "single story".

Mayor Tells Resident to Leave Town

Click to Hear Mayor
Mayor Tells Resident Who Reported on Recent District Attorney Office Corruption Division Investigation of City, City Court Losses, and other issues to Leave Town if he didn't like how City is run.

Resident responded it is duty of Citizens to watch over government and try to improve it, not leave town when there are problems.

Concerned about Identity Theft?
Beware Showing Driver's License at City Hall
It May End Up on City Website as happened to These People

Licenses Fully Visible on City Website.
We blurred them to protect individuals.
Number of licenses on city website unknown. These found in about 30 minutes.

See DMV information on Driver's License & Identity Theft - Here

City Officials Set Oil Drilling Conditions but Fail to Enforce Them
A problem all over - LA Times Story

Audit finds lapses in State Agency Oil Well Oversight - LA Times

A Mayor's Nonprofit "raises eyebrows" - LA Times Story
Mayor Higgins/Miller Nonprofit funded with your tax dollars

Whittier Daily News Article on DA Letter & Council Breaking Law - Here

Breaking!! DA Fraud & Corruption Division Finds
Council Wrongdoing and Brown Act Violation
in Back Room change to March Election Oil Measure Title.
Read DA Finding Here

Related: Recent DA & Court actions regarding Council Brown Act Violations and Law Breaking

* December 2014, Los Angeles County Superior Court Ruling Finds La Habra Heights City Council Broke the Law, Writing Misleading Ballot Question for Oil Measure. Here
* In November 2013, the DA sent a letter to the City Council warning not to make decisions without notice and opportunity for public comment.
* Also in Nov 2013, the DA sent another warning to the City for not allowing the public to speak and trying to prevent criticism of staff
* In May 2013, Court ruled City violated own Codes. Council failed to perform oversight. Read Judge's ruling
* In late 2012, the DA threatened the Council with convening a Grand Jury if another Brown Act violation occurred.
* In a 2012 interview to become a Councilmember, current Mayor Michael Higgins stated, "I hate the Brown Act!" Watch

City Manager Apologizes at August meeting,
presumably for saying "Shut up bitch" to citizen at July Council meeting comments.

Long time & Generous resident Paul Goldenberg passed away at age 87 - story

Like State Department Emails, City drip drips new info on Missing Checks,
Reversing "Nothing Wrong" Denials.
City keeps latest report under counter, not on FACTS page.

Are You Bothered by Aircraft Noise? Last Chance to Weigh In.
Find Link in Forbes Article here.
Not Known if Council Acted on City's Behalf. Best to Do Yourself

Has the City Council Been Involved in a Multi-Year,
1/4 Million Dollar Gas Tax Fraud?

City records reveal that for 7+/- years the Council has certified documents stating City compliance with a Congestion Management Program (CMP) Code and process required by the State in order to receive certain Gas Tax Funds.

However, there is no record that the Council ever adopted the required Code and process after the one adopted in 1993 was removed in the 2006 Code revision.
How could the Council certify they were following a code and process they do not even have?

The Congestion Management Program documentation indicates failure to follow the self-certification process results in a loss of certain Gas Tax revenue (Category 2105 according to MTA); about $40,000 per year.

Residents have also expressed concerns regarding City failure to follow Storm Water codes, the General Plan, and other requirements. The Council certifying they complied with codes they do not even have lends validity to resident concerns in those other areas.

In recent years, the Council has directed Staff into new pet projects, such as commercial development at Hacienda and West and serial weakening of City development codes to encourage spec building. Council has also engaged in cutting sheriff patrols of the city to beef up presence at City Hall, costly law suits to defend City wrongdoing, a $3 million remodel of City Hall and repeated & ongoing efforts to raise taxes.

City Staff must do as directed by the City Council.
Did diverting limited Staff from necessary tasks in order to go in new directions jeopardize City Gas Tax funding?

25 Year Anniversary - Americans with Disabilities Act
In LHH, It's Golf Carts before People

When the City received Federal Stimulus Funds for drainage improvements, access ramps were included for Golf Carts on East Rd
The same Stimulus drainage project on Hacienda Rd did not include access ramps to the crosswalk buttons for pedestrians or disabled at the Park (left) or Skyline Dr (right).

In fact the project created impediments to access.

The original City Hall (left) had vehicle, pedestrian, and ADA access to secondary parking.

The remodeled City Hall (right) eliminated those, but recently included sidewalk access, if no one is parking in the parking space the sidewalk dead ends into.

Disabled, out of luck.

A new monument sign was constructed next to Hacienda Rd, which is an impediment to drivers exiting City Hall trying to see oncoming traffic.

A public records request revealed no Sight Line Analysis was done for the sign.

Mayor's comment reveals decline in Community Safety.
Said LHH 10th safest City in CA. Used to be 2nd safest in SoCal

1999 Mayor's Column announcing 2nd Safest City status

In recent years, Council focus has changed from serving residents to serving City Government.

Sheriff patrols have been cut.

Enforcement against overweight commercial trucks reduced because City says not enough fine revenue.

A city report revealed in 2014 not one dollar was spent on road repairs.

Airport Shuttle Vouchers discontinued because they were an inconvenience for City Staff.

$3 million spent on new City Hall including indoor & outdoor Staff lounges.

Antipathy towards Public Speakers at Council Meetings ramps up with
City Manager saying to Citizen, "Shut Up, B..tch!" - See Video
Council has not been happy as residents speak out against Council actions to
raise taxes, and moves to commercialize and urbanize cherished rural community.


The Tip of Iceberg, or Canary in the Coal Mine?
Lights left on at City Hall 24/7

While not a large expense by itself, lights left on 24/7 at City Hall indicate a Culture of Waste or lack of concern or oversight by the City Council.

Residents have been pointing out excessive or wasteful spending, while Council members say taxes need to be raised.

Council votes 4-1 (Francis No) to move ahead with Agreement for Commercial
Development at Hacienda & West despite unanimous resident opposition at meeting.

Council Poised to Sell Out Residents & Rural Environment
7/9 Agenda - Negotiating Agreement for Retail/Commerical at Hacienda & West.
Back Room Deal in the Works in Council Closed Session since 12/14.
Plan includes Road Widening and City Subsidizing Developer's Grading.
Don't Let Them Tell You It's Not a "Done Deal"

Exclusive Negotiating Agreement Excerpts:

"The developer and the City shall work cooperatively to prepare and submit a package for the City to commence processing the Entitlements"

"The Developer and the City shall work in good faith and with diligence to negotiate and execute the Development Agreement and for Developer to apply, process and secure final approval to the Project Entitlements."

C17 Scheduled for overflight on July 4th. Not an invasion.

Should Council members use their Official position to obtain your tax dollars
for their private foundation, and then claim credit & glory for "donating" the funds?

Councilmen Higgins/Miller notified of public grant for their private foundation Purpose of $28, 734 grant of public funds for Jaws of Life City Staff report accepting "donation" and thanking Higgins/Miller Foundation, without mention funds are our tax dollars via Supervisor Don Knabe

June 11 Council Meeting - Tax Increases, Self-Glorification

Item 17 Fire Tax Increase Council has diverted funds for non-fire suppression purposes.
Now wants you to pay a higher Fire Tax.
Item 18 Election Consolidation Council to extend their terms 9 months WITHOUT vote of the people.
Rationale: It will "save money"
Item 20 Pavement Management Plan Council laying groundwork for New Road Tax, after their neglecting to maintain roads.
Item 23 Initiate General Plan Update Council likely to allow high density housing and ease spec building.
Rural environment, privacy, views, agriculture, and animal keeping to suffer.

Water Board to consider Rate Increase and Water Conservation Ordinance
Attend June 9, 4 pm at Water District - Limited Seating

Rate Increase
Water Conservation Ordinance

For second month in a row, Council declares "emergency" to bypass competitive bidding
First for air conditioning, then for guardrail. Court has ruled:

Competitive bidding is favored by a strong public policy "to eliminate favoritism, fraud and corruption; avoid misuse of public funds; and stimulate advantageous marketplace competition." [Citation.]??? (Marshall v. Pasadena Unified School Dist. (2004) 119 Cal.App.4th 1241, 1256-1257.)

Wow! 131 Classic and/or Interesting Cars
at Pet Prescription Team Car Show 5/30
Great Job & Thanks to Phil and Krystal Emery

Things the City Council Can do Now to Save Water:

* Allow "Gray" Water Use for Irrigation
* Require New or Increased Non-Residential Uses to Source & Use Recycled Water
* Require New Construction (Spec Builders) to Follow Codes for On-Site Storm Water Retention,
Low Water Use Landscaping, and Low Impact Development (LID)

If City Council Does Not Do These Things, existing residents (you) will have to cut back your water use
to make it available for Spec Builders, Developers, Oil Companies, etc

Should Building Projects of Planning Commissioners and Councilmembers automatically go before Planning Commission for transparency and to show no favors?

Mayor Higgins makes motion to proceed with extending Council term
without Vote of residents. During Public Comment speakers warn of
Referendum to let people decide if Council won't.

Councilmembers regularly boast they are "volunteers" but
can score thousands of $$ per year from agency appointments.
City is in violation of FPPC requirements in posting payments but here is most recent.

City Council to consider putting air conditioning in MPR at Tuesday meeting. Here
Council calling it an "emergency" to by-pass low bidder requirement.
Will $60,000 project go to Council or City Friends?

First meeting for Mayor Higgins and MPT Miller includes letting them extend their terms for almost a year without a vote of the people; to "save money" - Here

Mayor Higgins seeks to unite community with roads-WDN article
Community came together in 2012 to defeat $500+ roads tax almost 3-1 (residential voters)
Have Higgins & Miller given us a preview of how they would treat Road Tax dollars?
County audit found they misused funds, couldn't account for 2/3 of tax dollars and were issued a demand letter to return money - Read here
Should we trust them with new money? If they misuse roads money we can't get it back

Council says "Trust Us" to Protect You Re Oil Co's.
Then Admits City Failed to Enforce Requirements for Annual
Operating Permits, $500k Bonds, Etc from Oil Co's for 6+ Years.

Vote Recount Request Filed as
Williams-Villanueva narrows to 19 Votes

Election Results

After March 9 Canvass.
VBM West VBM East Preceinct 1 West Precinct 3 East 2nd VBM 1 West 2nd VBM 3 East 3rd VBM Prov 1 West 3rd VBM Prov 3 East total
Ballots Cast 247* 434 420 459 96 102
Roy Francis 119 254 215 250 49 62 36 45 1030
Alex Villanueva 103 195 233 215 65 47 32 47 936
Jane Williams 102 291 186 241 43 48 19 25 955
Measure A Yes 91 132 191 200 47 47 35 59 802
Measure A No 104 343 218 257 48 55 18 18 1061
* While 247 ballots cast, 50 got inadverently mixed in with VBM East

Vote Analysis
Potential Votes Actual Votes Analysis
City Council 1560 Ballots x 2 possible votes 3120 2404 716 votes not used. Voted for only one candidate or none.
Measure A 1 vote per ballot 1560 1536 Almost everyone voted on Measure A

Measure A Without the Spin

City Gets 13% of General Fund Revenue from Oil Page 8 of a City report says the General Fund could lose 13%, consisting of $62,000 in secured and unsecured property tax, $150- $227,000 in resource extraction taxes and $84,000 in oil well inspection fees.

However, property taxes would need to be paid no matter who owns the property. The city report did not specify the amount of secured and unsecured taxes.

Extraction taxes will be declining due to drop in oil prices anyway and Measure A does not affect current operations.

The $84k reimburses the city for inspection expenses. The City report does not specify what portion covers expenses and overhead, and what portion, if any, is "profit".

Oil royalties will stop Measure A does not affect current operations, or thereby, royalties
The City will be sued for takings of oil property rights Measure A has a mechanism for the oil company to have a hearing before the City Council if they feel they have a legitimate takings claim, without going to court.
City will go bankrupt,
City will disincorporate,
City will go bankrupt and disincorporate.
Municipal bankruptcy reorganize debts, some are discharged, then come out of bankruptcy.
Measure A has nothing to do with bankruptcy.

Disincorporation has to be initiated by the city itself, a county, or by 25% of registered voters. All of contracts and debts of the city would have to be met.
Financial crisis is not a reason to disincorporate.

Bankruptcy and disincorporation are not tied.

Sheriff and Paramedic services will have to be cut if oil revenue lost See above for explanation of oil revenue and General Fund.

Residents voted for Measure B in 2005 for Paramedic services to be funded by the Fire Tax.

In any spending decision it is up to the City Council to decide what to increase or cut.
Example, the Council chose to spend over $3 million to remodel City Hall and spend nothing on roads in FY2014.
High salaries, perks, Council travel, etc could be cut instead of Sheriff hours. However, Measure A does not eliminate current oil operations or revenues.

City lost a lawsuit for attempting to mislead voters regarding Measure A. True
Measure A Opponents including oil companies, lobbying firms and special interests have raised over $500,000 to defeat Measure A. True
Measure A opponents have paid phone banks and paid door-to-door campaigners True

See Video of Second Measure A Informational Meeting by HOW - Here

Interesting that "Yes on A" group holds meetings in public for the public,
takes questions from all, video records them and makes them available to all.
"No on A" group holds private meetings, will not answer questions, or admit all.

See Video of Measure A Informational Meeting - Here
Learn Facts & Myths about Royalties, City Bankruptcy, Disincorporation.
Hear Q & A's about Election Tampering, City Officials Conflicts of Interest

Fire Safety, Revenue for City, Sky is Falling!
Sound Familiar?
Many of the Same People who wanted to Bulldoze Powder Canyon
Now say "No on Measure A", using same tactics

With the City hit with and losing lawsuits for breaking the law, and
Councilmembers Higgins/Miller focused on their personal foundation which the County had to demand they return money,
Councilmember Roy Francis Needs Help on the Council. Here is an encouraging statement about Candidate Alex Villanueva:
"As one of the first people to take a stand against the corrupt administration of Sheriff Baca and his second in command, Paul Tanaka, Alex faced severe retaliation. Unwavering, he stood his ground, eventually bearing witness to the demise of a corrupt regime that did not serve the public's interest."

Petitions Circulating to Put Code Changes to a Vote

On January 8th, the Council passed Code changes giving Staff more discretion, over resident objections.
Councilmember Roy Francis voted against the changes.

The changes were characterized by resident Bill Phelps as "special interest legislation for builders."

The code changes were initiated after the City lost a court case for not following its own codes.

"The Superior Court said Staff abused discretion. Instead of fixing our review process, which is broken, someone decides it's a good idea to give more discretion to Staff. That's good comedy but bad government. - Resident Bill Phelps.

Residents have 30 days to collect about 450 signatures of registered voters.

To sign a petition call 562-691-6844 or email

A "Yes" on Measure A = the Status Quo
A "No" on A, opens the Door to City Council Approving Industrial Oil Activity

After Public Uproar, Council postpones Censoring Public Comments out of Meetings.

Bad Government on the Move in 2015

Thursday Jan 8th Council Agenda

Censor Public Comments from Meeting Cable Broadcast.
Impose Restrictions on Media/Press Access.
Code Changes to Benefit Developers & Non-Residential Uses.

They Don't Want to Hear From You, and They Don't Want You to Know.

Council Posts Armed Deputy 2 Paces From Speakers

If you were thinking of speaking would an Armed Deputy standing behind you dissuade you from speaking?
If you were speaking would you watch what you were saying if you know an Armed Deputy is 2 paces behind you?
# Bad Government #Intimidation #Thuggery

Outside Interests Contribute $200,000 to Defeat Measure A -
Healthy City Initiative - Read Story
Opposition to "A" Includes Improvement Association Kingpins

Warning! Improvement Association Website Malware Warning!

Read Google Report on malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent from La Habra Heights Improvement Association Website

City Loses Court Case on Healthy City Ballot Title.
Two other causes of action disqualified for day late filing
Read Court Document.

HOW v Shauna Clark et al Hearing - 12/31/2014 at 09:30 am in
department 86 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 --Writ of Mandate

City Censors Out Sound & Video from Online Recording of Today's (Dec 30)
Special Council Meeting. Bill Phelps, Norm Zezula, Aida Lough cut out. No sound of any.


Board of Supervisors Demands Payment of Unaccounted Funds found in Audit of
Councilmember Miller/Higgins Foundation Grant. Another Expenditure disqualified.
Why Did They Keep Your Tax Dollars? What was it Spent On?
See Unprecedented Christmas Eve Demand Letter - Here

Special City Council Meeting Tuesday Dec 30, 10 AM on Lawsuit
on Oil Measure Language and Election Code Violations - Agenda - Lawsuit

Breaking!! - From the Secret City Matrix Files - Things They Don't Want You to Know
This was the Planned Project Schedule IF Residents didn't get involved
Notice the references to "SOC". This is "Statement of Overriding Considerations"
This is used when an EIR shows, for example, a project is so bad it shouldn't be approved,
but "overriding considerations" i.e. money for city, are used to approve it anyway.

Planning Commission back in Hiding for Christmas
Tuesday December 23rd Meeting Canceled without explanation

"The City Council is Corrupt..."
See comments here - Add yours

City Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit
Suit Finds Election Code Violations - More Law Breaking & Legal Costs.
Did City Attempt to Substitute "Ringers" in Ballot Argument instead of
embattled Councilmembers Higgins & Miller to sell "Vote No"? - Read Lawsuit

Three Candidates for March City Council Election:
Roy Francis running for re-election
Jane Williams, appointed to position and running for election
Alex Villanueva running for first time

City Hit with High-Power Law Firm Letter for "Illegal and Unconstitutional
restrictions" of proposed Anti-Media Policy. Read Attorney Letter
Why does Council keep Breaking Law & Spending Our Money on Attorneys?

It's Back-k-k-k-k......
Looks Like Council Will Keep Trying Until they Kill It
Meeting Broadcast Could End as Agenda Option to "Save Money" - Here

Proposed City Policy (here) could Discourage or Prevent TV News coverage
of Meetings just as Billion$ in Oil production coming for review.

Code Changes at Dec 11 Council meeting open door to Easier Oil Development &
Spec Houses as Standards lowered, lighting & landscaping plan requirements eliminated
More "discretion" given to staff for "over the counter" approvals without oversight.

An "F" Grade in Transparency.
Corruption Little Changed in the Past Year - LA Times Story

Watch November Council Meeting Public Comments - A Different View
As Council has sought to ban broadcast of Public Comments, the Avocado Express
stepped up to record them and give a perspective the City doesn't want you to see!

With Rains Approaching, Council has Public Works dept sitting in audience for
2 hour Council meeting on ballot question, instead of out inspecting or clearing drains.

Council votes 4-1 (Francis no) to change ballot language to settle lawsuit by James Pigott.

In reponse to lawsuit, Special Council Meeting 11 A.M., Monday Dec 1, 2014
to consider revised language for Oil Measure Ballot Question - see here

Residents get a stuffing as Planning Commission approves Code changes
increasing Staff discretion and eliminating standards and requirements
City Council to make final decision

Why do Residents Fear Council Will Put Condos at Hacienda & West

The City owned vacant property at Hacienda Rd and West Rd is just under 3 acres. According to City Codes, only 2 house lots could be created.

The November 25 City Council Special Meeting Agenda includes an item on this lot for "Terms and price" with Watt Communities a larger scale developer.

The recently approved Trash Contract requires the hauler to provide service to "apartments, condominiums, and town homes" even though none currently exist in the City.

Planning Commissioner Ray Fernandez, currently appointed by Commercial Real Estate Broker Kyle Miller, said, "We have that land on West Rd. Why can't we rezone that to multi-family, high density."

The President of Watt Residential is also President of the Building Industry Association of Southern California. Councilmember Kyle Miller's Planning Commissioner was also President of the Building Industry Association of Southern California.

City Hit with Another Lawsuit
This Time over Oil Ballot Measure Label - see Lawsuit here
James Pigot v Shauna Clark, and City Council as Real Parties in interest

City Council votes to put Oil Measure on Ballot - WDN Article

Notice of Planning Commission Meeting November 25 - 6 P.M.
Are they really coming out of hiding? Or just another tease?
Serving up a turkey of a meal to residents,
with Code changes to benefit builders and give the rest of us indigestion

With Crime up, Council stations Deputy at City Hall for
3 hour roads meeting, instead of patrolling City.

Meeting on Paying for Road Repairs Saturday Nov 15th 9 A.M.
Leave your Wallet Home, but bring Ideas

Whittier Daily News Story about November 15th "Road to New Road's Tax" Meeting -here

Pictures taken weekend of November 8th 2014

Is Council letting roads deteriorate to force residents to Vote for New Tax?
Just released City report states:
"Over FY 2013-14, no funds were appropriated for roads projects."

No New Taxes!
La Habra Heights Voters Reject Tax Measures

Fullerton Joint
Measure I
North Orange County
Measure J
Measure P
Yes - 465 Yes - 434 Yes - 527
No - 497 No - 527 No - 648
See Entire Election results - not including provisional & VBM at polls - here

Spin City
Latest City Mailer Truth Challenged

City Statement
City Announces Public Meeting on Roads, but doesn't tell what time it is. If they don't even tell you the time, do they really want to hear from you?
Not shown on City website or Calendar either (as of November 5th).
Do they just want to be able to say they gave an opportunity to participate but no one showed up, and raise your taxes anyway?
By the way, 9 AM - 12 PM, Sat Nov 15
City Hall Cost. After saying city hall cost $1.6-$2.2M at Sept Council meeting, November Heights Life Mayor's column, city hall cost stated as $2.2 Million. Latest City mailer says $2.45 Million and admits related costs not included in total. Residents have independently estimated total cost is just over $3 Million.
City admonishes that drainages and creeks should not be filled in, nor hazardous materials to be dumped. City allows developers to fill in drainage courses, creeks and illegally dump runoff on streets and neighbors. City dumped hazardous asphalt grindings adjacent to blue line stream.
City charged Matrix Oil $307, 086, and counting, for City consultants and staff time. Are we supposed to be happy about this?
Is it unreasonable for Matrix Oil to expect a positive outcome after paying expected $500,000+ to City consultants to process their application?

Oil Initiative Qualifies! - See City certification
Group Achieves Signatures in only 1 week. Law allows 6 months to qualify.
Do you think this will show up on City "Facts" (Spin) page?

Whittier Daily News Editorial Opposes CM Higgins/Miller Censorship Plan - Here

"Free speech is not something that needs to get fixed.
Government censorship is never the way to reply to a disaffected populace."

Whittier Daily News Story on Oil Drilling & Fracking Ban Initiative Filing - Here

Is this what PC looks like after 6 months in hiding?

Planning Commission Trick on Residents

Alert!! Oct 28 Planning Commission Meeting Canceled

No explanation given. Was Commission Afraid to Come out of Hiding?

Heights Oil Watch Initiative Filed with City
515 Signatures Gathered in One Week. 377 Needed

Special Feature - Watch Here
See side by side video of City camera and Avocado Express camera of 10/16 Public Comments
See what goes on outside camera view
Watch City Manager & City Attorney try to hinder public camera
City Manager pulls microphone off podium
Watch Councilmembers expressions (disdain?) as public speaks

Republic to start "Convoy" type trash collection in next few weeks to
speed up collection and minimize impact on community

Assemblyman Ian Calderon Reveals La Habra Heights City Council in
Favor of Oil Drilling, At Whittier Oil Watch Meeting. Watch Here

Upcoming Event - Heights Oil Watch
Initiative Measure Petition Signing
City Park on Hacienda (upper parking lot)
Sunday October 26, 2014 - 9AM to 6PM

Did you Recently Receive your Property Tax Bill?
Did you know $9,000 of Your County Tax Dollars went to
Councilmember Higgins' and Miller's Private Foundation?

Trick or Treat?
Planning Commission to Come out of Hiding for Halloween.
Oct 28 Public Hearing for Code Changes. A Treat for Developers and Bad Trick On Residents.

Did you know? The Improvement Association received $40,000 of your tax dollars in five years.
If they "donate" $5,000 of it for City sign what is that?

Orange County Register Story includes Matrix Oil Project and opposition - here

Property Owner Fined $600 by City
Property Owner Visits City Hall to Understand How City Determined Property Line and Dispute Fine
City Says it is up to Property Owner to Prove Where Property Line is even if it costs Thousands for Survey.

What Should Council Do About "CheckGate"?

1. Come clean about the checks.
2. Release relevant documents.
3. Issue corrected warrant & other reports.
4. Ensure processes, oversight and procedures are in place to prevent a repeat.

1. Deny the problem.
2. Withold documents.
3. Call residents who bring up issue "liars" or "troublemakers".
4. Censor Public Comments out of Council meeting broadcasts so community cannot hear about problem.

Why didn't City Audit firm, White, Nelson, Diehl Evans catch off warrant spending and unaccounted checks?

Now! City Documents Reveal 18 "Voided" Checks Cleared Bank for $185,000 - Here
City Refuses to Release Checks to Expose Who was Paid.
Council cites this check issue as a reason to Censor Public comments.
What and/or Who are they protecting? #BadGovernment

Los Angeles County provided electronic canceled check re Miller/Higgins Foundation in less than 1 day
LHH refuses to release canceled checks that they claimed were voided totalling $100s of thousand$
Suspicious?? Why doesn't Council ask for check release? What are they hiding? #BadGovernment

Council Flies Off Handle Hearing $3 Million City Hall Cost
Where does total come from*?

Amount Detail
$2.24 million Direct building costs per City report
Ewing Architect $195,000 plus MPR estimate per contract
Staff time and permits estimate; Public works mgr, City Mgr, engineer, planning, building inspector, imputed permit costs.
Moving and storage associated costs estimate. Repairs and improvements to temp city hall and grounds, security, Rent of temp quarters.
Sub total
Council estimated remodel associated legal costs. City Budget page 9**
$3,010,000 Total
* We hope/expect City Council will provide the community with a complete exact accounting, soup to nuts, of entire remodel and associated costs.
**Lawsuit filed late 2013 citing Remodel failure to follow City & State laws, lack of traffic and safety studies. Months earlier City lost another court case for failing to follow its own codes.

Don't Blink or You'll Miss It.
Open House $3M Remodeled City Hall, Thursday October 16 - 4:00 - 5:30 pm - Invitation
We thought they might have it on a Saturday when most of those who paid for it can come, but....

Full Time City Employee Salaries & Positions 2012 & 2014

* Source - City of La Habra Heights
* Benefits add 30- 50% to above costs
* City uses regular raises and title inflation, with higher pay, to reward employees
* City refuses to release information on numerous interns and part-time employees, saying "no such documents exist".For example Fire Chief is part-time at about $100k but not on list.
* List does not include contract employees, such as engineer, building inspector, planner, etc.
* Contract employees in 2012 may have become regular employees with benefits in 2014.
* City used to release, with the budget, complete list of full, part-time, & contract positions with total pay and benfits cost. Residents are no longer able to see that information.

Sheriff Responds to City Hall to Escort Resident seeking public records.
City Staff refuse to serve her.

City Hall is typically the number one response address in the City for the Sheriff Dept.

Residents have unfortunately needed to request Sheriff escort to City Hall to keep the peace, prevent harassment by City Staff, or be witness in case of false accusations.
(Audio/video of a citizen being harassed at the counter is posted on the City website)

In today's (October 1) incident, a resident requested an escort to pick up and request public records. When the resident requested the city turn off audio and video recording of her to protect her privacy, City Staff refused to serve her. The Deputy Sheriff contacted headquarters.

City Elected Officials should consider changing policies and procedures so business at City Hall is conducted in a lawful manner, residents' privacy is protected, and residents do not feel they need a Sheriff escort to prevent harassment or false accusations.

Should Public Officials Use Their Elected Position to Take Public Money for Their Private Foundation?

Actual Canceled Check of your tax dollars going to CM Miller & Higgins Foundation
Payment not shown on Foundation Website. Public Funds appear to be majority of funding for foundation.

Sheriff Dept Reports 3 suspects matching description of local thieves apprehended in Hacienda Heights
Sheriff Dept recommends remaining vigilent
"Yesterday was a fine example that neighborhood watch and community oriented policing really does work"
Learn About or Join La Habra Heights Neighborhood Watch - Here

Whittier Daily News Story on HOW anti-fracking Initiative - Here

Just In! CM Miller & Higgins Foundation Received $9,000 Payment of YOUR County Tax Dollars
What were funds used for? No mention of payment on Foundation Website.
Why weren't they working to get money for our City instead?
What is Quid pro Quo expected? Investigation Ongoing

Read Heights Oil Watch Press Release on Initiative - Here

Exclusive Video of Initiative Filing! Here
See proponents explain purpose and City Manager threatening resident.

Read filed HOW Initiative Here

Breaking! Heights Oil Watch Files Initiative to
Halt Expanded Oil Operations

Kathleen Steele, Mike Hughes & Jesse LoVerme of Heights Oil Watch present Initiative to City Manager/City Clerk Shauna Clark City Manager Shauna Clark reviews Initiative

Citizens Stay Home - Your Help is not Wanted

Prior Councils - Resident Committees and Commissions
Current Council
* Budget Committee

* Emergency Preparedness Committee

* Historical Committee

* Parks and Recreation Commission

* Plannning Commission

* Public Works Committee

* Volunteers on Patrol
* Planning Commission
Now meets rarely. Only 3 times this year
- Historical Committee was disbanded by
Council but meets anyway

Crowd Gathers to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Habitat Preservation Authority
See Video of the Program - Here

The Habitat Authority, started in 1994, manages 3800 acres, including about 600 acres in La Habra Heights.
Without the foresight and vision of past leaders, our hills would be blighted with tract housing instead of permanent open space.
Thanks to Whittier Councilmember Bob Henderson for his extraordinary and ongoing efforts.
Only Councilman Roy Francis was present to represent our City and show support for open space.

Where did Public Comments Go?
Do you really think the current City Council wants to hear from you?

Prior Councils
Current Council
* Public Comments on non Agenda items at Beginning of Meeting - up to 3 minutes each

* Public Comment as each Agenda item comes up - up to 3 minutes

* Public Could request Consent Calendar items be removed for discussion - up to 3 min each

* Public Comments at End of Meeting - up to 3 minutes

* Residents could speak in teams or yield time to another.

* Residents could make PowerPoint presentations during their comments.

* No limit on cumulative speaking time.

* Residents politely applauded when desired.
* Public Comments on and off Agenda items at beginning of meeting only. 5 minutes total.
Applause can bring Sheriff intervention.
- Meeting start time of 7:30 for convenience of residents getting home after work and/or dinner. - Meeting start time moved up to 6:00 p.m. for convenience of Staff and Council
- Council will consider censoring Public Comments out of meeting broadcasts in January.
- Severe restrictions have not appreciably, or at all, shortened meetings, as no limit on Councilmember speaking time as other cities do.

Just Released City Manager Email Suggests Council Brown Act Violation

1. In an Email dated August 20, City Manager Shauna Clark said Council finally came to a conclusion to sponsor symposium. See Email
2. The Brown Act says Council is not to decide a matter without agendizing an item and providing an opportunity for public comment.
3. Item was not agendized until September 15th for an "after the fact" approval. See Agenda Report
4. The Agenda Report describes that the Council decided serially and during Council Comments at the end of the August Council Meeting
5. Councilman Kyle Miller confirms unagendized decision to sponsor forum in an August 21 Tweet

6. Citizens were denied the opportunity to comment before the decision was made.
7. In November 2013, the DA sent a letter to the City Council warning not to make decisions without notice and opportunity for public comment.
8. Also in Nov 2013, the DA sent another warning to the City for not allowing the public to speak and trying to prevent criticism of staff
9. In late 2012, the DA threatened the Council with convening a Grand Jury if another Brown Act violation occurred.

View Fracking Forum Online
Learn How Fracking Uses Same Ingredients as Twinkies - Here
See Your Councilmembers Get VIP Treatment, while your neighbors stand in line.

Just Released City Emails Indicate Councilmember Attempt to Influence Hiring
State Agency Says NO! Such Hiring Would Not be Legal - See City Emails
Was City trying to throw Councilmember under the bus?

Exclusive! First Look Inside New City Hall. Secretly Obtained Photos.

Front Counter and Lobby MultiPurpose Room Staff Cubicles
City Manager Office City Manager Office 2 Records Room

Council recommends you check out DVD of Council Meeting as alternative to TV viewing.
City Council's Easy 26 Step Plan to Watch Council Meeting DVD.

1. Go down to City Hall and Sign in for Service
2. Required to go outside and sit in chair while you wait to be called. Hope it is not hot.
3. Staff member calls your name to be served.
4. Fill out Public Records Request for Meeting DVD. Be careful any mistakes can void request.
5. Leave City Hall.
6. Staff member logs in your request.
7. Your name and request are put on report for public to review.
8. Request sits on a shelf for month or two until your "turn" comes up.
9. City mails you a letter indicating you can make a deposit for DVD.
10. Go down to City Hall and Sign In for Service.
11. Go outside and sit in chair until you are called.
12. Staff member calls you to be served. Be sure you bring letter or know file number. You pay a $10 deposit.
13. Leave City Hall.
14. Some days later, City contacts you that DVD is ready.
15. Go down to City Hall and Sign in for Service.
16. Go outside, wait in chair until you are called.
17. Staff member calls you in. You are presented with DVD.
18. Leave City Hall. Enjoy watching DVD.
19. Go down to City Hall and sign in for Service.
20. Go outside and wait to be called on for service.
21. Return DVD, and request refund of deposit.
22. Staff member logs your return and refund request.
23. Warrant generated in Finance Dept.
24. Time goes by for processing.
25. Report generated for City Council to authorize payment to you. Your name and payment is on public documents.
26. A letter arrives from City. Wonder what this is? Open. Oh, there's my $10 refund.


For comparison's sake, this is how it was handled before Council instituted "efficiency" procedures.
1. Go to City Hall counter and request Council meeting DVD. Staff member gives it to you. Go home and watch.
2. Go to City Hall and return DVD. Smile and thank Staff member.

Watch Public Comments & Council Discussion on Censoring Public Comments
from September 15, 2014 Council Meeting
Listen to Comments City Muted Out - View Here

Planning Commission enters 6th Month in Hiding.

Sheriff Recommends Closing your Gate even if just running quick errand, as thieves lie in wait.

Council Postpones Decision on Public Comment Blackout until January.
CM Miller had 3 ring binder of talking points to convince others to censor meetings

Keep your eyes open. Call Sheriff if you see suspicious activity.
Break In - Ahuacate Rd - September 11
Break In - Reposado Dr - September 10

Councilman Miller reports collecting YOUR tax dollars for HIS foundation.

Breaking - Councilmembers Higgins & Miller reported culprits in Comment Censoring.
Asked for Blackout of Public Comments to be put on Agenda.
You can thank them at the meeting.

Are "Heights Watch" Signs attracting burglars?

Breaking!! Ahuacate Rd. Thursday September 11

Crime Wave Continues, as Council prepares to Celebrate $3 million City Hall opening.
CMs Miller & Higgins Capitalize on their Votes to keep Sheriff Patrol Cuts and
increase in crime to solicit new members and donations for their "foundation".

How Large a Role Does Improvement Association Play in Council Censoring Meetings?
LHHIA leaders have spoken before calling for no broadcast of council meetings.
Current & Former IA Directors sent recent mailer seeking to end broadcast.
CM Miller recently tweeted LHHIA is breeding ground for Council
LHHIA bans public from its own meetings and attacked someone at last public meeting.

Staff Report says Public Comments to be blacked out because people say bad things
about city - Really. We don't make these things up
It was the court that found city guilty of breaking its own laws.
DA Office of Fraud & Corruption repeatedly finds city breaking open meeting laws. 1 2 3
City's own report says they are inept.
Isn't Censorship really because Council doesn't want opposition to Matrix oil & new taxes to spread?

Sep 15 Council Agenda #16 includes Blackout of Public Comments on Broadcast, because:
Council fears residents will believe their neighbors and not them?
Council holds residents in such contempt that we are not worthy of broadcast?

Hillside Communities Prepare for being On Their Own in Disasters - LA Times Story
La Habra Heights was prepared until Council eliminated Emergency Preparedness
Committee, and gave away stores of food and supplies.
#SadButTrue #BadGovernment

La Habra Heights has No Representation as WCCA Board discusses spending million$ in LHH
Both Councilmembers Absent.

Important Seminar on Fracking Reveals Unusual Risk,
Pressurizing a New Well may cause leakage at nearby abandoned or inactive wells.

Is it time for the owners (you) to take back control of the City?

Can Anyone Get the City to Follow the Law??
City Business Hours Cut in Half without Council Resolution.

Municipal Code - 2.2.20 Hours of City Business
The City offices shall be open to the public for business as specified by resolution of the City Council of La Habra Heights.

Planning Commission Hasn't Met in Over 4 Months

Municipal Code - 2.4.20 Planning Commission
F. Planning Commission Meetings. Regular meetings of the Planning Commission shall
be held on the fourth Tuesday of each calendar month

Sheriff Dept Warns Residents to Be on Guard for Daytime Break-ins - Story
Councilman Miller advises joining an active neighborhood watch program.
Miller voted to maintain cuts to Sheriff Patrols while funding $3 million City Hall.
Join La Habra Heights Neighborhood Watch here - Free.
Oldest and most Active Watch program in City. Exclusive Radio Network.

La Habra Heights Had an Emergency Preparedness Committee,
but City Council Eliminated it.
Why doesn't Council want residents prepared for emergencies?

Assembly Bill 1327 May Prevent City from using Drones to Spy on Residents
Of course, that requires that the City follow the law - not a certain bet.
City Council previously considered using helicopter service to spy on residents.

As residents seek documents regarding Matrix Oil, City Finances and other issues,
City creates new schemes to delay, deny, and frustrate access to Public Records.

City "Unable to locate" Important Oil Trucking File in response to record request.
Residents face extended delays and denials for simple record requests

" the Improvement Association prohibited HOW members from talking to
citizens at Music in the Park about Matrix Oil related issues" - More

"... employees that have already been found by a judge to abuse their
discretionary powers are now handling the Matrix Oil proposal" - More

Should a Councilmember's Goal Be:
Act to protect residents and reduce crime? or
Cut Sheriff Patrols and Benefit from Crime increase?

Councilmembers' "Foundation" Benefits from Sheriff Patrol Cuts and Home Break-ins
One Break-in occurred next to "Heights Watch" sign
Other advertising signs sprout on street of Break-in

What is City Council Priority?
1. Increase Sheriff Patrols to Stop Mail Theft?
2. Increasing Sheriff Patrols to Stop Rash of Home Break-ins?
3. Maintaining Roads?
4. Providing Prompt Service to Residents at City Hall?
5. All of the Above
6. $3 Million City Hall Remodel with indoor & outdoor Staff lounges and lavish new furnishings?
Correct answer is #6.

Reality is:
1&2. Council Cut Sheriff Patrols to Save Money
3. Not $1 was spent on Road Maintenance in Fiscal Year 2014
4. City Hall hours cut to only 20 hours per week.
Council deems residents seeking service a "disruption" to Staff

August Planning Commission Meeting Canceled!
Commission has been in hiding since April

Another Break-In - Aug 19 on Reposado
Council continues reduced Sheriff Patrols
City wants to increase security at City Hall instead
Spending priority - almost $3 million on City Hall Remodel

Watch "Public Comments" from August 14 Council Meeting - Here
See Surprise Audience Appearance of Former Councilmember,
Hate Mail Sponsor and likely council candidate

Help Wanted - City Planner ASAP

Desired Qualifications:

- Dexterity - Ability to Rubber Stamp Developer and Council Friend's Plans with left or right hands,
or blindfolded.
- Speed - Ability to run out back door when security cameras show non-connected residents
approaching City Hall for service.
- Creativity - Ability to "Grandfather" unpermitted, recent structures and uses for Council friends.
- Experience "Streamlining" Zoning Code & Processes for approvals without oversight
- Familiarity with using Code Enforcement against Political "Enemies"
- CEQA - "What's that?"
- Codes - "Who needs them?"
- Willingness to delay or deny records requests for Plans or Planning Files at least until plans are
approved or past appeal deadline.
- Oil Good. Complaining residents bad.
- Ensure Planning Commission meets rarely or not at all, avoiding public scrutiny.
- Inability to read or follow a General Plan
- Ability to do what you are told

Exciting Opportunity

A recent Court Decision finding City did not follow its own codes, a pending Court case for not following Codes or CEQA, and multiple DA sanction letters for Brown Act violations and not allowing the public to speak at Planning Commission meetings highlight the City's dedication to a non-traditional planning and approval process.
Staff has brought only one new house or major remodel to Planning Commission in over 6 years.
If you are tired of following laws and codes, this could be the job for you!


Job includes a salary, benefits and vacation.
Pending Code changes granting broad discretion to the Planner could provide additional income opportunities- wink wink.

# ParodySarcasm

Council continues effort to keep residents out of and records inside City Hall.

Resident and HOW member Jesse Loverme drops Initiative Bombshell on Council.
Resident Initiative Ballot Measures can by-pass Council inaction, Conflicts of interest or Corruption.

Thursday 8/14 Council Agenda includes making obtaining records even more difficult.
Will "Security Assessment" lead to more use of Sheriff as Council & Staff "muscle"
and even less patrols in City as burglaries escalate?
"It is easier to obtain records from the Kremlin than from the City Council"
See report on City of Bell Corruption for similarities - Link

Aug 12 Water Board Agenda includes Declaring Stage 1 Water Emergency,
and Water Conservation Ordinance. Meeting at 4 P.M.
City already has water conservation codes, but Council has pursued development agenda instead.
Has our rural lifestyle been jeopardized by new development and proposed oil project?

Another burglary morning of 8/8 about 10 A.M. on Solejar
Believe it or not, Council has agenda item next week, not to restore cuts to
Sheriff patrols in the city but to do security assessment of City Hall and
get faster Sheriff response time to calls there. - Link

Hmmm.. However, Council spent $0, nada, zilch on street maintenance last year
They are spending almost $3 million remodeling City Hall though, including indoor and outdoor
Staff Lounges, a plethora of security cameras, $75,000 on new furniture, etc.

Will Property Values be Affected as City follows Bell playbook?
If City ignores DA letters and Court judgements, who can make them follow the law?

County Vector Control Found West Nile Virus positive mosquito
in The Park - Hacienda Golf Club area - release

Surreptitious recording, missing tapes, witholding of documents,
press restrictions, multiple ongoing investigations, paranoia.
Watergate, City of La Habra Heights, or both?

City Advertises for New Planner, but does not post listing on own help-wanted page.
After City lost Court Case for not following own codes and pending similar case,
Residents seeking to review planning files or see plans are met with delays and denials.
Email marked as from City Manager admits Planner has snuck out back door when residents at counter.
Why is planning department run as underground operation?

Residents concerned about false accusations by City Staff now request Sheriff
accompaniment or bring witnesses when they need to visit City Hall
City has not released exculpatory Videos!

Planning Commission in Hiding for 3rd Month - meeting canceled
Commission hasn't been seen since large crowd of discontented residents voiced
concerns about Matrix Oil, Selective Enforcement and poor over-the-counter approvals.

Whittier Daily News Story on Heights Oil Watch - Read July 22

Odd Mailer Arrives. What do they really want?
Jean Good-Lietzau, George Cooke, & John Powers Favored Developing Powder Canyon.
See Supporters
Ray Fernandez wants high-density, low-income housing on West Rd.

November 12, 2009 Joint CC/PC meeting, on bringing low income housing to LHH:Planning Commissioner Ray Fernandez (appointed by Layne Baroldi) said,
"We have that land on West Rd. Why can't we rezone that to multi-family, high density."
"This is the right thing to do. We have a moral obligation to help those less fortunate."

Council Approves Deficit Budget
In WDN article, say they are "not concerned"
Leave Jaws of Life on the Table for Miller/Higgins Foundation Donation Bait

Clapping at a meeting will get the Sheriff after you.
Too many goats will lead to years of prosecution, even after animals gone
But, set up a roadside stand on Hacienda..... No problem.

Councilman Higgins confirms Staff babies in City Hall at July meeting.
Says we need to support working mothers.

New! In Depth Story - Investigation into public records act violations
leads to discovery of Staff Children at City Hall by Sheriff Deputy - Read Here

Water Board Director Reports City Councilmembers Received Hourly Updates on
Water Main Break and Hacienda Closure on June 27th and 28th
Did City Council Keep Affected Residents Informed Via City Website or Reverse 911 System? Sorry No : (
Residents Came to This Website and twitter.com/LaHabraHeights to stay informed
Fire Watch and Neighborhood Watch spread information and brought water to those in need.

No Thank You
We'll renew our membership when you:
* Bring back open meetings,
* Admit you receive $10s of thousands of our tax dollars and in kind benefits annually,
instead of parsing words saying, you "receive no City funding". Maybe say "Thank you"
* Let members truly nominate and elect directors
* Put author's names on Heights Life articles and political stories
* Restore members' rights taken away in secret by-law changes
* Release financial statements & open up the books as required by CA Law
* Stop excluding community groups

Tuesday July 8th - Short stack pancakes 56 cents - Yum

Help Wanted : City Attorney

Do you have what it takes to be the 5th City Attorney in just over a year?

Desired Qualifications:
- Facilitate & Defend Brown Act violations
- Friends at DA's Office
- Assist City in delaying & denying valid Public Records Requests
- Cover & Spin City Code and General PlanViolations
- Use loopholes to raise trash rates to cover $80,000+ annual payoff to City
- Experience "Streamlining" Zoning Code & Processes for approvals without oversight
- Creativity in raising taxes and fees without public involvement
- Familiarity with using Code Enforcement against Political "Enemies"
- CEQA - "What's that?"
- Ability to manage multiple State Agency investigations simultaneously

Are you ready for a Challenge?
Recent - DA Criminal investigation, DA Brown Act violation investigations and sanction letters, Gas Tax Audit, multiple PERS investigations, CalOSHA, AQMD, Lost Court Case for Violating Own Codes, Pending Court Case for Violating Own Codes and CEQA, admissions of inept handling of finances, off warrant spending & paying vendors out of payroll account
Possible upcoming - FBI, State Controller, RICO

We won't ask, if you don't tell.

You tell us.


Bad Government, driven by political revenge or retribution, fueled with public monies,
and not subject to oversight or consequences for actions is a danger to all citizens.

See City Employee Pay Information City Said it Didn't Have - Here

FPPC Says, "Government Code Section 82015 requires city council members
to report payments they solicit for charities."

Jaws of Life for Fire Dept on Thursday Council Agenda.
Will CMs Higgins & Miller Vote Against Jaws of Life AGAIN,
so they can keep using it as "Donation Bait" for their "Foundation"?
Will community safety continue to be held hostage by the "Foundation"?

FireWatch / Neighborhood Watch Planning Neighborhood July 4th Patrols of City
To Join Them or Stay informed 24/7

Strike Two for residents
#1 - Residents get to pay higher trash rates so City can get $80,000 annual payoff
#2 - Residents lose $17,000 per house oil royalties, but City gets to count $1.3 million from Matrix Oil

Breaking - Matrix Oil says No Royalty Payments for Residents
After alluding to residents receiving royalties in January 2012 FAQs, Matrix now says ZERO
Residents would have received, on average, $17,000 per year, per house at hoped production
City Government would still get it's $1 million per year.
Will elimination of residents' royalties affect support for oil development?

FPPC requires discounts given to City Employees to be itemized on Form 700

Councilman Miller Discloses Relationship between City Employees & Local Business
Is this why they get away with Code Violations City goes after others for?
Would there be flies in their porridge if City cracks down?

"LHH Employees are Exceptionally Dishonest"
Attorney response to City charges
Read here

Small Town Fracking Ban Upheld in Court - here

Councilmember Starts City Spin Machine on Day Care
Admits children in daycare, but tries to blame resident for finding out
Says staff in fear.... of losing Daycare perk?

Breaking News - Sheriff Dept Discovers 3 Small Children in City Hall Back Room
Has City Hall Been Closed 4-6 to Residents to accommodate Unlicensed Staff Children Day Care?
Investigation Underway.
What Did Council Know and When Did They Know It? Coverup Underway?
Residents ask if they bring Toy or Gift Card can they get service from 4-6 p.m.?

Sheriff Investigates at City Hall July 1, 2014

DaycareGate Unfolds Live on Twitter

State of California Proposes New Oil & Gas Well Stimulation (i.e. Fracking) Regulations
Nearest Public Hearing -July 17, Convention & Entertainment Center,
300 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, 4-7 p.m.
Interim Regulations (effective 1/1/14) Still in effect
Learn about the new regulations, FAQs and submitting comments - here

Hacienda Reopened

8 A.M. Status Update
20" Main Had Joint Break - Fixed
Water Restored at 6 AM Saturday
Crew worked through the night.
Hacienda to Reopen approximately 3 p.m.

Pipe Break Work Site 8:10 A.M Saturday June 28th

Need Drinking Water?

Neighbors helping Neighbors
Listen live to FireWatch/Neighborhood Watch Radio network about road closure & pipe break - Here
Members have been relaying news and helping those without water.
The group does a lot more than watch for fires and crime. Free for you to join too - Here

Water District workers doing triple duty in early hours of pipeline break;
Finding & Stopping Leak, Directing & Detouring Traffic, and Keeping people informed.

Blockade Moved to Hacienda & West Rd

Residents can use map below picture to get home if you need to get to, or past East Rd.

Hacienda Closed at City Hall and Colima - approx 3 p.m. June 27
Residents should show ID to get through

Closure by City Hall

Breaking News - Friday June 27th
Hacienda Rd Closed - Major 20" Water Main Break at 1662 Hacienda between East and West Roads
Could be closed for days.
Use alternate routes.
Southbound traffic can access East Rd
Southbound Hacienda alternate - R on Encanada, L on el Travesia, L on West
Northbound alternate - L on West, R on El Travesia, R on Encanada

Looking Southbound - East Rd Behind

Affected Area has no water, no water in fire hydrants
Water expected out at least into Saturday

Foundation, led by Councilmember, implicated in receiving improper payments - Story

Find Free Summer Concerts, Art Walks, Farmers Markets etc, Search by Date, City, Music Type - Click Here

City Received only 17 records requests last month (May 2014), but
residents still face long delays, stonewalling or outright denials
"Public Records" mean they belong to the public. Let us see them!

Advertising info blurred

Is this good leadership or abuse of power?
Councilmembers Higgins & Miller Foundation distribute advertising signs

Will any City Staff risk their job to do their job and have the code violating signs removed?

City Municipal Code - 7.3.20 R-A Zone (Residential-Agricultural Zone)
This section establishes the land uses that are permitted in the R-A Zone.
2. ....... this does not permit .... advertising signs of any nature.

Planning Commission Goes Into Hiding - June Meeting Canceled too
as residents learn more about Matrix Oil, rubber stamped developer plans, & no oversight

Did you Know?
Multiple Residents & a Watchdog Agency Asked for Documents Showing City Employees
City Responses, "No such document exists."
Are we supposed to believe City doesn't know who works there?

Another Example of City Falsely Denying Documents Exist

Could this be one of the issues the recently resigned
City Attorney could not stomach?
Letter from City denying a Claim against City exists Actual Claim with City Date Stamp

Why is City Hiding Documents? Why Won't City Release Copy of Cashed "Voided" Checks?

See Outraged Residents at City Council Meeting
Watch City Manager Take Matrix Oil Opposition Sign-In Sheet for Review - Here

Third Attorney Resignation in Year Raises Concerns of Unlawful Actions at City Hall

Christi Hogin - City Attorney Resigning After 4 months
"We had been there a few months but in the ultimate analysis, it didn't turn out to be as good a fit as we had originally thought," Hogin said. "We just thought the city's management might be better served with someone with a different style." See Whittier Daily News Article
Previous City Attorney Holly Whatley and Firm resigned after less than a year saying:
"It seemed to me that my ability to be effective for the city is not what it once was, and it's in the city's interest to resign my position as city attorney."
Public Agency Attorney Ethics Guidelines say:
"if indeed it is clear that the agency is taking an unlawful action and
the attorney's efforts to encourage corrective action have failed, the attorney's only recourse is to resign"

Inspiration for Young and Old
Former President Skydives on 90th Birthday - Pictures

Council Approves Fire Tax Increase at June 12 Meeting

Many Residents Unable to Attend CC Meeting because of Inadequate Parking & Lack of Seats but
Others Voice Concerns for 2 Hours about High Trash Rates, Matrix Oil, & Wrongdoing

Alisha Winterswyk of Best, Best & Krieger appointed 4th City Attorney
in just over a year of new Council majority

It's Official!!
3rd City Attorney & 2nd Law Firm in a Year RESIGNS
This time it is Christi Hogin and Jenkins & Hogin
Why do they keep leaving?

Seen on Twitter

Is City getting 4th City Attorney in Just over 1 Year?
Exclusive! Council Closed Session Agenda Item, Hidden from City Website,
Says "Potential Separation and Appointment: City Attorney" - See here
Public Agency Attorney Ethics Guidelines say, "if indeed it is clear that the agency is taking an unlawful action and
the attorney's efforts to encourage corrective action have failed, the attorney's only recourse is to resign"
Last two City Attorneys resigned within one year

Mayor Bergman and Mayor PT Higgins No Shows at important Sanitation District Rate hearing
Could Berman and Higgins have stopped the rate increase, or would they have voted for it too?
See video of hearing and hear about Harbor cruises and food spreads you pay for - Video

City has time to research articles on lawyer in lawsuit against City (see below),
but city hall is closed half the day so as not to serve residents.
Council says residents are "an interuption" to staff. Would you rather they serve you or read newspapers?

Corruption Fighting Attorney Prosecuting Code & CEQA Violation Case Against LHH
Can he do something about double trash charge, Brown Act violations,
copy cost overcharging, illegal records request delays and other City wrongdoing???
Read article
Mr Briggs, We Need HELP !!!

From Twitter:

Some Residents to Boycott Trash Service & Back-Room Rate Doubling
To Boycott Trash Fee Doubling Call 800-700-8610 to Cancel Trash Service
Tell them you'll start service when City restores promised rates!

City Council Chose High Density, Low Income Housing Over Open Space - Watch Revealing Video

Help Stop Mail Theft!
Get Your Neighborhood Watch decal to
Place on Your Mailbox

Contact Neighborhood Watch/Fire Watch for your FREE self-adhesive decal

Send Email Visit Neighborhood Watch Web

No Mid-Year Budget. No Annual Audit. Next Year Budget Delay.
City Refuses to Release Copies of Checks Claimed Voided that Were Cashed
What is City Council Doing With Your Money??

November 14, 2013 Backroom meeting with trash haulers. Armed deputies prevent Residents and Press from attending and asking questions.

Bait & Switch?
$17 Trash Rate becomes $34 per month
1/3 of City to be Double Charged for Trash
List not in RFP. Other trash companies not able to bid on level field?
Are you on the list?
List made after contract awarded.
RICO Investigation Needed?

Residents Protest November 2013 Back Room Trash Meeting.
Seen leaving meeting resident, Water Board director and Edco Trash Rep Mark Perumean.

Visit Neighborhood Watch Booth at Avocado Festival
Learn about Neighborhood Watch Radio Network and
Emergency Preparedness
"We Look Out for Each Other"
Serving the Community Since 2007

Pick up your Free window decal at the booth.
All welcome. Everyone in LHH is a Member.

Sign Up to Win 1 of 5
Commercial Quality
Haas Avocado Trees!

If you see Councilmembers at Avocado Festival ask them,
"Why won't you release copies of checks claimed voided but were cashed?

Warning! - Do Not Ride Your Bike to Avocado Festival
Subject to Fine or Arrest
Council Banned Bicycles from Park and City Hall

Winners & Losers in Council Redevelopment Agenda - Here

New Matrix Oil Scoping Comment Deadline - June 9th, 5 p.m.
See Revised Notice of Preparation - here

Watch the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Candidates Forum
Make an informed Vote in June 3rd Election - Watch

State Investigator Visits City Hall Seeking Info on City Contractor, VP's engineering license was revoked by State
City tips off suspect.
Their Website vanishes - link --- Website prior to going dark - link
In an unusual twist, contractor admits getting new carpeting today

Do you ever look at the voting ballot and wonder what judge to choose?
Judicial Candidates Forum - Saturday, May 3, 2014 10:00am
Steinmetz Community Center, 1545 S. Stimson Ave Hacienda Heights
More info

If you notice lower water pressure in the upper East Heights.....
"Rowland Water District adds groundwater from La Habra Heights" - Article

Exclusive! - See Matrix Oil Studies .

Planning Commissioners Snap at Residents at Standing Room only Commission Meeting
Residents Voice Concerns over City direction and Matrix Oil Project
City edits Public Comments out of video on City website.
City alters Commission agenda, after the fact, Changing start to to 6:30 p.m., as if there were no public comments

Update 4/23: Commission meeting & Agenda now gone altogether from City website
Update 4/24: After Public Outcry entire meeting and correct agenda put on City website.

Another Back Room Deal?
Council Scheming to Double New Trash Rates for Unsuspecting Residents
Shouldn't homes have been identified in RFP and Bid award so people could have commented,
or other Trash companies could have bid on level playing field?
Remember - Council had 2 Armed Deputies Keeping Residents out of 11/14/13 Back Room Trash Meeting

Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness Town Hall Meeting in La Habra - April 24
La Habra Community Center, - Valle Verde Room
101 W. La Habra Blvd., La Habra - 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Note: La Habra Heights Council eliminated Emergency Preparedness Committee
This La Habra meeting will be your only opportunity to learn how to stay safe

Tax Alert

Tax Increase Survey in the Mail today (4/18) from
Fullerton Joint Union High School District
Be sure to respond

If you didn't see you can comment online
or email ggiokaris@fjuhsd.net or call 714-870-2801

Council lets your money go down the Drain - literally.

Pic courtesy Eden the Llama

Water coming out of driveway from City/School water line for weeks.
Water going down street only tip of iceberg. Underground eroding fast.
We're paying for most of the water so City in no hurry to fix.
If it happened in front of your house, city would cite you for illegal water disposal.
Leak on school property, but want to guess who will pay to fix it?

Remember how the Council treats your money when they ask for a tax increase.

Update: 4/23 - Contractor uncovers pipe. Two holes in pipe gushing water into ground.

What's going on with City Finances?
No Mid-Year Budget Review this year.
Audit for Fiscal Year 2013 (end June 30, 2013) Still Not Released.
City still refusing to release copies of checks claimed voided that were cashed for $100s of thousands

Breaking! - View Matrix Oil Meeting City Council doesn't want you to see
Sheriff on location as attendees temperature rises and people start shouting
Video recorded by Neighborhood Watch member - Video Link

Residents attend poorly noticed Matrix Oil Scoping Meeting
Comments Suddenly Cut Off at 7 p.m., even though notice said 8 p.m.
Meeting was video recorded, but City Council will not let it be broadcast or put on internet
Previous Matrix meeting was on Channel 3.

Brought out at Matrix meeting that "Heights Life" Failed to inform community of meeting

Important Matrix Oil "Scoping" Meeting Wednesday April 16, 6 - 8 P.M.
Scoping meetings are important because issues to be addressed are determined here.
City did not post notice on Home Page Upcoming Events, until last night (Thurs)
leaving residents only 12 hours of City Hall open time to examine documents.
Las Palomas area to be most affected with large trucks, 24 hour noise and lights.
See Notice and Project Description
Exclusive! - See Matrix Oil Studies City Removed from City Website. You can only find them here.

Road Tax Replay!
As expected, Council agendized New Road Tax discussion for May.
City Manager confirmed they have been hoarding funds instead of doing needed maintenance.
Residents defeated a pork-laden $527 Road Tax ballot measure in 2012 by over 2-1 margin

Brian Bergman Selected for his third time as Mayor.
Councilwoman Jane Williams Snubbed of her turn as Mayor Pro-Tem by
Los Compadres "Boys Club" Higgins, Miller & Bergman.
Michael "I hate the Brown Act" Higgins made Mayor Pro Tem.

Would an Elected, Independent, City Attorney, accountable to the voters, reduce Corruption?
Public Agency Attorney Ethics Guidelines say, "if indeed it is clear that the agency is taking an unlawful action and
the attorney's efforts to encourage corrective action have failed, the attorney's only recourse is to resign"
LHH's last two City Attorney's resigned.
The City refuses to release copies of cancelled checks that they claimed were voided.
Residents need to know what is really going on at City Hall.

Where are your Road Maintenance Dollars Going??

You don't see this in La Habra Heights.
Crack sealing to prevent water infiltration and deterioration of roads.
Even without the "Road Tax" the City has monies available to maintain roads; Gas Tax, Prop C, Measure R, General Fund, etc.

At minimum, roads should be crack sealed to prevent water infiltration.

Instead, funds are hoarded or diverted to other uses leaving roads to deteriorate.

Councilmen Higgins & Miller even proposed (unsuccessfully) to use road maintenance funds to repave City Hall parking lot.

Council voted to use Gas Tax money for drainage studies instead of road maintenance.

Is City Council deliberately letting roads deteriorate to gain support for another "pork barrel" Road Tax?

Council Spins Trash

November 14, 2013 Backroom meeting with trash haulers. Armed deputies prevent Residents and Press from attending and asking questions.

City Council's Spin website "Facts", aka "Fibs", has new tale about how new Trash Hauler chosen.

"Forgot" to tell how residents were excluded from process or how armed deputies were posted to prevent residents from attending prospective trash hauler meeting.

"Forgot" to tell residents they will pay about $4 per month, 30%, extra for city "Administrative Fee" aka Trash Tax.

"Forgot" to tell where townhouse condominiums are, or will be, that haulers are required to serve.

Residents Protest Back Room Trash Meeting.
Seen leaving meeting resident, Water Board director and Edco Trash Rep Mark Perumean.

Neighborhood Watch/ Fire Watch Network a life saver for Heights Residents during earthquakes.
Members have their own portable radios for communication.
Hundreds of others listened online or by phone to the updates and emergency information.
Click here to listen for updates or find out how to join and get your own radio.
Listen to live LHH Sheriff, Fire and FireWatch/Neighborhood Watch - Here

Possible reason City won't release checks or other records? - News Article

Corruption's Cost - LA Times
Who got paid $100s of thousands with City "Voided" Checks? City says they don't have to tell.
Council looks other way and doesn't ask.

After Multiple Requests by Mayor Francis,
City Staff Will Not Post Mail Theft Info on City Website
Trying to Protect City Hall Remodel and Indoor/Outdoor Staff Lounges from Defunding?
Update: City Adds Mail Theft Reporting Info to Website

Judge forces LA DWP non-profit to reveal spending
What will it take for our Council to reveal what cashed "voided" checks were spent on?

Concerned about increase in crime, burglaries and mail theft? Want to make a difference ?
Join Neighborhood Watch/Fire Watch - a volunteer group of your neighbors keeping their eyes open since 2007
Group holds monthly Public meetings. All welcome. Come listen and learn.
Learn more on their website or Call at 562-483-4800 to join today!

What is City Council Hiding?
1. October 2013 - City Releases Report Itemizing Voided Checks by Number
2. Citizens Match up Voided Checks to City Bank Statements Identifying Claimed Voided Checks that were Cashed for over $200k.
3. City Refuses to Release Processed Checks that would show who was paid by claimed Voided Checks.
Why don't they want YOU to know what they are doing with YOUR money ?

City 353 Submittal to State for Records Requests reimbursement raises questions of overcharging state?
Did City deliberately submit incorrect 354 forms to avoid incrimination of signed perjury affadavit?
Citizen Audit Committee to Review submittal for fraud or misrepresentation


Council Members Higgins & Miller Vote to Not Fund Jaws of Life for Fire Dept (June 2013) CM Higgins & Miller Use Need for Jaws of Life to Solicit Funds for Their new Organization; LHH Community Support Foundation
CM Higgins & Miller Vote to Maintain Cuts to Sheriff Patrols (June 2013) CM Higgins & Miller Use "suspicious or Criminal Activity" to Solicit Funds for New Org
CM Higgins & Miller Vote to have City Sponsor (waive fees) for Realtor Brett Marie Bruce Movie Nite at Park (February 2014) Brett Marie Bruce made Director of CM Higgins & Miller new Organization
CM Higgins leaves paid position at Improvement Association Is CM Higgins paid by new Organization? How much?
CM Higgins & Miller take no action to reactivate General Plan required Emergency Preparedness Committee and Planning (2013-14) CM Higgins & Miller use including Disaster Preparedness to solicit funds for their new Organization
CM's Higgins & Miller new organization does not hold meetings open to the public and has not posted their by-laws on their website. CM Higgins said in interview for being appointed Council member, "I hate the Brown Act" (open meeting law) see video
CM Miller, as director of Improvement Association, presided over exclusion of members of public from their annual meeting, previously open to the public.See LHHIA "welcoming" non-member at last public meeting. Here
CMs Higgins & Miller vote to give LHHIA free trash service for stated Park events. LHHIA publication Heights Life includes full page ad for CM Higgins & Miller new organization. Did they pay full price, or get a discount or for free?

LHH Fire Watch/Neighborhood Watch Meeting 7 - 8:30 tonight (March 18)
Find out what you can do about mail theft, with Sheriff patrols reduced by Council
La Habra Community Center, Puente Hills Room 101 W. La Habra Blvd

Former City Manager Ron Bates Receives National Public Service Award in D.C. - Story

3 Year Anniversary of Council's St Patrick's Day Raid on Animal Keeping Family - Off-site Story
Council Still Pursuing Family, using YOUR tax dollars, even though Animals Gone over 2 Years

Council Votes $8k to Send Out Their Own Newsletter
Remember they recently cut out Airport Shuttle Vouchers to save $8k?
Why? Newsletter for them, Vouchers were for you?

If You Call Sheriff to Report Mail Theft and they won't take report or
come out, ask to speak with a supervisor. You need to report it!
Also call US Postal Inspector - 877-876-2455 - File Online Report - Here

Mail Theft Spreads Across Heights
Get Your Mail Early and Keep Your Eyes Open.
Council Cuts to Sheriff Patrols to Fund $3 Million City Hall Expansion &
Builder Subsidy Take Toll on Public Safety

Virazon Rd House Robbed on Feb 6. Security Camera Got pics
of Individual & Vehicle that may have knowledge of robbery.
Contact Sheriff Dept if you recognize person or vehicle.
Note: He does have two legs.

Councilman Higgins Refers to "Tar Baby" at Council Meeting
See Video

City Manager Announces New City Phone App to Capture
Residents Personal Info For Future Use!
City Hall Already Posts Citizen's Voice Mail (example)
& Counter Visit Video (example) Online

Council Cuts City Hall Hours Again!
Now 8 - 11 A.M. & 2-4 P.M.
Council ensured City Hall open for Builders in morning.
Regular Citizens seeking service called an "interruption" to Staff

Heard of City "the FACTS" Web Site - Learn More

City Council Welcomes Contractor Storage Yards

You wouldn't know it by driving around, but, did you know contractor storage yards, or driving construction vehicles in and out of the city every day, are not allowed?

Send us pictures of them in your neighborhood.
Maybe if residents speak up, the City Council will enforce the Codes and restore our rural community.

No one is telling the contractor folks not to do it, so they probably think it is ok, and that attracts more of them to buy homes in City, so they can save money on paying rent in an industrial area.

Municipal Code 7.3.20
Prohibited Uses.
Uses not specifically allowed in the R-A Zone are prohibited. Such uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

Storage yards for materials, mechanical equipment or vehicles inconsistent with permitted uses in the R-A zone, including, but not limited to the overnight storage of any of the following:

a. Construction equipment used for the removal or transport of construction related materials, including, but not limited to, derricks, hoists, bulldozers, dump trucks, water trucks, earth moving equipment, cranes, drills and fork lifts.

b. Any commercial vehicle except those that are permitted pursuant to a Home Occupation Permit. Permit application procedures are identified in Article 8.

Jenkins & Hogin, Husband & Wife team, named new City Law Firm
Michael Jenkins was an early City Attorney for LHH

January 15 - A "Dangerous" Day in LHH - Your Tax Dollars Wasted

The City contracts with the Sheriff for about 12 hours of daily patrol.

Responses to calls are deducted from that.

From 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. at least 6 Sheriff
personnel rotated and were on scene at the
City Hall/PreSchool.

About 2 Days of Patrol time were expended by the City Council for this.

Sheriffs were called to the scene because a couple of moms, also La Habra Heights residents, were passing out flyers to parents at the PreSchool in the parking lot.

The City is leasing space from the PreSchool and has deeded easement and right to the parking area and walkway.
The parking lot is also used by families and La Habra residents using the adjacent soccer field.

Who was in danger?

What subversive and dangerous information were they distributing?

They were passing out the City's own press release about extensive asbestos found at the City Hall construction site after the City had announced that all the asbestos was gone and the site was safe.

At left, two City personnel were assigned by the Council to spend their time watching what was going on.

At right are a Sheriff's lieutenant, a Councilmember, and one of the City employees taking pictures or video of the local moms.

If you think this was a good use of Sheriff time instead of patrolling the streets, with burglaries up substantially, you can thank your Council members.
The City Council also has cut City Hall hours in half because they said staff was overworked.

If you think their time would be better spent keeping City Hall open to serve residents instead of standing around and taking pictures of residents in the parking lot, let your Councilmembers know.

Breaking - 8:00A.M. Sheriffs called to stop City Asbestos Press Release from Being Given to PreSchool Parents

Exclusive: Video of Roof Removal & Debris Cloud drifting toward Pre-School & RAID on City Hall - Watch

Read Whittier Daily News Article on Additional Asbestos and Concerns
"For the sake of the children, we need to head back to court and stop this project and force them to follow the law," he said.

Workers on Roof Next to Pre-School Dec 30, 2013

After Claiming All Asbestos Removed, City Now admits extensive asbestos remains
Submits Plan to AQMD for 10,800 square feet of unenclosed roof removal

Will Firefighters be protected?

Asbestos removal in MPR still not addressed

December 30 video shows roof removal adjacent to pre-school by unprotected workers.

Debris cloud seen drifting onto adjacent Pre-School.

Did that contain asbestos too?

New Years Eve Day RAID - December 31, 2013

CalOSHA and AQMD/EPA Raid City Hall Construction. Investigation of Asbestos and Lead Complaints

Satellite News Crew Covers Raid and interviews Inspectors

Asbestos Ceiling Tiles - What We Know

City Manager Shauna Clark confirms Asbestos Ceiling tiles in December 17, 2013 Sworn Affadavit
"I have witnessed asbestos tiles fall from City Hall buildings' ceilings."
March 2013 Request for Quotes for City Hall remodel identifies Asbestos Ceiling Tiles and Wallboard
December 2012 City Staff Report identifies exposed Asbestos in Ceiling tiles, Walls and Ducting in Ceilings
May 2008 - Interim City Manager Shauna Clark reports on MPR room accident
December 30, 2013 - City Representative Says Asbestos not in Ceiling Tiles, as stated in City report, but in glue holding them on
Could not explain how glue could be separated from tiles as removed from ceiling.
City will not release documents requested to substantiate this.
December 31, 2013 - Asbestos Certification Company, Ambient Environmental, has not confirmed that ceiling tiles, plaster, and drywall had been removed prior to their inspection.
December 31, 2013 - Asbestos Removal Contractor City named in Court filing, REI, confirmed they did work at City Hall, but would not confirm that ceiling tiles, drywall or plaster were removed as part of their scope of work.

City has not released documents requested - Business license of contractor and permits pulled for asbestos removal.
Often when City does not release documents it is because they don't exist.

One of many ceiling tiles City identified as containing asbestos strewn about outside, inside and on walkways.
City hall project exposes firefighters and kids to ceiling tiles City identified (see top page 2) as containing asbestos. Lead paint dust also an issue!
See Offsite PhotoJournal Report
December 27th Court Hearing on City Hall Expansion - "There are little kids who are being exposed to stuff that kills people."
Whittier Daily News Story - Read

CM Higgins asks for agendizing of production and mailing of a City Newsletter based on a recent City web page which provides the City's "Spin" on issues and news stories. A newsletter will cost thousands of dollars.
The Council just ended Airport Shuttle vouchers for residents and cut City Hall hours in half to save money.
Which do you want - Reading City propaganda on why you need to pay more taxes, or Shuttle Vouchers and City Hall open for service?

City Attorney Holly Whatley, citing a decline in effectiveness, announced the resignation of the
20 year service of Michael Colantuono and Colantuono & Levin.
A recent article on Public Agency Attorney Ethics Suggests a Reason for the City's Law Firm Resignation
"if indeed it is clear that the agency is taking an unlawful action and the attorney's efforts to
encourage corrective action have failed, the attorney's only recourse is to resign".

Documents released by AQMD raise questions of whether City Leaders exaggerated Asbestos and Lead at
City Hall to rally support for $3M expansion and remodel, Staff Lounges and Private Office Suites.
Would they do that?

Important - January 9, 2014 Council Meeting
Council to Eliminate Equal Requirements for Planning & Building Projects and Remodels
Subjective and "Who you know" Back and Forth Game type Process to Replace it.
Changes to Remove Staff Protections and Expose Them to possible Bribe Attempts, Graft and Council Influence
Changes to Take Away View and Privacy Protections, and Urbanize City

DA Releases Letter regarding investigation of complaints of City misappropriation of funds and missing checks - Read

45 Years Ago - Read from Orange County Register

City Hall Office Hours to be Cut almost in Half, Starting January 20th
New Hours 8-11 A.M., 2-5 P.M. - Current 7:30 A.M. - 6 P.M. - See WDN story
Not Enough Funds to Keep open as City Hall Expansion Grows from $1.3M to $3M+
Council Blames Citizens Seeking Service as "Disruptive" to Staff Working
Isn't their job supposed to be serving the taxpayers?

December 12, 2013 City Council Meeting Highlights

Sheriffs trying to retrieve evidence of possible Brown Act violation

* City Attorney Resigns - Cites decline in effectiveness (Can no longer stop City from breaking the law?)

* Council votes to spend $270,000 to defend City Hall lawsuit

* DA Criminal investigation of City is ongoing

* Council Dismisses claim of illegal investment by City

* Council discusses Bankruptcy and Disincorporation

* Pre-School Infants and FireFighters described as being used as "human shields" in City Hall remodel

* Council uses Sheriff Dept to try to retrieve incriminating evidence of possible City Brown Act violation


December 10, 2013 Water Board Meeting Highlights

* Existence of La Habra Heights Improvement Association Political Enemies Disclosed
* Councilmember Higgins Received $500 per month for Heights Life editing
* Board voted to eliminate distribution of Heights Life and other pubs from District office
* Emergency item regarding City of La Habra takeover of LA County Cal Domestic Water customers

See Highlights video here

To put City law breaking and financing city hall over public safety in perspective
See an Earth flyby video by spacecraft Juno - LA Times Story

Teens give City Hall a run for money for who breaks more laws.

Sheriff Patrols cut to free up funds for expanded City Hall. Increase in robberies. Connection?
LHH makes news worldwide:
Daily Mail - Britain - Story
New York Daily News - Story
Miami Herald - Story
Huffington Post - Story
Fox News - Story

Council voted to eliminate Airport Shuttle, saves $10k, and Cut City Hall office hours in half
but keeps $80,000 permit subsidy for builders & developers.

$1 Million in Theft & Damage to LHH Residence. - LA Times Story
Council has cut sheriff service, cut city hall hours, eliminated airport shuttle and more
as City Hall expansion cost spiraled from $1.3M to $2.5M and climbing
Would you prefer using your tax dollars for restoring Sheriff patrols; or
indoor & outdoor lounges and private office suites for City staff?

Council deploys 2 Armed deputies to duty preventing public from attending Trash Contract meeting, instead of patrolling City to prevent crime. Good idea?

Council subsidy to builders and developers would buy almost 2 months of Sheriff service.
Do you want your tax dollars used to subsidize builders or provide Sheriff protection?


Bell Corruption Trial - DA Gets 11 of 13 Convictions
During Deliberations a DA rep reported to have told LHH resident
LHH is under Criminal Investigation
Will LHH be next DA case to restore lawful conduct?

Court Grants Request in Part
City Ignoring Harmful Effects to Children in Preschool Cited in Filing
Judge Sets December 27 Hearing Date for Preliminary Injunction to Stop City Hall Project

Court Hearing For Restraining Order & Injunction to Stop City Hall Construction
December 5 - 8:30AM - Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N Hill, LA Dept 86 - Read Injunction Papers

DA Bureau of Fraud & Corruption Prosecutions Releases Results of Investigations of City
3 Brown Act Violations, Evidence of Back Room Decisions
Nov 2013 Warning on Brown Act Violations - Nov 2013 Warning on Back room Deals
What will it take for the City to Stop Breaking the Law?
Related: DA Threatens City with Grand Jury Investigation for Law Breaking - Sept 2012

City Hall Plans Released at Appeal Hearing Reveal Long Lasting Metal Roof and
Terrazzo Floor Replaced by Carpet Tiles and Built-up Roof as Cost Spirals

Flanked by 3 Attorneys, Council Denies City Hall Appeal 5-0

Pancake Breakfast to Benefit Cancer Stricken 7 year Heights FireFighter
November 23 - 9a.m. - noon - City Hall/Fire Dept 1245 Hacienda Rd - $5 Donation

In late Water Board vote counting, Jacquie McClish doubles lead over Brad Cooke.
Chester Jeng narrows gap from third place - See latest vote count

Council Votes 4-1 to End Public Comment During Meetings
Public Records Requests over 45 Days Delay

Council Votes to Close City Hall 5+ Hours per day to Public
Call residents desiring service an interruption to City staff

City Manager Admits:
* Ongoing DA Investigation of City
*CalPERS Investigations of City
*Gas Tax Audit
"All kinds of things need to be straightened out in Finance Dept"

Council Finds "Eden the Llama" Scaring Away Potential Employees -See city report

Vote to Spend $25,000 on Recruiter Out of reach of Llama's influence
Yes, sadly (after you stop laughing) this is what they spend our money on

Council Posts Armed Sheriff Deputies to Prevent Public & Press
from Attending Secret Back Room Trash Deal Meeting.

Free Trash Service for LHHIA Saved from Scrutiny
One Councilmember on LHHIA Payroll, another a Director

City Claimed Process to be Done with "Integrity & Transparency"

Deal Requires Hauler to Hide $80,000 of City Fees and Free Service for Improvement Association in Your Trash Bill.


As Residents are now waiting months for Public Records
it is timely to see an LA Times story on Public Records delays - Article

Council Agenda item includes built in raises for Staff members,
creates new positions and titles to enable "title change raises"
and removes public accountability.
City claims to have 8 employees but proposes to create 24 positions with titles & built in raises. Why?? - See Staff report

Special Planning Commission Meeting November 12, 6 p.m. - See Code changes
Major Code changes reducing City oversight on development projects
Loss of Views, Privacy and Property Value feared
City Staff benefits with less work to do. Developers to benefit with less scrutiny.

City Admits 3 DA Investigations in Last Year
A 2012 DA Sanction letter warned of Grand Jury investigation if more wrongdoing found - Read DA Letter
May 2013 Superior Court ruling found City unable to follow own codes - Read
October 2013 Lawsuit Charges City failed to follow own codes - Read
When will Council choose providing services to taxpayers over paying attorneys to defend wrongdoing?

Drone Surveillance over you in LHH?
Should Residents Demand a pre-emptive Ban?
Current City Surveillance Portends to a Cause for Concern

Jacquie McClish Top Vote Getter. Wins Seat on Water Board.
Brad Cooke retains seat, coming in second place
Thanks to all who ran and participated!

Jacquie McClish 378
Brad Cooke 376
Chester Jeng 302

Lawsuit forces Council to Follow Codes - article
Is it too Late?
Have Councilmembers disqualified themselves with predetermination and bias?

Council Votes to hold hearing on City Hall Appeal 11/19 at 6 p.m.
at 10 minute meeting with no explanation on where conflict of interest went.

City looking forward to increased legal costs as ending
public comments sends residents to court

Council responds to public input and provides
ADA accommodations at Special Meetings.

Council to Ban Public & Press from Nov 14 Trash Contract Meeting
What happened to "Integrity and Transparency?

Thousands Turn into Millions as La Habra Heights City Hall Project Grows - Story

Exclusive - Breaking News!!

Lawsuit Filed to Halt $2.5M City Hall Expansion - Read Here
Denial of Due Process, Code Violations and CEQA Violations Cited
City Lost Court Case This Year on Failure to Follow Codes. Will Judge Want to See Them Again?
What Do Residents Have to Do to Get a Fair Hearing?
Has City Council Disqualified itself with Prejudical Comments and Pre-determination?

Brown Act Violations Too?
Leaked email (below) reveals Council informed out of public view
Council Weighing in or Directing Staff outside of public meeting is illegal.
DA Fraud & Corruption Unit already warned them of Grand Jury investigation.

Remember, it was only a few months ago the Council wanted YOU to Pay to Build a
Throne for them, so they could have "proper presentation" to rule over you - Yup, really see #5

Council Crackdown on Residents Intensifies with
Restrictions on Public Comments, and Delays & Denials of Public Records Requests
City charges to view electronic documents. Citizens wait over 30 days to view records.

City Hit with "Commencement of Action" noticing Lawsuit to be filed on City Hall Expansion - Read

Improvement Association to Get Free Trash Service for MIP Under Proposed Deal
Well, not really Free - You Get to Pay for it with a higher Trash Charge
Note: LHHIA already receives about $30k of your Tax dollars in Cash and in-kind benefits yearly
Note 2: Two LHHIA Leaders are on City Council. Connection??

$2.5M Remodeled City Hall to Cost $500k More Than a New One Would Have
See Dec 2012 City Report - Here

Upcoming "Trash Tax", embattled $2.5M City Hall expansion, increased Fire Tax and
Road Tax re-run, lead City Council to Silence Opposition to More Taxes by
Eliminating and Halving Public Input -
Bad Government = Silencing Alternative Views and New Ideas

City Council Will Not Release Copies of Checks Claimed Voided or Not Used
but Which Showed up On Bank Statements as Cashed
- Ask not for whom the "Bell" tolls -

City Council to Make Sure You Don't Pay Too Little for Trash Service
"Proposals deemed to be below costs of service will be downgraded and
may be disqualified. "
We don't make these things up - See Page 51 here

Integrity & Transparency??
Trash Contract Proposal includes:
Shakedown Trash Haulers for Freebies & Cash for City, and Freebies for Favored Groups
Bonus! You get to pay for it all with Backdoor Taxes and Unitemized Charges Thru Higher Rates

Condos - Future of LHH?
New (October 2013) City Trash Proposal Request Requires Collection for:
"... triplex, fourplex, or townhouse condominium" see page 19 here
We don't have any of these now. What is City Council up to with Code changes?

City proposal for Trash Contract requires Hauler to keep $80,000+ "Trash Tax" hidden on bills - see 3.8.2(3) on page 33 here
How does that fit City goals of "integrity and transparency"? see page 5 here

Hearing Officer Denies City Hall Expansion Appeal - read final decision
CEQA challenge ignored in decision
Improvement Assoc Kingpins Filed Written Support of $2.5M Expansion Project
rather than Roads or Public Safety spending.
City Manager announces "Project is On" (see email below) despite "100%" certainty of lawsuit

From: Shauna Clark <shaunac@lhhcity.org>
Date: Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 5:07 PM
Subject: City Hall project is on
To: Council Email <CouncilEmail@lhhcity.org>
Cc: David Nichols <dnichols@lhhcity.org>, Staff Email <CityHallEmail@lhhcity.org>, "Holly Whatley <hwhatley@cllaw.us>

Dear Council:

Upon receipt of the attached decision and after a brief phone call with legal, Dave Nichols was directed to proceed with the City Hall Renovation Project.

Shauna Clark, City Manager

FACTS - False Accounting Could Tell Story
After Denying Missing Checks and Off-Warrant Spending
City Now Admits 100's of Checks Were Not Accounted for in Monthly Reports
See City Admission
Citizens Who Uncovered Issue Say City Claimed Voided &
Unused Checks Were Issued & Cashed over $330k

35 Year Tradition of Citizen Input at Council Meetings to End
Councilmembers call Citizen input "Disruptive" and Public Records Requests "Harassment"
Councilmembers call residents "selfish"
Long-time activists fear multiple tax increases or disincorporation with unbridled Council

Background: Two Council members are an employee and Board member of LHHIA.
See true disruption as Improvement Association members attacks a non-member at public meeting.
Video (Warning!! Graphic language and violence)

Even though our local government tries to silence us
others have it much worse and can inspire us - see the message from a 16 year old girl

Council Votes 4-1 to End Public Comment at Agenda items
Spurn 2004 Appeals Court Decision Requiring It
Vote to Cut Total Comment Time in Half
Attempt to Silence Residents Uncovering Wrongdoing & Overspending
Background Story: CM Michael Higgins, "I hate the Brown Act" - see video

Public Record Request Reveals City Maintains Copies of:
"Municipal Disincorporation in California" and a flowchart entitled
"Municipal Disincorporation Process".

Corruption, A Growth Industry?
City Reports Additional Workload Responding to Allegations for
District Attorney, CalPERS, & Other Agencies - See City Report

Shoe on Other Foot
Hit or Miss Following Our Own Codes, Brown Act, SUSMP, State Planning Laws, etc
City Files Appeal Against CalPERS for Not Following Their Rules.

Hearing Officer Denies Appeal of City Hall Expansion! - Read Preliminary Decision
Improvement Association Board members write most letters opposing appeal to $2.5 Million project
Evidence exposing violated codes & broken laws not mentioned as factor in decision

City Hall Appeal Hearing Decision Due Today, per Contract with Hearing Officer
Contract Calls for 2 Day Decision. Code Says 30 Days to render decision
Another Illegal Rush to Judgement?

Full House For $2.5M City Hall Expansion Appeal Hearing
Apellant George Edwards Rejects Hearing Officer's Authority - See Letter
LHHIA Kingpins Applaud Project Proponents, But LHHIA Director Says They Don't Support Project - Huh?
See Meeting Video - YouTube - U-Stream

Development Agreement for Matrix Oil - Nightmare Repeated?
The Same Association Who Supported Powder Canyon Development
Now Support Back-Room Development Agreement For Matrix Oil - Story

$2.5M City Hall Project Put Out to Bid and Bids Opened
Before Project was Even Brought to Planning Commission
Would you do that? Was the "Fix" In?

Documents Surface Exposing City Exempting Itself From Fire Sprinklers
Done with Apparent Illegal Procedure - City Uses Illegal Code

Too Close For Comfort?
"Neutral" Appeal Hearing Officer, Robert Braitman, selected by City Attorney,
Holly Whatley, appears to/had work with City Attorney
See Top Right of Page 5 - here
On Staff together? See Page 6 - here
Calabasas Annexation Team - See Page 13
More to Follow

City Paid "informant" Reports to CM that his "ears are on" as he sits amidst residents at Council meeting

City Schedules City Hall Project Appeal Hearing September 30th, 11 A.M.
Original Hearing was at 6 P.M..
At 11A.M., do you think they want to hear from you, or continue to keep $2.5M project below the radar?

Appeal uncovers new details of $2.5 M City Hall expansion
* Cost is over $200,000 per full time city employee
* Plans include both indoor and outdoor Staff lounges
* Private suite for City Manager
* Roll-down Iron Grate to separate Staff from public

Whittier Daily News reports Council votes to go into hiding in wake of
appeal filed challenging $2.5 million City Hall expansion - read story

La Habra Heights Councilman warns disincorporation of City could be near. - See Video

City Hall Expansion Halted Amid Talk of Disincorporation of City- Offsite Story

Appeal filed on City Hall Remodel & Expansion
Council Discusses Using Road Repair Funds to help pay for City Hall
Do residents want $2.5M spent on new City Hall for 8 full time employees or fix City Hall & repair roads?

Did you know? - City Council has YOU subsidize 40% of Building Permit Costs
Would you rather YOUR tax dollars be spent on Roads, Public Safety, or Subsidizing Builders?
2013 Subsidy estimated $80,000 +/-


I approve of paying more taxes so builders & developers can get a discount on building fees


I'd rather my tax dollars be spent on Roads, Public Safety, or just returned to me.

Let your Councilmembers know.

City Council set to Ban Mulching Green Waste at Sept 12 Meeting
Seniors & Other Low Waste Generators to Be Forced to
Put Barrels out Weekly, even if near empty
Hefty Fines for Violators - Read Ordinance

Promise Kept
CMs Miller & Higgins said they would continue to go to "conferences" on taxpayer dime
Latest City warrants show they went to Economic Development Conference in Long Beach
What benefit to LHH?
See Miller & Higgins Room Charges and Sign-up sheets for free meals from June Beach Resort Junket

City Council fast-tracking new "Development Agreement" process for large Matrix Oil project.
Staff Report said Matrix interested in Agreement. No report if neighbors interested or consulted.
"Agreement" would lock-in aspects of project before public CUP hearings.
Affected neighbors in Las Palomas, Le Flore, Picaacho area silent - so far

Ongoing investigation..........
We are gathering documents from outside the City, which the City either said did not exist, or refused to release. These documents substantiate statements made by former Councilmember Carl Westerhoff regarding the financial condition of the City.
At February Council meeting, Mr Westerhoff laid out a scenario of spending
down city reserves in expectation of City bankruptcy or disincorporation.
The current Council has been acting as Mr Westerhoff described.
The Council also has initiated Code changes encouraging urban development
with reduced setbacks, overturning 2004 General Plan.

2012 City Audit Available Here Only!

Bowing to Public Pressure, City Releases Grand Jury Report on City Finances
Confidential Memo From City Manager to Council Reveals Plan to Spin Damaging Findings
"I am happy to meet with you and work up some talking points."

Water Board Election - November 5, 2013 - 3 Candidates Have Filed
Incumbent Brad Cooke, Chester Jeng & Jacquie McClish
Click on Candidate Name to See their Prelim Candidate Statement
2012 Rate Increase, Water Trafficking Deal, Brown Act, and Board Pay & Perks are issues

City reports independent auditor (paid by city) says all is well with city finances.
LA County Grand Jury ranks LHH #42 in County in following best practices, making
many critical recommendations for Fiscal Health and Governance Practices.
Grand Jury report not on city web site, but see it here
Will Grand Jury continue investigation of city admitted "inept practices"?

Grand Jury finds LHH has no ethics policy, nor means for anonymous complaints
In fact, city "outs" complaints upon request

Investigating Cities' Finances, LA County Grand Jury unable to get 2012 Financial reports from Bell, Compton, Cudahy, La Habra Heights, and Maywood

Council calls Special Meeting for Closed Door Session regarding employees' retirement
Is this related to former CM Westerhoff's comment on $2-3 Million of unfunded retirement costs?
Will this combined with $3 Million City Hall expansion deplete reserves?

Council to consider eliminating Public Comments for 5th time
in less than a year at August 8th Meeting

Is La Habra Heights Improvement Association's Heights Life magazine publishing unattributed Government Political Propaganda laying the groundwork for another try at the Road Tax??
Who is LHHIA Working For?
Is LHHIA influenced by the Thousand$ of Government Tax Dollar$ they receive each year?
Should you contribute to an Association that sneakily plots with the City to raise your taxes?

Unattributed article From April 2013 Heights Life, page 3

See identical language of a press release at Regional Government Pro-New Taxes Lobbying website -

"California Local Streets and Roads Update Released!
On March 5, 2013, the League, California State Association of Counties, and Metropolitan Transportation Commission released the 2012 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment (www.savecaliforniastreets.org). The report, published every two years, shows that there has been a steady downward trend in the pavement condition since 2008. It will take $8.22 billion annually over the next 10 years to bring the pavement condition and essential components such as storm drains, gutters, sidewalks and curbs of local streets and roads to the most cost effective maintenance level.
Cities and counties own and maintain 81 percent of California???s roads, and these byways are the underpinning of California???s statewide transportation network. From the moment we open our front door in the morning to drive to work, bike to school, ...

News You Can Use in City Crackdown On Residents

Listen to the City Attorney Describe When City is Allowed Access to Your Property - from May 2004
WMV | Quicktime

Listen to Howard Vipperman Propose Helicopter Surveillance of City For Code Enforcement
WMV | Quicktime

Listen Live! - LHH Fire Dept, Fire Watch, Sheriff Dept, LA County Fire Courtesy of Unisat

"The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist they may retain control over the instruments they have created."

Preamble to the California Public Records Act

Quick Links

City Council Minutes 1998-2010

City Council Minutes - See the minutes for past meetings 1998 - 2009

Note: Detailed City Council minute were discontinued in Dec 2008, over residents objections.

Planning Commission Minutes 1998-2010

Planning Commission Minutes - Minutes for 1998-2010

Recent Issues

July 2013 - After Major Court Defeat over violating its own codes
Council chooses to change (weaken) codes Instead of vowing to follow codes.
Council Asks Staff to invite Out-of-Town Builders & Architects
to submit "wish list" of code changes they want.
Taxpaying Residents impacted by inappropriate building or
who support General Plan left out of invitations.

Taj Cityhal
As Cost approaches $3 Million, Council Withheld City Hall Expansion &
Remodel Plans from Public at July Council Meeting
Architect let Slip that Facility will have "Stone Floors".
Without Plans, it is unknown what other perks or Gold Plating have been added.
In recent years, Council has cut Fire Engine staffing in half,
reduced Sheriff patrols to 14 hours per day and reduced road maintenance.
Savings from those cuts help pay for City Hall expansion

CMs Higgins & Miller Rationalize Beach Resort Junket with Spouses at
Taxpayer Expense as Potentially Saving the City Money with what they learned
Vow to take advantage of similar opportunities to "educate" themselves

2013 State Orders Edison to Remove 20 Story Tall Towers & Put Lines Underground
Unfortunately in Chino Hills, Not LHH
While Chino Hills City Council Fought For their residents, LHH Council didn't think anything could be done.
We get to look at towers here FOREVER

Just Released Sheriff Dept Investigation Letter finds
No Battery in Ballot Counting Day Attack - See Letter
2013 - City Manager Reveals 2 Track Code Enforcement Complaint Process
Make Complaint at Planning Dept - It is Public
Make Complaint to City Manager - It can be Anonymous
2013 LA County Fire Dept Study Estimates $2.9 Million Annual Cost
to Replace LHH Volunteer Fire Dept
If funded by Fire Tax, would have to increase from $497 to about $1500 per Year
City Council to Consider at Upcoming Meeting

Another Vipperman Lawsuit!
Up to 21 Sued in Latest Salvo. Are You One of Them?
Though Seen in Video as Attacker During Ballot Counting at City Hall,

Karen Vipperman Sues Former Candidate George Edwards and Up to 20 others (John Does)
For Assault, Battery, Defamation etc - See Vipperman Lawsuit

Councilmember Kyle Miller & City Manager Named as possible Witnesses in Filing.


In 2007, Karen Vipperman Retains Attorney for action against then City Manager & Fire Chief for allegedly tarnishing her reputation and false statements - See Vipperman attorney letter

In 2009, Mayor Howard Vipperman spent $20,000 on Lawsuit, later dropped, against 101 individuals (including 100 John Does) for slander, fraud, etc - See Whittier Daily News Article See Vipperman Lawsuit

Improvement Association Admits to Blacking Out Water Rate Increase Info
from Heights Life & Web Site for "Political" Reasons - May 2012 Off site Story

An Outsider's Look Inside the Improvement Association - March 2012 Interesting Off Site Story

See Whittier Daily News video showing where Richard Nixon lived in the Whittier area, including
1st home after marriage in La Habra Heights, a recently sold house on Encanda Dr - Feb 2012

November 8, 2012 - Carl Westerhoff Announces He Will NOT Seek Re-Election

Woman Put to Floor, Handcuffed & Arrested for Exceeding 3 Minutes Speaking at Council Meeting - LA Times Story

City Council Chooses Jane Williams as new Member - watch interviews and choice
Improvement Association Editor/Council Candidate Michael Higgins shocks many saying,
"I hate the Brown Act" (Open Meeting Law)

City Council to Appoint New Member Oct 2012

Residents Receive Decreased Property Tax Bills Today
Result of Defeat of Tripled Road Tax in August - Oct 2012

Edison Now Proposes Big Orange Balls and Red Flashing Lights
For Huge 20 Story Tall Towers & Power Lines to be built on City Ridgeline
Will City Council do Anything?
No they didn't
See page 174 of Report for Map of Balls & Lights - Sep 12

September 13, 2012
Councilmember Vipperman Announces Resignation Effective October 11th
Councilmember Carroll Announces He Will Not Run for Re-Election

Habitat Authority Aug 30 2012 Draft Letter to City Manager
Announcing End to Weed Clearance. See Letter See Avocado Express Story
Habitat Board Continued Item. No LHH Officials Present or Responding
See L.A. County Counsel Opinion - proposed type change "would create chaos"

Habitat Authority to Discontinue Weed Clearance
Responsibility to be Passed to Adjacent Property Owners
70 Properties Affected in LHH - Possible Public Meeting
In the Works Since November 2011 - City Council Silent
State Law Change May Affect Weed Clearance Citywide
See Draft Brochure - See Background Info From March (page 15+) (note timeline changed)
Aug 2012

Road Tax Defeated 2-1 Margin
657 NO! - 341 Yes

City Official Admits Public Oversight of Road Tax is Not Wanted
"We want to do city business without disruption" -August 2012 Read Whittier Daily News Article

Incriminating Records Releases Lead to new City Council
Crackdown & Stonewall Policy to Delay Records Requests!
"When a customer wants a copy of a record (even one that's readily available) require them to fill out the form and turn it in to the City Clerk. Their request will be placed on the bottom of the stack and will be fulfilled in the order received. "
August 2012

City Launches Coverup of Council Wrongdoing at July 2012 Meeting
Cable Broadcast of Meeting Censored to Remove Offenses
City Resources Used for Road Tax Ballot Measure Advocacy
DA to Investigate?

Has Improvement Association Jeopardized 501c3 Status by
Publishing One-Sided Political Advocacy of Controversial Road Tax?

Do July & August Heights Life "Mayor's Column" Run Afoul of the Law by Advocating for
Passage of Controversial Tripled Roads Tax?
August 2012 See starting on page 17

$600 Road Tax Ballot Mail-In Election Underway
$527 1st Year, $593 by 5th
Tripled From Current $173 per year
Informational Flyer theAvocadoExpress.com - here
July 2012

Corruption can leave cities with enormous legal bills - LA Times Article
LHH Ranks #6 of 88 in L.A. County in % of Budget for Legal Costs - Just below #5 Vernon - April 2012

Council Kill Switch to Shut Off Residents is Back!!
Read DA Letter on Why Muting Residents May be Illegal April 2012

Did the Mission to Prevent Possible City Council Brown Act Violation
Expose a Second One?
Watch Brief Video of Mar 8, 2012 Incident with Sheriff Confronting Cameraman and
Council Members Slipping into Locked Back Room - Link

City Council to Discuss in Closed Session Thursday March 8, 2012
Real or Ruse? Should you be worried? - Story

World Renowned Big Rock, "Levitated Mass", Will be at Buttonwood Av & Pathfinder Rd in Rowland Heights Over Weekend
Biggest Rock Ever Moved in Modern Times. Might Be Worth a Look - Feb 2012 Link

Sheriff Dept & LHH Fire Marshal Respond to Feb 14, 2012 Water Board Meeting

Board President Objects to Camera Placement at Meeting on Rate Increase Study & Wheeling Agreement

Read Story & See Video

Roads Committee Member Names go from "State Secret" to Front Page News
as City enters New Tax Phase
Dick Caslow, Bruce Douglas, Ray Fernandez, Kyle Miller, & John Smith - Feb 2012

Just Released City Documents Reveal Faceless Secret Committees Influencing
City Policies, Spending, Fees & Fines on Residents
- Read Documents & Story (updated 12/30/11)

Breaking News! - Two Secret Committee Members Revealed
City Manager Confirms. Jeffrey Heintz, Greg Stefflre - Story

Breaking - City Accidentally Reveals Another Secret Safety Committee Member, Cathy Houwen!
3 Revealed, 4 to Go -Feb 2012 Updated Story

3 More Secret Committee Members Uncovered!
Are Members Paid by the City?
Faith Grimm, Sue Ferguson & Phil Emery
Will Last 1 Come Forward Before Being Found?
Please Contact Us if You Know

Government Should Not Be Behind Closed Doors

Next to Find Out - What Do They Do?, When & Where Do They Meet? Mar 2012

Final Secret Committee Member Uncovered!
Joyce Jensen
Story May 2012

Brown Act Violation?
Water Board Continues to Meet after adjournment and departure of Public
A Resident Earlier Asked them, "What are you trying to hide?" - Dec 2011 Video

Say NO! to new Roads Assessment until Real Resident Oversight Returns, and Council Holds Contractors Accountable for Poor Workmanship - 2012

Long Time Residents Ensnared in Council "Weed Abatement" Crackdown
Note: "Weed" abatement includes weeds, trees, vehicles, code violations
in buildings, & other things you wouldn't expect - Aug 2011 More

50+ year resident gets Violation Notice about compost piles even though General Plan says to encourage composting and Council said compost was OK - July 2011 More Details

You Can't Win. 40+ year Resident reports lower tree branches cut to meet Weed Abatement dictates, then gets Violation Notice because RV is now visible!! Aug 2011 Read more

Roadside Clearance Mystery Deepens
What is it For? Arbitrary Enforcement? - Aug 2011 Story

Weed Abatement Horror Stories - Here
Keep Sending Them to Us. It will encourage your neighbors to Speak Up for change. July 2011

Be sure and keep your house and yard clean, City could forcibly invade without notice any time.
Read chilling Search Warrant, recently executed, for powers the city has.
March 2011

Developing Story - City Codes Require Residents to Have Mulch
as Fire Chief Bans it. Residents Confused? June 2011 - Story

City Council Comes Down HARD on Community Under Guise of "Weed Abatement"
Special Meeting Reveals Wood Mulch Banned. A Property in Compliance Today May Fail Tomorrow -June 2011 Read

Story"Undercover Chief" May 2011 - See the Fire Chief's $48k Unmarked City Vehicle

3 Acre +/- Brush Fire Burns Hill above Leucadia Dr on May 5, 2011
Story, Pictures & Video

City Council Votes to Disband Parks & Rec at Special Meeting on
April 14, 2011 - Story

Parks & Rec Votes to Disband at Special April 12, 2011 Meeting - Story

With Property Valuations Falling, a Shrinking Population, City Reserves Used for Basic Services, Residents Forced to Subsidize Developers, a Council "War on Animal Keeping" and a Crackdown on Residents,
Will the New Council be able to Turn it Around?

Whittier Daily News gives La Habra Heights City Website a Grade of "D" March 2011- See Article

City Releases 2011 Election Precinct Map Two Days After Election
Better Late Than Never? See it Here

2011 Election News Final Results

Roy Francis 617
Howard Vipperman 598
Larry Black 518
Phil Lough 423

Congratulations to Roy Francis
& Howard Vipperman
Thanks to All the Candidates for Running

Improvement Association Attacks Resident at Annual Public Meeting; Sheriffs Respond - See All Stories.

Updated Dec 13 2010 - Just Released Federal Documents raise questions of City Council
Reduction of Fire Service & Upcoming Tax increases
"The City is laboring under increasing revenue shortfalls, and having to draw from reserves just to provide basic city services." - Story

At January CC meeting City Manager Shauna Clark said Code Enforcement hearing tape would be released to the public. City now says NO! Jan 2011

City Council Breaks Law - Sidelines Planning Commission
Redevelopment Agenda Proceeds Unhindered - Story

See 20 Years of LHH Assessed Property Values (as mentioned in November 2010 Newsletter)

Barber, Hinz & Shackelford Win Lowell Joint School Board 2010 Election- Results

City Breaks the Law AGAIN
State Says City 2008 Adopted Amendments to State Building and Grading Codes "Illegal and Unenforceable"

Exclusive Interview - Assessor's Office Says $73M Decline in Assessed Property Values "Not a Mistake"

Breaking News - Residents Staggered by Vipperman-Baroldi Record $73 million Property Value Decline. City Manager Says Assessor Made a Mistake - Story Sep 10

City Property Values Decline by Most Amount in History
Council Code Changes & Laissez Faire Development Hit Property Values
Heights Is Number 7 in Property Value Decline in L.A. County after Compton & Inglewood - Story Sep 10

Council Crackdown Hits Disabled Kids
Golf Carts before People - Story Sep 10

KFI Tower Nightime White Strobe Lights are Temporary While Red is Being Repaired Sep 2010- Story

New City Hall Expansion Plans Hide Staff from Residents, Wastes Your Money - Aug 2010 Story

"Black Ops" City Council Meeting - Have there been others? May 2010 Story

State Rejects City Low Income Housing Plan - They want Sewers Installed, Timeline, and more Apr 10- See the State Letter Here

Recent Federal Filing Suggests Improvement Association a PAC? May 10 story

New Fire Dormitory on Shaky Ground? May 10 - Story

Fire Department Protection Rating Falls Under Council Redevelopment Focus Apr 10 - story here

The Manure Hits the Council's "War on Animal Keeping" June 2010 - Story

No Relief - Crackdown on Public Comment increases under Mayor Baroldi May 2010- Story

Details for Newsletter "Creative Accounting for Fire Tax" Story May 2010- Here

Council Approves $31,000 "Giveaway" to Road Contractor & $2,700 for La-Z-Boys, then Calls for Multiple Tax Increases April 2010 - Story

Protest Against Council's Revelopment Agenda's "War on Animal Keeping" - See Flyer
May 2010

Code Changes to Increase Building & Foster Redevelopment with 2nd units and high density housing

Approved at City Council Meeting
November 12, 2009.

Longtime Resident and Community Leader Margarita McCoy Blasts Proposed Code Changes

"Why the hell are we doing this!"

3 minutes long
See Quicktime or Windows

Dog Days of Summer

A Great Day of Fun & Activities - see here
August 1, 2009

Uncommon Bird Visits the Heights, June 2009

Blackthroated MagpieJay

Avocado Festival 2009

Saturday May 16, 2009

Spring 2009

La Habra Heights in Springtime

New Strategy to Bring Urban Estates to the Heights?

Ray Fernandez echoes National Association of Homebuilders 2008 "Threat" Letter to the City

July 2013 - Councilmembers Higgins & Miller + Their Wives Attended
3 Day Mandalay Beach Resort "Academy", All at Taxpayer Expense.

Email to City Manager "Friends" Suggests Brown Act Violation - Story

Find out how much Council members get paid for attending outside agency meetings - here

2013 City admits "inept practices" and "poor reporting" in Finance Dept and paying Independent Contractors out of Payroll account in just released document - Read

City Hall surveillance Video shows attempted shakedown of records requester, obstruction and delay of public records requests, and discourteous treatment of a citizen - View video

City refutes allegations of Forgery & Embezzlement in handling city finances, instead attributing voluminous errors as a cause of problems, raising questions of competence - Read

May 2013 - City Loses Landmark Court Case
Court Rules Approved Project was missing Plans and Violated Codes
Will City Mend its Ways or Continue in Blind service to Builders, to detriment of neighbors?
Read Judge's Tentative Ruling

With Records Requests taking months, facing stonewalling, deliberate delays, high costs & more
how can you speed up the process and cut red tape?
City releases audio of what one exasperated requester finally had to do - listen

City Council Approves New "Spin" website outside of public meeting
Another Brown Act Violation? Will DA follow through with Grand Jury investigation?

City Council Authorizes Public Release of City Hall Caller's Voice Mail
Will your phone call recording to City Hall be released next?

After 1 Year, Residents still waiting for Trash service 25%+ promised cost reduction from consolidation

Before you give up on protecting our community, watch this inspirational program. "The Story of La Habra Heights" Now on YouTube - See Video

Where Did the Money Go?
City Obstructs & Delays Release of Fire Tax Expenditures - Story

June 2013 - Reknowned Corruption Crusader Performs Independent Audit on City Finances
See off site report - "City of La Habra Heights Audit I Reveals 3 Checkbooks, Embezzled Funds & Forged Check Warrant"
City claims no 2012 audit available

City Council Election 2013 Election Results and Stories

Vote Totals after Canvass
March 7, 2013
Total Ballots Cast 1376
Michael Higgins 735
Kyle Miller 613
Chester Jeng 557
George Edwards 482
Brian Bergman 774
Measure A -Gann Limit
Yes 748
No 519
Measure B - Oil Tax*
Yes 644
No 623

After announcing they were leaving City last year
Vippermans sign affidavits saying they now live in the City - Mar 2013

Read Whittier Daily News Article on Chester Jeng Record Spending

What is a Seat on City Council Worth?
Is "Fiscal Responsibility" in Campaign Spending an Indicator of Council Spending?
Candidate Chester Jeng Spent Record $19,000 thru Feb 16
Almost Double All Other Candidates Combined - See Jeng's Spending Report Excerpt
See other Reports: Bergman Spent $1123, Edwards $3010, Miller $4080, Higgins $3216

Senders of "Hit Piece" Mailer against candidate Edwards include
Supporters and Nomination Paper Signers of candidates Miller, Higgins & Jeng.

1717 Chota Rd return address is former? Vipperman home.
February 2013

League of Women Voters Forum February 12, 2013 - All Candidates Show Up
Brian Bergman Touts Record and Experience
George Edwards Opposes New Taxes and $2 million City Hall Expansion
Michael Higgins Reverses Position on Open Government (now favors it), Admits Paid for Heights Life
Chester Jeng Emphasizes Bringing Back VOPs. Suggests La Habra Help Pay to Fix Our Roads.
Kyle Miller Proposes New Trash Tax. Has Prepared Answers for Most Questions, which he reads

See Whittier Daily News story on "No Show" candidates to Candidate Forum

February 2013
Just in - Video of Candidates CPGP Forum
Hear the Questions & See the Voters that 4 Candidates Would Not Face

Measure B Will REDUCE Your Oil Royalty Payments
See Oil Association Letter Provided to City Council but Not Discussed or Revealed to the Public.
Council Could Have Negotiated Oil Tax Increase Sparing Royalties, But Chose Not To - Feb 13

4 Candidates No Shows at February 5, 2013 Candidates Forum, Canceling at Last Minute
Room Full of Voters Disappointed and Feeling Disrespected by Them
Candidate George Edwards Answers all Questions and
Takes Uncensored Questions From Audience
Councilmember Williams asks, "Is there a tax you would support?"

Successful June 30, 2012 Car Show - 94 Cars of All Kinds

Residents Sad at Last Days of Waste Management Trash Pick-up
Thanks for Good Service & Cheerful Employees!
Hello Dumpster Divers?
June 30, 2012

Fatal Avocado Disease Found in La Habra Heights - May 2012
Asian "Tea Shot Hole Borer" found in Avocado and other trees
Whittier Daily News Story --- Los Angeles Times Story
U.C. Riverside Information Sheet -- More UCR info -- Details & Pictures

Waste Management to Cease Trash Pick-Up on June 3, 2012
City Council Directs Staff to Mandate Residents to Use Haul-A-Way

May 7, 2012 - Lowell Joint Schools $76 Million Estimate for Modernization Revealed by Consultant
Bond Measure to Pay For It Coming in November?

Council Touts Property Value Benefit of Roads Assessment, However State Constitution Article 13D Says
"General enhancement of property value does not constitute "special benefit.""

April 2012 - New $500+ Per Year Roads Tax
This is on Top of $266 Per Year 70% of Residents are Still Paying for 1997 Project
$10,000 of Your Money to be spent on Marketing Plan to convince you to Vote Yes
Ballots to Be Mailed Just as You Leave for Summer Vacation
Current Tax $173 - Almost 200% Increase
Special Council Meeting - Tuesday, April 24th 5:00 p.m. - See Staff Report

If you Vote "Yes" They Will be Back for New Police Tax and
Increased Fire Tax

City Council Offers Phone-In Time For Resident Comment at Council Meetings
Not in LHH, but in Beverly Hills April 2012

Watch April 12, 2012 Water Board Meeting on Rate Hike & Wheeling Deal - Here.
Board Pres Won't Let Residents Speak. Attorney Says He Has To

Watch 1st Ever Live Water Board Broadcast - Watch Excerpt
See Board Pres Threaten Resident and Call Concerns Over Leaking New Tank "Farcical, Unbelievable", "Bordering on Crazy". Refers to New Tank as "Almost Perfect"
March 27, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Raid - One Year Anniversary
Animals Long Gone. City Still Prosecuting

CM Shauna Clark, "The goal of Code Enforcement is compliance." Huh? March 2012

L.A. County Approves Mar 2012 Plan for 830+ Miles of Bikeways - Story
LHH Goes Other Way with Bikes Banned from Park & City Hall - Story

New 2 Million Gallon Water Tank Empty Over a Month
Why? Left Open as "Critter Den"?Feb 2012
Views Taken Seriously
5,000 Square Foot Home Demolished for Blocking View & Sunlight in Seaside Community - Feb 2012 Story
Secret Park & Rec Committee Reportedly Seen Meeting at Marie Callender's January 18, 2012 - More to Follow
Warning!! - Edison Going Through Community to Install "Smart" Meters.
You Can Say NO - for now.
New Meters Can Disconnect Power for non-Payment Jan 2012 - Story
New City Hall Coming? Dec 2011
Read $20,000 Report on Condition of City Buildings - See Report & Story
Chino Hills Successful Opposition to 200' high Power Lines in Nov 2011 LA Times Story
La Habra Heights City Council continues to do ......... Nothing
City of Chino Hills Holds Large Protest Rally & Press Conference Against Power Lines
City of La Habra Heights Does...... Well..... Nothing 2011 - Story
City Council Votes Against Open Space
Reducing Property Values and Saleability As
National Park Service Wants to Include Parts of LHH in National Recreational Area- Oct 11
Water Board Election Results - November 8th
Candidate Vote by Mail In Person Hand in & Late VBM Nov 18 Update Total
Judy Hathaway-Francis 112 169 41 3 325
Pam McVicar 406 319 61 15 801
Mark Perumean 383 312 48 15 758
Robert Wilson 408 290 60 12 770

Would the Easter Bunny Approve?
LHHIA website link gives residents a shocking sight, unsuitable for young eyes
Is this negligence or desperation for new members?
See other's comments, or add your own, on Topix
Link finally fixed 8/18/11

City Responds to Residents' Concerns with new Draft Fire Clearance Guidelines
Update: July 5 2011 - City Wants YOUR comments on them - Story

Read a great letter from Heights Residents to City Council -here
Everyone needs to participate to end the over-reaching weed abatement

La Habra Heights Fire Watch Takes on City Weed Abatement Program -June 2011 Story
City of Malibu, somewhat familiar with Fire, Gives Mulch Away FREE to Residents as part of Brush Program June 2011- Read Here

See List of About 130 Residences with Roadside Clearance Violations in January 2011

See 2011-12 Sheriff Contract. Service Cut to about 15 Hours Per Day - Story
Back Room Discussion with Sheriff Dept Averted. Sheriff Service Slashed. Story Sep 2011

Council Demands Roadside Vegetation Devoid "Moonscape"
Sheriff Dept Service Cuts Finance Additional "Weed Abatement" Personnel -Aug 2011 Story

Council Votes that Residents Must Subsidize Builders with $80,000 per year so
City can get $900 per year in additional taxes. Crazy? You decide - Sep 2011 Story

City Spending Binge Unabated
Cuts to Sheriff Service to Finance Latest Buys - Aug 2011 Story

"They're Back....."
Parks and Rec Resurfaces after supposed Disbandment - July 2011 Story

"The City Council is trying to make La Habra Heights "Irvine North" and we do not want that. Do you hear us City Council?" - June 2011 Link

Crackdown Seige on Residents does not rest even after Council tells Staff to give residents more time
"We just received a Roadside Clearance letter that gives us one week to comply or be fined. I hope no one plans on going on vacation this summer for more than a few days.." - August 2011 Story

Roadside Clearance & Entire Lot Clearance Remain as Major Issues -July 2011 Story

What is City Trying to Hide?
Public & Press Asked to Leave Immediately After Meetings - May 2011 Story

See the City Council describe what they are looking for in Roadside Clearance from April 2009

WMV | Quicktime

See City Notice of Roadside Violation

City Reveals "Sgt. Schultz" Type Code Enforcement Policy
"I See Nothing!" - May 2011 Story
2011 Car Show Builds on Success May 2011 Story & Pictures
Contractor says Undergrounding Utilities on Hacienda Rd. for New City Hall
starts April 13th and will take 6 to 7 weeks.
Update 4/12/11: Contractor Now Says "I don't know" why Undergrounding is being done.
See City Animal Farm Raid Photo Album - Here
RAID!! - Council Sends 3 Sheriff Cars & Staff Phalanx to Execute Search Warrant on Heights Animal Keeping Family - March 2011 See Story, Pictures & Warrant
City Manager Contradicts Federal Grant Application - March 2011 Story
Park Grounds Damaged by Weekend Event - Story
Update March 31, 2011 - Renter to Pay for Damages

City Gets 10" +/- of Rain Dec 2010
Skyline Drive between Sharpless Dr & Sharpless Ct. Closed Due to Collapse.
Workmanship or Design Problems Suspected. Story

Back to the Future - Automatic Aid Agreement Negotiations - Story Nov 2010
Council Postpones Mid-Year Budget Review Until March - After Election
Usually Held in January or February - Attempt to Protect Incumbents from Bad News?
City Council Sends "Crackdown Posse" to Prevent Public & Press from attending Hearing on
Code Enforcement Action Against City Council Candidate Phil Lough Dec 2010 - Story

Video Press Blackout of Council Candidates Forum Lifted after ACLU hits City with Letter Citing 1st Amendment Issues as
City Again Attempts to Shut Out Unfavored News Media - Story Mar 11
LHH Just Like Bell - Round 3
Council Imposed Illegal Fire Tax Increase Two Years in a Row - Story

State Controller Auditing City of Bell
Should La Habra Heights have an Audit too? - Story Oct 10
La Habra Heights Staff Salaries - Exclusive- Story Sep 10
Stonewalling Public Records Requests, including salary info - Another similarity between Bell and La Habra Heights - LA Times Story
Bell type government in La Habra Heights?
Part-time (less than 20 hours week) Fire Chief $100k, 6,000 resident community with $200k City Manager, Councilmember gets gold jewelry on residents dime, and Council gives Road Contractor extra $31k Sep 10
Stonewalling Public Records Requests is Illegal
Immediate Access Required, No need to give your name, fill out forms, or pay for searching - Aug 2010 Read Here
City Council Redevelopment Agenda - Phase II
"Residents Will Have to Pay Higher Taxes and Get Less Service to Subsidize Developers & Builders" - May 10 Story
Children Risk Arrest to Attend City Council Animal Keeping Hearing Apr 10- Story
LHHIA MIA in Struggle to Preserve Animal Keeping in the Heights- Apr 10
Winners and Losers in City Council Urban Estate Redevelopment Agenda - May 10 Story
Sheriff's Deputy Stationed at Planning Commission Meeting as Residents Protest Crackdown on Animal Keeping Apr 10- Story
Proposed Trash Tax Contrary to City Study - Gag Order Imposed on Trash Companies Apr 10 - Story
Assembly Bill to Exempt LHH From Housing Quota Fails - Listen to Hearing Here (29 minutes) -Vipperman Testifies Mar 10
Council Proposes Up To $700 per Residence in New or Increased Taxes Mar 10
Online Poll Indicates Almost 3-1 Opposition - See Poll and Vote
A Broken Trust
As the Council Considers Raising Taxes, Residents Consider Their Record
May 8, 2010 Car Show Pictures - Here
La Habra Heights Improvement Association Former Vice President Convicted and Sentenced - Mar 2010 Story

Market Day April 2010
Mayor Vipperman Spends $20,000 to Sue Residents - Story Feb 2010
La Habra Heights Residents to Celebrate "Freedom Day" April 8 - End of Vipperman Dictatorship - See Vipperman Chronicles
Layne Baroldi is subject of Orange County Register Travel Expense Article Mar 2010 - Story
Exclusive - Sexual Harrassment/Termination/Pay Lawsuit against
City Settles for $375,000 Feb 2010 - Story
Los Angeles Times Story about undue influence in Planning Department Feb 2010 - Story
Mayor Vipperman Proposes Aerial Surveillance of Residences for
Code Enforcement, Weed Abatement, Observing, etc
Other Council Members Appear Baffled Jan 2010
Fire! Above Construction Site on Hacienda, Spreads up Hill toward Panchoy
5 Acres Burn 11/23/09 - Pictures and Video
Brad Cooke & Jeff Heintz Win Water Board Election - See Results
Large Turnout - Gap Between Heintz and Edwards Narrowed to 25 votes in Late Returns
Council Approves Commercial Facilty 3-2
August 2009
Majority 3 Vote Against the Community; More concerned with Tower Owner Profit
25 Story Tall Antenna Owner Gets CUP for Commerical Tower

2004 Agreement called for tower removal this year. Important Story details here.

Fire Tax Exceeds Voter Approved Maximum for Second Year in a RowNo Public Comment Allowed
Board Takes Improvement Association Out of Members' Control

Members Now Play No Role Other than Paying Dues

Focus of Improvement Association VP arrest story shifts to LHHIA
Read here

La Habra Heights Improvement Association
Vice-President Arrested on charges including Identity Theft & Forgery
See Story on Topix
Recent Planning Approvals have resulted in Resident's losing views and property rights described in the General Plan.
New City Seal?
New Planning Commissioners Appointed
Dominic DiMario
Ray Fernandez
Judy Stefflre

November 4, 2008 LHH Election Results

Special July 2 2013 Joint Meeting City Council & Planning Commission
Ethics (Following the Law) Training Reveals Major Challenges to Gain Compliance
City did NOT Record Mandated Session.
See Exclusive Independent Video that City didn't want you to see - here.

Special City Council Meeting - Thursday June 27th 3 p.m.
Council To Decide to Exempt City From Having Fire Sprinklers -
Will Council exempt itself from what residents have to do?
Yes, They Did! Francis votes No.

After Touting his Twitter Account as a tool to reach public in a WDN article on Saturday
CM Miller takes it underground on Sunday, blocking the public
His Last Public Tweet announced he was at taxpayer paid weekend conference at Mandalay Beach Resort

Water District Employee Carrying Own Building Debris in District Vehicle #7 on Sunday June 23 2013
Off-Duty? Water District Employee Caught Hauling Construction Debris on Sunday
to District Dumpster in District Vehicle. Admitted to theAvocadoExpress.com Reporter it came from his home.
Takes second vehicle out of District yard. For reload? Go to Twitter for update
See Story &Discussion on Topix News
Related: Water Board Wines & Dines on Your Dime - 2009 Story
Still no official Update on city Manhunt for Person who tried to,
"Make the City look bad." by allegedly tampering with 55 mph speed sign

New City "Facts" Web page
Short on Facts, Full of Spin & Intimidation?
Residents Now more afraid of retaliation or held up for ridicule if they Speak Up or criticize - Story

A Look at Council plans for Heights Future?
CM Miller Appoints Developer & Advocate of High-Density,
Low-Income Housing for the Heights Ray Fernandez to Planning Commission

Find Free Summer Concerts, Search by Date, City, Music Type - Click Here

New Speed Limit Sign on West Rd @ Las Palomas. Yes it is Real
Sign Removed after We informed City
City Says it was act of Vandal, not mistake - See Topix Story

Judge Stops Matrix Oil Drilling Project in Whittier - WDN Story
Matrix Oil Project in LHH Forecast for Clear Sailing with Little Scrutiny or Benefit to Residents

Council Proposes Raised Throne & Arch for Themselves in MPR Remodel
to Tower Above Their Subjects. - See City Report

2013 Water Board Approves Fee Wavier For City Hall Expansion,
passing Cost onto Ratepayers, in an Improperly Noticed Meeting.
Multiple Open Meeting Law Violations?

Councilmembers Tweeting About and Telling Residents About Upcoming Agenda Items
How Do They Know? If Councilmembers Know, Public is Required to Be told at Same Time.
More Brown Act Violations? Back-room Government?

City to Ask for Waiver of Water District Fee at June 4th Water Board Meeting
One Hand Washes the Other?

June 2013 Car Wash at Whittier & Beach to Be Demolished Shortly
Act Quickly if you want Last Look or Picture
Entire Block between Hacienda & Beach to be leveled

May 2013Just Released Bureau of Fraud & Corruption District Attorney Letter Censures City regarding Open Meeting Law compliance saying: (see letter)
"if similar conduct occurs in the future, we will not hesitate to convene a grand jury"

See video of incident DA investigated
May 2013 -
Council Installs 12 Spy Cameras & Recorders at City Hall
Residents Under Surveillance
May 18, 2013 Avocado Festival Canceled
Disappears From City Website with No Explanation

2013La Habra Heights was founded as a Volunteer Community
Did you know?
Resident volunteers used to answer the phone at City Hall, help with filing, clean Graffiti, serve with Volunteers on Patrol, on a public Budget Committee, Emergency Preparedness Committee, Public Works Committee, Fire Department, Planning Commission, Parks & Rec, etc
Today, residents are suspect at City Hall, city volunteer groups disbanded, public committees disbanded, even the planning commission is largely ceremonial, not having met since July 2012.
What is wrong?

2013 New Council Members add "Spying on Residents" to at least 2 City Employees' Job Duties - City Employees have been seen surveilling residents and taking pictures both at City Hall and out in the City.

Council claims City does not have enough money and needs to raise taxes.
May 2013 - City Council Records Residents at Front Counter with Surreptitious Surveillance Camera

City Council Now Requiring Payment to View Public Records
May 2013
Did you know the La Habra Heights Improvement Association (LHHIA) & City Have Made Photos of Your Children from Easter Egg Hunt Available for Public Review at City Hall?

Note: We Pixelated the Faces for Childrens privacy

4/2013 - See Whittier Daily News video showing where Richard Nixon lived in the Whittier area, including
1st home after marriage in La Habra Heights, a recently sold house on Encanda Dr
Government Corruption Crusader Sets Sights on LHH
Discovers What Residents Already Know - City Stonewalls Public Records Requests

Dear Sirs: There seems to be problems with accessing records in the City of La Habra Heights. I am requesting from the City of La Habra Heights the following government documents:

Printed Copies of ALL Bank Statements held by the City of La Habra Heights from dates 07/01/10 thru 06/30/12. This will include any and all Banking, Financial, or ANY Other Institutions that are involved with the People's Money.

Printed Copies of the General Ledger including Transaction Numbers and Accounting Codes from dates 07/01/10 thru 06/30/12.

Printed Copy of All City Employees, Job Title, & Start Date.

Your prompt action on this request is appreciated.

Thank you,

Elizabeth A. Uremovic
March 2013
2 Year Anniversary of Council's St Patrick's Day Raid on Animal Keeping Family - Off-site Story
March 2013 - See Slow Motion Video of Attack
A Peaceful Day of Vote Counting Broken as
Karen Vipperman Launches Unprovoked Attack on City Council Candidate
Then Starts Shouting at Others
7 Sheriff's Vehicles Respond, Witnesses Interviewed
Related: 1. Improvement Association Attack on Cameraman, featuring Karen Vipperman
Viewer Warning! Foul language used by LHHIA (Over 5,100 views)
2. Councilmember Howard Vipperman summons "henchmen" to block camera at Parks & Rec meeting.
Viewer Warning! Vipperman Associate, non-resident, Mr Arce (sender of recent campaign flyer) uses foul language.
February 2013 - Wild Valentine's Day Council Meeting
Candidate Kyle Miller Announces Personal Bankruptcy
Councilmember lays out plan for City Disincorporation
LHHIA Director Criticized Blog with pictures of Rats and Rabbits
Council Approves $2 million City Hall Expansion Scheme Crafted with "Poison Pill" to Tie Hands of Next Council
City Manager Reveals that Buena Park City Manager on LHH City Hall Committee
Improvement Association Involvement in Election Discussed

Council Candidate George Edwards Threatened With Arrest While Making a Recording for the Public of a Back Room Meeting on $2 Million City Hall Expansion & Remodel 2013
2013 Model of Remodeled & Enlarged City Hall

Council Public Information Crackdown Continues - Even with New Members
Copy Costs Now 250% of before - City Reveals Copy person paid at $300k annual rate

Edison Towers About to Loom over City 2013
They Left Most Obtrusive Ones for Last

2012 Road Tax Story

Water Board Approves Rate Increase, Raises & Bonus
Despite Unprecedented Ratepayer Objections
Travel Expenses & Dining Still an Issue - June 2012 Off Site Story

Water Rate Increase Story 2012

Download Form Letter to Protest Water Rate Increase
If a majority submit a protest there will be no increase - May 2012 Protest Letter

A Trust Broken:??La Habra Heights County Water District??Rate Increase - May 14, 2012 Video

May 1 2012 - Rowland Water Approves Deal with La Habra Heights Water District to Supply Water.
Says Water Through La Habra Heights is of Regional Importance

Latest News - Citrus Leaves, Branches, etc MUST be double bagged & Put in Trash, NOT Green Waste!
Watch April 2012 Video of Citrus Disease Town Hall Meeting with Question from your Neighbors answered
Watch Important Video Here 23 minutes long
Quarantine! - April 2012 - La Habra Heights in Quarantine Area for Fatal Citrus Greening Disease - See Map
Citrus Fruit Should Not Leave the Property Where Grown Unless Commercially Cleaned & Packed
See Dept of Food & Agriculture Quarantine Press Release
More Info on Disease -- See Pictures --- Read Whittier Daily News Article on Quarantine --- Read L.A. Times Story
Electric Bills Skyrocket With New Edison Smart Meter - OC Register Story
You Don't Have to Let Them Take Your Old Meter!! April 2012

Councilmember Vipperman Leads Call to Do Nothing About 20 Story Power Lines and Towers Through City
Result was Inaction Due to Failure to Agree on Response
Look For Power Lines Near, or Visible to, You Soon Mar 12

Breaking News -Mar 2012 - County Document Links Aera Development to Rowland Harbor Blvd Pipeline!!! - Look

Rowland Water GM "ready to cancel" Water Deal. Says Rowland taking all the risk - see Video
Rowland Water Special Meeting on Deal Monday March 5, 2012 4 p.m.

LHH Water Board approves Water Deal with minor revisions at their Feb 28, 2012 meeting over resident objections and concerns. Several residents asked to leave due to over capacity - See Video

City Abandons Jan 31, 2012 Inspection of former Animal-Keeping Property Upon Seeing Camera-Man in the Street!

What is the City trying to hide? - Story and see 4 min Video of retreat

Watch the January 23, 2012 Matrix Oil Community Meeting that they initially didn't want you to see!! Here

HOSEC Communities Supplying Water to AERA Out the Back Door? - Feb 2012 Story

City Hit Hard in 2012 draft RHNA Housing Quota: 72 low/moderate income units
In comparison - Malibu 2, PVE 10, Rolling Hills 4, San Marino 2, La Habra 3, Laguna 2
SCAG docs indicate city didn't respond to info requests that could have reduced quota
Who is looking out for us?

Last Chance!!
20 Story Tall Edison Power Lines on January 12, 2012 Council Agenda
Make your Voice known if you support or oppose

Draft 2012 SCAG Regional Plan Expects AERA approval
What aren't we being told?
Putting the pieces together - See SCAG Plan-Aera Circled in Red

Give Thanks!
The City Council makes YOU subsidize 40% of Building Fees, about $90,000
So, when you see a Developer or Builder in town, say "You're Welcome

In the Red, Water Board meets at private Hacienda Country Club to Discuss Water Trafficking Deal Finances - Meeting Minutes Oct 2011

Whittier Daily News Article on Water Board Election - Here
Proposed water deal separates challenger from incumbents Oct 2011

Just Released Reports Indicate Insufficient Water to Supply Proposed Deal - story Oct 2011

Watch Video of Very Informative Water District Forum on Proposed Water Trafficking
Hear Panelist Invoke Homeland Security Law to Not Answer Questions on Capacity, etc - Here Oct 2011

Council to give City Manager iPad & City Vehicle in New Contract
See Side by Side Comparison of Old & New Contract - Here Oct 2011

Water Board Balances Budget with Unsigned, Controversial Trafficking Deal
An Election Year Ploy to Stall Raising Rates? Story Oct 2011

Just Released! Read Draft Water Trafficking Agreement - Here
Story to Follow Oct 2011

Water Board Pres Says, "Aera Dead"
Aera Says, "We're Very Much Alive!" - Story Sept 2011

Update: Wheeling & Dealing on the Water Board.
At What Cost to Water Users? - Story
Water Board Meeting Tuesday September 27, 2011 4 p.m.

City Rearranges Fire Dept Pay to Fund Fire Marshal - Story Sept 2011

Developing Story: La Habra Heights Water District Explores Water Trafficking Deal with Rowland Heights - Story Sept 2011

Improvement Association's Heights Life Prints Discredited & Dangerous
"Triangle of Life" Earthquake Response - Why?Aug 2011

Did LHHIA take idea from City Council or Vice Versa?
New LHHIA By-Laws posted
Do you give up your 1st Amendment Free Speech Rights when you are a member?
Malign LHHIA Board or Assocation & you are subject to expulsion -.July 2011
Receiving Thousands of Public Tax Dollars a Year
Improvement Association Closes Doors to Public at Annual Meeting
Probably Better than Inviting Public, then Attacking Them As Happened 1 Year Ago Today - June 2011 National Story

Improvement Association 'Peeps' get raided!
County Issues Notices of Violation- Story
Crackdown on Residents Escalates in Final Days of Baroldi Administration
Raid!, Kill Switch and Blackout of Public Comments - March 2011 Story
2010 US Census shows Heights population fell 387 people to 5325- See Stats
Most of Decline in Children - See Stories Below for Council Actions Against Kids
LHHIA Improvement Association Makes National News
Caught in a Lie?- Story
Update: City Manager Responds
Anonymous Packages Sent to Local News Editors - Investigation Underway
Improvement Association Connection? - Story Dec 2010
Whittier Daily News Story on Expensive City Business Cards
Symptom of Wasteful Spending
In LHH Hundred$ Spent on Fancy Gold Embossed Cards for Staff & Council

City Edits Lowell Joint School Board Candidates Forum Broadcast - Election Tampering? Oct 10
Recommendations for Lowell Joint School Board - Here
Oct 10
Officials Arraigned for Wining & Dining On the Public Dime
"La Habra Heights Water District Board Deja Vu" - Story Oct 10
Banned in La Habra Heights!!
Mayor Calls for Criticism of City Manager to be "Off Camera" Story Oct 10
See League of Women Voters - Lowell Joint School Board Candidates' Debate to - Cable Broadcast in the Works Oct 10 - See Webcast- Updated Story
"Skids Greased" for Mayor's 3 Level Addition - Procedures Waved?
See Pictures from the 2010 Avocado Festival - here
Follow-Up Improvement Association Story - "That is definitely Mail Fraud."- Nov 09
Contributors to Improvement Association at Risk - Organization May Not Be as Claimed - Oct 09
Water District Board Wines and Dines at Your Expense - Story Here
Follow-up - 40 More Pages of Water Board Hotels & Meals, including $1000 Weekend in Long Beach - Story here
Hacienda Closure an Awakening for All October 2009
Investigation - Water Board Candidate Jeffrey Heintz Under Investigation by L.A. County Recorder for Ballot Designation - Too Late to Change - Update: October 7th

Too Close for Comfort?

Improvement Association, City Council, & Water Board Axis of Influence?

Commissoner Ray Fernandez states checking plans for Code compliance is
"Above My Pay Grade"Commission also votes 3-2 to allow a Fire Hydrant to be behind a private gate. Aug 09
Story here

Crackdown Escalates
New City Policy:
Residents prohibited from submitting correspondence to Planning Commission Prior to Meeting
Serious concerns of legality

Park Trail & Parking Area Dedication

August 19, 2009
Crackdown Continues
Bike Ban at Park Passed
August 13 Council Meeting

Don't Cross the Improvement Association?

Water District Board Election November 3, 2009
All Elected Offices are important for Voters to become educated about candidates and issues.

See Candidate Statements

Vipperman Files Papers Initiating 2011 Re-Election Effort - July 09

Announces intent to run again at August 13, 2009 CC Meeting

Back to the Future

Residents Suffering Again Under Planning Process

Commissioner Ray Fernandez Says That Residents should defend themselves against excessive runoff from new development.
Commissioner McCoy "shocked"

See Story and Video here

Council Majority 3 Unhappy With Simple "Call for Review" Process to Correct Planning Approval Errors which violate Residents' Property Rights.

Will They Change it to Protect Builders?

Vipperman Chronicles

News Stories about the Outrages & Exploits of Mayor Vipperman moved here

City Council Axes Public Works Committee 3-2

In Another Blow to Citizen Oversight of City Spending

July 2009

Power Line Expansion Through the City and Powder Canyon

Last Chance to Do Anything. Deadline for Comments to Draft EIR April 6, 2009

Quiet Overhead

Have you noticed that the planes inbound to LAX are much quieter than they used to be?

That is because they are silently gliding in now, not descending and repowering in steps.

Read the story in the February 28, 2009 Los Angeles Times

City Council Election

March 3, 2009 Results

Congratulations to

Stan Carroll

Brian Bergman

Carl Westerhoff

Plans for Harbor Blvd to be widened to 6 lanes, with Bus Route.

What Did City Officials Know?

Council Unanimously passes opposition Resolution at Jan 15 Meeting!

Fire Tax Increase Double That Allowed by Codes

What do residents think about $25,000 overcharge?

Fires Burn November 15th
in Brea, Yorba Linda

Vehicle is Likely Cause

Hacienda Rd not closed to reduce Fire Danger

City Committees in Limbo

Council passes Handbook at Feb 09 meeting.

Update July 09
All Commissions abolished except Parks & Rec, which changed from an oversight committee to event planning, chaired by Mayor's wife

Residents Seek Solutions To Reduce Hacienda Traffic
View Protection Under Attack A Simple Way to Prevent the Most Likely Wildfire

Public Records Requests City Council Meetings Broadcast Live on Internet Starting November 13 Effective "Poll Tax" on City Council Candidates?

Invasive & Unwanted Vegetation

A Special Place & Special People

La Habra Heights is defined by the rural environment, lack of street lights, and low density.

La Habra Heights residents have vigorously and successfully defended our community against threats to our rural environment from within and adjacent to our community.

Residents have fought off high density housing, the 39 Freeway, condos in the hills of Whittier, development in Powder Canyon, the widening of Hacienda Blvd. and many others over the years.

As stated by a prominent resident, one of the most insidious and damaging threats is the one by one exceptions and variances to our Zoning Code which slowly, but surely, erodes the rural environment and quality of life.

Those interested in the history of the City can borrow the tape or DVD "The Story of La Habra Heights" at City Hall.

??"Beware of those who tout "individual property rights"

"Beware of those who tout "individual property rights" because that usually translates into"let's destroy the zoning and make this place look like the rest Los Angeles County". Experience has taught me that those people usually want no controls on their development, but want to tell everyone else what to do."

The first part of the Mayor's column written for the April 1990 Heights Life, by the outgoing four time mayor, who was instrumental in the founding of the City.

This was read into the public record by Julia Higgs at the August 12, 2002 GPAC Town Hall Meeting




Time and people have been kind to La Habra Heights. Always, it has seemed that we are in the right place at the right time to save this special place from high density development and preserve it for future generations. One needs only to look at Hacienda Heights to the north or the newly emerging Shea development in Rowland Heights to the east to understand why we became a city. This hillside village is too beautiful to allow it to go the way of neighboring communities.


The battle to preserve La Habra Heights will continue. I remember turning to James Littlejohn when we had just won the incorporation struggle and saying, 'It's over, La Habra Heights is safe!." and James replied, "It will never he over, Jean, as long as there is money to be made here." And he was right! Often, people appear in front of the Council saying, "I love this community. I want to keep it the way it is - except for my home which I am going to build four stories high, in a stream bed, and by the way I am going to have to exceed the grading ordinance by 100%, and I would like to run an asphalt plant in the backyard- but I want to keep La Habra Heights the way it is"


Well, take it from an old mayor, you can't have it both ways my friends. Either you maintain your strict standards for development or you lose it all. The most beautiful communities in California; Santa Barbara, Rancho Santa Fe, Rolling Hills, etc., all have strict development standards. Beware of those who tout "individual property rights" because that usually translates into"let's destroy the zoning and make this place look like the rest Los Angeles County". Experience has taught me that those people usually want no controls on their development, but want to tell everyone else what to do. The future of this community depends upon you. It is your choice to make. But, I can assure you, I will always be there when I feel the community we first envisioned is in trouble...................



Our Country is a "republic", from Latin "res publica" - public thing.

It is up to each of us to learn about what your governments are doing, and be involved.

It is important for everyone to know their rights to participate in and find out about their governments activities. Find out the facts:

The Brown Act, also known as the "Open Meeting Law" or Anti-Corruption Act

The Public Records Act, another good Records Act link

"The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist they may retain control over the instruments they have created."

Preamble to the California Public Records Act

As James Madison, author of the Bill of Rights, said,

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governers must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a tragedy or a farce, or perhaps both."

Find out what happened today in U.S. History - A Library of Congress site

Why does this even matter?.........Read these

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States

The Bill of Rights - the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution

The Federalist Papers

There's A Lot Going On In Town - You Need To Get Involved To Preserve Our Rural Environment

Don't Take It For Granted Or We Will Lose It

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GPAC Community Survey Results

City's Original General Plan

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News about La Habra & LHH

Back to the Future

Find out why LHH incorporated. In the 1990s, a publication called "The Sentinel" was the place for news and information about the Heights. Many of the issues are pertinent again today, as we face the same threats to our rural environment.
Read the Sentinel Articles here.


From 1999-2003, Heights Town News published in-depth, researched articles on City issues, and news of interest to the community.

Read past Heights Town News Articles here

The History Of La Habra Heights Has Long Been Intertwined With The Avocado

An early version of the symbol for the city was the avocado

History Of The Avocado
Avocado Recipes
The Remarkable Avocado Flower
Avocado Fertilization
How To Prune An Avocado
Avocados In The Heights - 1972 (good reading, even in 2009)
The Original Haas Avocado Tree On West Rd.
Interesting Avocado Story from "The Vancouver Sun"

Find out about the original "Roads Project" from the City publication "Top of the Heights" that describe them.

This was a 5 year long project to restore the roads that ended in 2001.

We now pay the annual "Roads Assessment" to keep the roads maintained.

See More La Habra Heights controversies at www.theavocadoexpress.com


Find Low Gas Prices at:



See the 2007 Los Angeles Times Article about
La Habra Heights

See the 1990 Los Angeles Times Article about La Habra Heights